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About 4K Projectors
2K Pixel shifting projectors using 1080p or other 2 megapixel devices (panels/chips). The pixel structure is far larger – that’s, each pixel is 4X how big is a genuine 4K. The each pixel fires twice, after shifting diagonally by half of a pixel, so that it can resolve somewhat greater detail from 4K content that without pixel shifting, but because of the pixel size, I don’t see them as true 4K devices. They are able to market it that way, but with 4K content when you have fine lines in your image – huge difference.

Those pixel shifting projectors’ claim to “4K space” is within their capability to accept 4K content, not their capability to fully resolve it.

3K Pixel Shifting Projectors: Next – this third class is higher resolution compared to the “2K pixel shifters”. I’m discussing those using TI’s new 4 megapixel DLP chip. Read that carefully – we’re talking 4 megapixels, not 4K resolution. 4K resolution is 8 megapixels (3840×2160 or similar). The resolution is I don’t have the spec yet – which computes to really being truly a 3K projector.

TI’s new chip could have pixel shifting features in order that will place their new projectors that utilize it, almost accurately half way between your 2K pixel shifters, and the real 4K projectors with regards to resolution.

The thing is the UHD 4K standard counts the TI chip to be 4K. The argument is founded on addressability, though not resolution. Because the chip has 4 million pixels, and each one fires once, then shifts and fires again, with possibly different data, that’s 8 million addressable, which may be the same number has having a genuine 4K chip with each pixel firing only one time.

OK, I obtain it, but the pixels remain twice the size, plus they are overlapping, which means they just can’t resolve near as much detail

Finally the 4th kind of “4K” projector doesn’t exist yet. Basically those will be some additional projectors using 1080p or WUXGA chip sets (but no pixel shifting), but add the opportunity to ingest 4K content, manage it and project it best it could, exactly like 720p projectors can accept 1080p content.

4K Projector Pricing
By January of 2016, there are few 4K projectors shipping. The lowest priced on the house theater side, includes a list price of $9999, the priciest (short of a genuine commercial cinema projector) is $60,000

On the commercial/education/business side, prices are even higher to start out. For instance Canon’s only 4K projector is $54,990. Sony’s got a few models so prices drop in to the $20K range. Of course over another couple of years we ought to see a lot more 4K projectors shipping, and which will drive prices down considerably.

“Pixel shifting 4K projectors” for the house market start at $4000 for the lowest priced JVC and $8K for the Epson LS10000 laser projector.

No pricing during this writing for the to begin those 4 Megapixel projectors, the first ever to ship may very well be an Optoma, which is likely to ship Q1 2016.

Perhaps the main message was the first one. If you want the very best resolution, you are discussing a genuine 4K projector – one with about 8 million separate pixels, which will hit your screen with light without the overlap.

There will be a lot of 1080p and WUXGA resolution projectors coming which will be in a position to accept 4K content, but whatever the image processing, everything comes down to the main thing being relative pixel size. A 2K (1080p, etc.) pixel continues to be huge in comparison, and a 3K DLP chip continues to be using pixels that a

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