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When I then found out that Adidas was relaunching its Gazelle sneakers earlier this summer, I couldn’t contain my nostalgic excitement. Sure, you could buy Adidas Gazelles before last June, however the new versions hewed nearer to the more-tapered 90s’ style I recall from my youth. For so most of us inside our 30s (and probably you younger kids in your 20s) the soccer-inspired Gazelles are an unforgettable part of our probably-not-misspent youths. And with girls and guys in faded jeans and camel coats falling over themselves for the ubiquitous (though still great) Stan Smiths, it did feel just like we were all due for a change.

Discussing the sneakers with a co-worker 1 day, both of us ordered a pair. I dropped mine in my own trusty cart in the office and watched as colleagues followed suit while we discussed the very best colors. I went with a navy-blue, while another went with a lime-green, and another with a gray. Since you can gather, I wore them everywhere, exactly like I recall doing as a youngster, though I’ve swapped the playground (just kidding, I never went outdoors) for a nine-to-five. Over the summertime, my once-spic-and-span blue pair became so worn and faded that lots of started complimenting how well my gray Gazelles went with jeans. I shed a tear for the old blue kinds as I tossed them in the garbage – and broke in a fresh black pair my girlfriend got me for my birthday. They’re on my feet as I type this, as perfect as ever, such as a light blanket wrapped around my feet.

But let’s reach the main of why these nostalgic suede shoes will be the greatest. They’re cheap (clocking in at $80), in order that even when you must bid farewell to an obsolete pair, that you can do so knowing you’re not out, say, $500 for a designer pair (been there way too many times, but that’s another story entirely). They quite honestly go with everything, particularly if you pick a gray or black or navy – despite their everyday appearance, the suede makes them an excellent complement to your fine suit, say, for a summer wedding. Or put them on with tube socks and appearance just a little old school (without getting too literal about any of it). Or go sockless and put them on with denim cutoffs, feeling the wind against your ankles at the beach. Or go rogue and purchase a different color for each and every weekday – they’ll still cost a lower amount than tha

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