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Whether you’re seeing it for the very first time as you take it from the custom Pelican case it ships in, passing someone struggling to transport it on the way to a gathering, or seated to view it at a desk every single day, the sheer almost all the 21-inch, almost 19-pound notebook computer will shock you nearly every time. It’s a notebook computer that appears like it is continuing to grow strong dining on the blood of other, smaller laptops. The screen alone is thicker when compared to a MacBook Pro.

Originally announced at IFA 2016, the 21 X was never designed to be considered a practical or affordable option. It’s the best “imagine if?” device, a glimpse at what hardware makers can accomplish when things such as good sense and logic are trashed the window.

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Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The verge
WeighingWeighing in at an extraordinary 18.76 pounds, the Predator 21 X physically dwarfs virtually any other notebook available. And with an $8,999.99 price, weight isn’t the only place the 21 X beats out any competitor. Quite simply: this can be a biggest, most effective, & most expensive gaming notebook computer available. And yes, it really is technically still a laptop, with an integral screen, keyboard, mouse, and batteries that, at least theoretically, let it function from a desk.

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The verge
Acer has made the almost all of the enormous size of the 21 X, cramming what feels as though every inch of it with some serious firepower. Just like the external design, the 21 X’s spec sheet feels built for sheer overkill. A Core i7 Skylake Intel processor that’s overclocked up to 4.1 GHz. Two SLI linked GTX 1080 GPUs, with a complete of 16GB of dedicated onboard VRAM. USB-C, USB 3.0, an HDMI port, two DisplayPorts, and an Sdcard slot. 64GB of DDR4 system RAM. Five fans. Five storage slots: three SATA, two PCIe. (Acer ships an individual configuration, with one 1TB hard disk drive and two 500GB SSDs in a RAID configuration.) A Tobii eye-tracking rig, for further immersion. Not to mention, the show-stopping curved 21-inch screen, which Acer highlights as the first in a notebook computer (the screen also includes a 120Hz refresh rate and NVIDIA’s G-Sync technology). Hand and hand with any other notebook (gaming or elsewhere), it almost feels as though the punchline to a tale: “You call a laptop? No, That is a laptop.”

As the scale and specs the 21 X could be impressive (as may be the engineering to really build it), Acer hasn’t taken any dramatic departures in terms of the aesthetic design. Between your slew of glowing LED lights, the sharp edges on the plastic case, the giant plastic exhaust vents, and the enormous metallic blue dragon that graces the vast expanse of space above the keyboard, that is a gaming notebook through and through. (As a side note, the blue dragon is among 20 options for the panel, which is removable to gain access to internal hardware.)

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The verge
Battery life is a disappointment with the 21 X, even when compared to lowered expectations for gaming laptops. The Predator lasted just one hour and 51 minutes on the Verge Battery Test, which cycles a number of webpages through Google Chrome. Unplugging it for gaming led to even poorer results that brought enough time to under one hour (how much is determined by how hard you’re pushing it) plus a hit to performance on top of that. Hypothetically, you may use the Predator unplugged for some minutes, nonetheless it was obviously made to remain mounted on the nearest wall. And the energy bricks – yes, there are two of these, each individually massive – are created a lot more comical when put together in the custom rubber enclosure that is included with t

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