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Not long ago i surveyed a couple of students about the main aspects of a higher school or school laptop. These were almost totally in agreement on the top priorities: battery life and portability.

That’s really who the Acer Swift 3 is targeting. It checks each of the “ultrabook” boxes, but it’s a good “B” student within that category. It’s a bit worse generally in most areas than players just like the Dell XPS 13 or Acer’s higher-end Swift 5 and Swift 7, and there’s nothing particularly flashy or exciting.

That’s an attribute, though, not really a bug. Because at $649 list price (it’s about $673 on Amazon at time of press), the question isn’t “Does this notebook knock your socks off?” The question is “Does it complete the job, and where are you asked to compromise?”

The compromises exist – I’ll enter them later – however the gist is that, for Google Docs work, Zoom calls, streaming, emailing, and other tasks that lots of students spend your day doing, the Swift 3 does the secret. And it includes the blend of portability and strength that’s exquisite for a campus experience or other on-the-go lifestyles.

On the portability first. The Swift 3 is 2.65 pounds (1.2kg) and 0.63 inches thick. Which means it’s not the lightest 14-incher out there. The Swift 5 is 2.18 pounds (0.99kg) and 0.59 inches, and some other laptops at night $1,000 price are near the two-pound mark. This Swift isn’t light enough that picking it up messes together with your mind. But it’s still quite lightweight and substantially thinner than many budget options like Acer’s Aspire 5. You shouldn’t have any trouble carrying it around or squeezing it right into a full backpack.

This also isn’t among those midrange machines like HP’s Envy x360 that looks and feels more premium than it really is. Sit the Swift 3 next to the Swift 5, and you’ll probably guess which is more costly. I’d call the former’s aesthetic minimalist. The chassis is a silvery gray, and there are shiny Acer logos on the lid and (thick-ish, however, not terrible) bottom bezel. There is a very important factor I particularly like: “Swift” is printed in an elegant font over the center hinge, lending an aura of sophistication from what might otherwise be considered a clunky-looking feature.

Students will appreciate that everything feels pretty durable, specifically for an ultraportable. The very best and bottom covers are aluminum, and the palm rests are magnesium-aluminum. There’s some flex in the screen and keyboard, however, not enough to create me worry about battering it around in my own backpack. Additionally, there are durable pads on underneath to prevent slipping.

Note, though: There’s no touchscreen, and the display doesn’t flip around to tent or tablet condition (though it could lay flat if you need to). If you’re starting senior high school or university this season, it’s worth taking into consideration whether you’d prefer a device with that you are able to take down notes or draw diagrams.

OnOn the sides, you’ll discover a pretty good collection of ports. There’s a power plug, an HDMI, a USB-A, and a USB-C on the left; on the proper, there’s a headphone jack, another USB-A, and a Kensington lock slot. If you’re not really a fan of Acer’s brick, you may charge with the USB-C port aswell. One thing that could possibly be nice to have can be an SD slot, but I’ll forgive that omission because this product is obviously not designed for innovative work.

That brings me to the display, which may be the biggest compromise you’ll be making if you pick the Swift 3. In testing, the 1920 x 1080 panel reproduced an underwhelming 65 percent of the sRGB spectrum and only hit 218 nits of brightness. For work and entertainment needs, that result is okay, though it rules the Swift out for anybody who must do artistic work or wants their videos to look as stunning because they can. (Those persons ought to be looking at higher-end options just like the Swift 5.)

It does create issues with outdoor use, though. I did so some focus on my porch, and even on a reasonably dreary afternoon, with the screen at maximum, glare hindered my experience. I constantly found myself wishing I possibly could crank things up more. Some comparable laptops do better: the Aspire 5 gets slightly brighter with similar sRGB results, while Leno

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