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32 inch TVs remain popular for small rooms or kitchens. However, manufacturers rarely release new models in this size. Usually, the display quality or overall performance of the TVs is substandard, as they have a tendency to be economical budget models, so you might benefit considerably from increasing to the 40-42-43 inch TV sizes.

We’ve tested over 60 TVs within the last two years, and listed below are our suggestions to find the best 32 inch smart TVs you can purchase. Also, make sure you have a look at our suggestions to find the best smart TVs, the very best small TVs, and the very best budget TVs.

Best 32 Inch TV: Samsung QN32Q50RAFXZA

The very best 32 inch 4k TV that we’ve tested may be the Samsung QN32Q50RAFXZA. It’s mostly of the TVs in this size available with a 4k resolution, and it includes okay efficiency that many people buying a simple TV ought to be happy with.

This performs best in dark rooms as a result of its VA panel. It has an outstanding contrast ratio, making deep blacks, and it has okay black uniformity, but there is no local dimming feature. It upscales lower-resolution content, such as for example from DVDs or cable boxes, without the issues. It’s best for gaming, comes with an incredibly low input lag, an instant response time, and a Black Frame Insertion feature. It’s a decent choice for use as a computer monitor since it displays chroma 4:4:4, which is very important to reading text.

Sadly, it has narrow viewing angles, which is expected from a VA panel, which means you lose image accuracy in the event that you walk around while you’re watching TV. It displays a broad color gamut for HDR, nonetheless it doesn’t get bright enough to seriously bring out highlights for the reason that mode. Luckily, it has built-in Tizen OS with a huge amount of applications open to download, so you will never have to buy an external setup. Overall, that is an okay 4k TV, so that it is the very best 32 inch TV that we’ve tested.

Samsung QN32LS03TBFXZA

If you like another Samsung TV with better HDR performance, then browse the Samsung QN32LS03TBFXZA. The 32 inch style of The Frame does not have a 4k resolution just like the Samsung Q50/Q50R QLED, as it’s limited by just 1080p. However, it displays an excellent wide color gamut for HDR and gets fairly bright, enough to draw out highlights in HDR. It is also a fantastic choice for watching movies in dark rooms since it has an outstanding contrast ratio, so blacks appear because they should when viewed at night. The 32 inch model is bound to 60Hz and does not have VRR just like the bigger models, so it is not as suitable for competitive gaming, but it’s still a great choice for everyday gamers. Sadly, it has narrow viewing angles, therefore the image looks beaten up in the event that you watch from the sides. What sets this TV aside from others is its unique design that means it is look like an image frame when wall-mounted, and it posseses an external input box in order that there’s only 1 wire going to it.

Hisense 32H4F

The very best 32 inch smart TV that we’ve tested may be the Hisense 32H4F. It’s a simple, entry-level TV with a 720p resolution. This will be fine if you are planning on watching cable television or DVDs with this TV, but avoid it if you wish to view 1080p Blu-ray discs.

It comes with an IPS panel with extremely wide viewing angles, among the finest we’ve seen on any TV. That is great if you wish to put it in a kitchen or a tiny room where you will be walking around a whole lot and watch to start to see the same accurate image the complete time. It has excellent out-of-the-box color accuracy, which is important because you can’t actually calibrate it. It has built-in Roku TV, which is quite simple to use, and you get yourself a ton of applications open to download. Unless you need it a cable box and want to view your chosen shows directly from it, it’s a great choice for that.

Unfortunately, it includes a low contrast ratio with an IPS panel, so blacks appear nearer to gray when viewed at night. It generally does not support HDR, it generally does not get very bright, and it has some uniformity issues, although this might change from unit to unit. If you wish to make utilization of it in a reasonably bright room, it has decent reflection handling. Overall, it is the best 32 inch smart TV with built-in Roku that we’ve tested.

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