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The 1080p projectors category includes the most recent projectors with true HD 1080p resolution. See below for a set of 1080p projector reviews and information pages.

1080p projectors are full HD.
1080p resolution projectors tend to be known as Full HD (instead of 720p). Until recently, 1080p projectors typically described home entertainment projectors. That’s no more the case as increasingly more business and education projectors are actually higher resolution before and count 1080p as you of those resolutions.

What’s 1080p? It’s a graphic that’s 1920 pixels across, and 1080 pixels down. From a practical standpoint contemplate it to be 2K resolution (close enough).

Let’s start with the house theater side: 1080p HD projectors are crucial for enjoying the hi-def display quality that are stated in all major blockbusters today. Oh, 720p could be OK, but remember we’re talking large screens, projector owners can appreciate higher resolution greater than someone with a 50″ LCDTV.

Just about every home entertainment projector selling today for over $1000 in america offers native 1080p. We’ve just begun to see 4K resolution projectors – sometimes called Ultra-HD. Right now though (however, not for long, 4K projectors start around the price tag on an automobile (rather than an economical one at that). In case you are searching for a home entertainment projector system, rather than ready to put a dent into your equity line 1080p may be the standard.

On the business enterprise – educational – commercial projector side, we’re now seeing top end projectors progress from WXGA (1280×800) – which is merely an impression higher resolution than 720p. While WXGA projectors start around $500 roughly, 1080p projectors are finally turning up under $2000, but the majority are high power, feature laden projectors costing several thousands, or higher.

Popular 1080p projector brands include: Sony, Panasonic, Optoma, Epson, Mitsubishi, andInFocus.

Browse the Annual 1080p HOME ENTERTAINMENT Projector Comparison Report for education have a look at our gross annual Education Projector report

About 1080p Projectors
For perspective, on the house theater side, consider Blu-ray discs. They are recorded at at 1080p resolution. A 4K standard for Blu-ray is in the works, but we’re not there at the moment.

We do an twelve-monthly home theater report where we review the most notable rivals in the marketplace. We don’t consider projectors with significantly less than 1080p resolution, considering those lower to become more basic entertainment projectors. On the commercial side, 1080p capable projectors are being found in scientific and engineering applications, architecture and photography. You’d be unlikely to locate a native 1080p projector in a higher school, nonetheless they are being installed into school classrooms.

1080p home entertainment projectors range between under $800 up to prices well into five figures. Projector Reviews has reviewed 1080p projector units costing up to $30,000 up to now, however, we’ve also reviewed a Sony 4K projector that lists for $24999! Ultimately 4K projectors will lower the prices of the bigger end 2K

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