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Its no alternative to a desktop computer, but if youre seeking for an start ended new-gen console substitute, the Alpha ticks most boxes.

Alienware alpha pricing

US $549 UK £449 AU $699
Intel core i3 processor
Windows 8.1
500GB HD
US$699 UK£498.99 AU $n/a
Intel core i3 processor
Windows 8.1
500GB HD
US$799 UK£569 AU$999
Intel core i5 processor
Windows 8.1
US$899 UK£699 AU$1,299 (release tested)
Intel core i7 processor
Windows 8.1

Evidence has mounted during the last two years that there surely is market for the PC-as-console experience, although size of this market continues to be hard to measure. While Steam Devices were poised to get started on hitting the marketplace in earnest in 2014, Valve’s delayed SteamOS and controller means components partners seeking to enter this latest market have already been forced to hold back. Alienware hasn’t waited. Rather, it’s opted release a something operating on Windows 8.1. It’s ostensibly the same, just without SteamOS.

The Alienware Alpha is a strange proposition: it arrives before SteamOS, but it’s still quite definitely a Steam Big Photo affair. As the Alpha boots right into a bespoke Alienware UI, it’s quite simply a launcher for Big Photo method. You can boot into House windows 8.1 on the Alienware Alpha but, considering that the machine isn’t shipped with either keyboard or perhaps mouse, you’re not necessarily supposed to. Rather, you’re motivated to navigate employing the bundled Xbox 360 wireless controller. Predicated on what will come in the box by itself, this is much a gaming gaming console.

Which is okay, except through the rare times when the Alpha crashes. This simply occurred once when I was employing it, and it had been a Steam software issue instead of the Alpha’s, nonetheless it does reveal that as a gaming system experience, it’s nearly idiot proof. With that said, modern consoles are likewise prone to the casual (and sometimes a lot more than occasional) crash.

Metro: Last Light ran at a pinch in this article 60fps at 1080p on Medium settings.

Tech specs
The Alpha comes at four price points, with the model we tested being the best available. While Alienware can be forthcoming about almost all of the specifications, it’s been coy on the GPU, that is a custom-made Nvidia GTX 860M. The high-end Alpha packs an Intel Core i7-4765T processor chip with 8GB of DDR3 memory and-sadly however, not unexpectedly as of this price point-a 2TB mechanical hard disk drive. It’s feasible to swap within an SSD, but in doing this you’d be sacrificing among the Alpha’s strongest advertising details: its price. As the drive’s speed is normally unlikely to bother the device’s aim for market-those utilized to Xbox 360 or Xbox One loading times-it’s more likely to rub those employed to SSD speeds the wrong manner.

For that GPU, very well, according to your benchmarks it’s like the GTX 860M with 2GB GDDR5. We analyzed it against the new Acer Aspire V 15 Nitro gaming laptop-which as well packs a GTX 860M-and saw comparable efficiency, with the Alpha edging somewhat ahead in game titles like Metro: Previous Light, GRID 2 and BioShock Infinite. Those video games framerates happen to be fairly impressive, especially considering that the Alpha can be considerably cheaper compared to the aforementioned Acer. Metro: Previous Light, for instance, ran at a pinch above 60fps at 1080p on Moderate settings, though jack the settings any larger and you’ll immediately face performance drops. In essence, it runs aswell and looks somewhat much better than the Xbox One and PS4 variants of the game.

And that’s finished .: the Alpha is actually a notebook computer gaming Laptop or computer in a discreet, 20 x 20cm box. It doesn’t receive as sizzling hot as a laptop computer, with the GPU temperature relaxing around 79 degrees celsius, neither is it any louder than an Xbox 360, although fan do kick into equipment during heated occasions in Metro: Previous Light. Its main pieces (CPU, storage and hard disk drive) are replaceable, aside from that tailor made GPU hardwired to the motherboard. Significant recollection upgrades is a inconvenience, since there are just two slots here, but if you’re a serial upgrader you’ll in all probability want to pun intended, the Alpha anyway, regardless of the unit’s innards being truly a basic four screw affair.

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The screen you see after booting up the Alpha.

The Alpha’s bespoke UI offers a minor yet functional group of customisation options.

The alpha includes a group of hotkeys triggered by controller button press configurations.

This is how usage of the Alpha UI looks mid-game.
User experience
Navigating Steam Big Photograph mode with a great Xbox 360 controller is really as enjoyable since it is upon a desktop computer, with controller compatible game titles obviously indicated. There’s a good category for controller game titles, if you need to avoid anything needing a keyboard and mouse. I spent a few hours participating in Eldritch on the couch and it experienced just like the video game was made for system, though it performed boot automatically right into a windowed display screen. Thankfully that was conveniently set in the game’s settings menu.

The apparent good thing about the Alpha over the brand new consoles is Steam’s gargantuan games library, though only a fraction of the titles are appropriate for a controller out of your box. That’s no problem, though the a very important factor the Alpha sorely lacks over its gaming system brethren is simple mass media playback. While it’s practical to exit to House windows for this, it’s a remarkably clumsy choice for a product which needs you to just forget about Windows.

Both Alpha’s barebones UI and Big Photo mode lack fairly simple video playback, though Steam Music is intact. It’s possible to make a Favourite tab in Big Photo setting linking to desktop editions of YouTube, Twitch or Plex, but it’s certainly not fun to use. Also plugging a USB get made up of an AVI will demand exiting to Home windows. With media playback an enormous feature on consoles in 2014 it’s a weird oversight, though there’s no purpose Alienware can’t patch an iphone app in some amount of time in the near future. I strongly advise they do.

For the Alpha UI itself, it’s a straightforward affair that can be accessed anytime with a controller shortcut. Aside from performing as a gate to Big Photo, it features simple screen settings (resolution, display scaling), the opportunity to customise the Alpha overlay topic with different colours, in addition to network customisation.

Of course, it’s practical to forego both Alpha UI and Big Photo mode totally in order to utilize the Alpha as a Windows machine, and as of this cost point it could possibly be a great solution for a few, especially given its size.

It’s tricky to place a worth on the Alienware Alpha, because so many folk scanning this will already personal a desktop computer because they prefer it more than a console experience. Even though it can’t review to a desktop for sheer electric power, for anyone buying a discrete little PC that may quietly sit down in the living bedroom, this is an excellent unit for the price tag. As long as you’re ready to sacrifice a few of the overall flexibility of a desktop-or are in least ready to forego the Alpha UI so as to access Windows 8.1 correct.

If you’ve got funds pouring from your own every orifice then your Alpha would make an ideal second PC because of its portability. Alternatively, if you value gaming on a Personal computer but dislike all of the fiddling connected with it, you will make the Alpha most of your device, but it’s much less upgradeable or strong as a genuine desktop PC.

If you’re ready to wait, it could possibly be worth holding away for Steam OS to properly start, and the ensuing deluge of Alpha opponents to arrive available to buy. For the time being the Alpha can be an impressive unit because of its size and selling price, but it’s unlikely to make an impression on anyone searching for a new gaming console, much less the dedicated gaming Laptop or computer owner. There is, contrary to popular belief, a grey spot, we just don’t understand how big it really is yet.

Alienware Alpha review

Its no alternative to a desktop computer, but if youre searching for an start ended new-gen console alternative, the Alpha ticks most boxes.

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