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In the first days Chromebooks were fairly limited things lacking any web connection and would only enable you to install a couple of Chrome extension apps. That’s no more the case: Chromebooks just got far more fun.

The Acer Chromebook 11 is probably the first to launch with Google Play software support, which changes the outlook completely. You now get the reduced cost of Chrome OS hardware with the fun of an Android tablet.

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Last updated on January 19, 2022 8:22 am

This particular Chromebook is a fantastic way to start another stage of Chrome OS, too, because of a good build, good screen, and all-day battery life. Oh, and it’s really only £180.

Where in fact the Chromebook R11 comes with an aluminium plate on its lid, the plain Chromebook 11 is plastic completely, including its lid, keyboard surround and underside.

There’s a sort-of pinstripe texture on the lid and a two-tone turn to the keyboard surround to avoid you falling asleep simply by looking at finished ., but it’s practical instead of flashy. This grey-on-white mix is not only there for the appearance, though, as grey parts are rubberised to absorb impact force much better than hard plastic.

The Chromebook 11 is less dumpy-looking compared to the Chromebook 11 N7 we viewed recently, too. Where in fact the latter laptop computer gets the military-grade ruggedness to endure the careless treatment of a classroom of 30 pre-GCSE kids, the 11 is a lttle bit slimmer, less well-armoured.

That’s not to state it’s poorly-made, though. Not: a plastic notebook computer such as this is never likely to feel super-expensive, nonetheless it continues to be very sturdy. The keyboard doesn’t flex, the screen half is nice and rigid. You may get it to creak just a little in the event that you try, however the Acer Chromebook 11 will not feel cheaply-made. Trained with is cheap, that is clearly a solid achievement.

Acer Chromebook 11 review: Screen
Low-res 11.6in 1366 x 768 IPS LCD
10-point touchscreen
There’s a modern turn to the screen too. The 11.6-inch screen runs on the decent IPS LCD panel. Sure, it’s low resolution, but colour is satisfying, albeit just a little undersaturated, and the display layer doesn’t appear recessed. Contrast is great, and in the context of an inexpensive notebook computer the image doesn’t seem to be too pixelated.

It’s a touchscreen, too, and like previous R11-series Chromebooks can be a hybrid. The hinge flips 360 degrees to create it act similar to an all-in-one touchscreen PC or a major home-bound tablet. Fold over the screen beyond 180 degrees and the keyboard automatically disables.

There is very a whole lot of competition here, though. For a bit more money you may get a 14-inch Acer Chromebook with a 1080p screen, although the Chromebook 11’s resolution may be the standard because of this 11-inch size. Overlook the resolution and the Chromebook 11 otherwise appears almost bizarrely much like that of a £600-800 Windows laptop.

Acer Chromebook 11 review: Keyboard and trackpad
Good keyboard, lacks backlight
Plastic-topped trackpad
This model’s keyboard isn’t quite as well-defined and stiff as the chunky Acer Chromebook N7 11, but it’s still similar compared to that of a decent Ultrabook. The keys aren’t spongy or cramped, and we’ve typed a large number of words on it all night at the same time without wishing we’re able to switch back again to our normal work laptop, an old-gen MacBook Pro.
These days laptops have a tendency to either side with days gone by, with full-size USBs, or go with the near future and use USB Type-C. The Acer Chromebook 11 has both: with two USB 3.0 ports and two USB-Cs, it’s flexible for the here and today and the future. This can be a perfect array for a Chromebook, particularly if you have a tendency to only get two main connectors anyway.

Gleam microSD slot, to increase the 32GB of on-board storage. If you just want to use Word-like software then that storage will be ok, but it’ll get eaten up if you start storing handfuls or movies or install most of Android’s most popular games. Fortiunately microSD cards aren’t very costly.

Acer Chromebook 11 review: Software
Full Google Play support
High-end games are playable and fun
Google Play support opens-up the talents of a Chromebook just like the Acer Chromebook 11 hugely, so that it is a real option to a Windows notebook computer or even more expensive hybrid. You can zoom around Google Play just as you’ll on a tablet – it feels likewise.

Almost all the software and games we tried worked well, although there are obvious signs you are not running them on a native system. Like any new feature, Google Play support is somewhat buggy. Many software don’t run full-screen to start out, so that it is look as if you’re running them through phone emulator software. They have to restart to “go full-screen” and if you do that as you first run the software it could mess it up completely, requiring a re-install.

It’s a weird location to put a camera, but becomes the trunk camera when the notebook computer is utilized similar to a tablet, with the keyboard flipped around. However, it eventually ends up in the bottom of the screen’s back rather than all programs turn the Acer Chromebook 11 around when you flip these devices to improve this. It’s another Android iphone app bit that requires fixing in Chrome OS.

On a brighter note, the Acer Chromebook 11’s speakers are very usable. Max volume is wonderful for a bottom-rung laptop, the side-loaded stereo drivers provide a wide-ish image, and there’s some chunkiness to the sound. Treble is a lttle bit soft, so that it is just a little boxy-sounding, but these speakers could possibly be much worse.

Battery life is another highlight. Because of Chrome OS’s low overhead, you’ll receive around 9.5 hours usage when just typing. Start doing offers and that figure will drop, of course, but despite all of the extra fun stuff Chromebooks just earned, we still think about them as exquisite for low-level work most of all.If you just want to muck around with apps, you will want to buy an Android tablet?

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