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Because of the Ryzen 7 1800X, and its own ilk, Bulldozer feels almost just like a long-forgotten dream. Given that AMD’s Ryzen CPU tech is here now to lay to rest those long, nightmarish days of lacklustre AMD processors genuine competition in the CPU space is here now again. The top-end Ryzen 7 1800X offers serious computational grunt for half the cost of its Intel rivals, though continues to be no wonder gaming chip.

It’s hard to trust it’s been quite such a long time in the CPU wilderness for AMD, but given that they gambled in early stages pushing thread-count before single-core performance with the Bulldozer architecture Intel have ruled the roost.

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Admittedly the Zen architecture is arguably doing a similar thing, pushing the industry forwards towards a cheaper multi-core future, however the timing for that’s now arguably better, and AMD also have made moves to shore up the single-core performance of their latest chips.

The big question for all of us gamers now though is just how much does the $349(£282) Ryzen 7 1800X close the gap with AMD’s Intel competition with regards to generally single-threaded gaming performance? Though with the spectre of the AMD Ryzen 2 launch in April in the event you buy now or await the brand new CPUs to land?

AMD Ryzen 7 1800X architecture
Before we get overly enthusiastic digging around the performance metrics of AMD’s chip we must take a look at how it’s been come up with. The Zen architecture represents a whole new, ground-up x86 CPU design, and AMD is right if they say that’s a genuine rarity in today’s mature PC component market.

The essential make-up of the 14nm FinFET Zen design surrounds the core complex (CCX). That is a modular chunk of silicon sporting four discrete CPU cores and allows the architecture to scale the core count upwards from there. The octa-core chips then include a couple of these CCX modules at their hearts to supply this full eight-core design. This modular layout is what allows AMD’s Zen-based Naples server and Threadripper chips to pack a complete 32 physical cores included.

The major departure from the old Bulldozer architecture is the use of simultaneous multi-threading (SMT) to permit the Zen-based chips to raised utilise the available compute pipelines and spread the strain from an individual core. Essentially it nominally gives two concurrent processing threads in one core, doubling the thread count of processors which take good thing about the SMT tech.

AMD listed the SMT support of the Zen architecture as optional, which pavined just how to allow them to release lower-spec Ryzen 3 chips without the excess thread count, and potentially future mobile CPUs without the excess multi-threading support.

Partly it’s this increased parallelism which gives the Zen architecture using its boosted single-core performance. AMD also have particularly improved other areas of the design to focus on an increased instructions per clock (IPC) rating for Zen too. The architecture is currently better in a position to predict what work will likely be required next, because of its neural network-based branch predictor, and can be in a position to chuck more work in to the individual execution units too.

AMD also have made changes to the cache structure of the Ryzen chip’s Zen architecture, providing each core with 512KB of dedicated level 2 cache memory and a complete 8MB of level 3 cache shared between each four-core CCX module. AMD estimates this gives around five times the cache bandwidth per core weighed against the ultimate Excavator generation of the Bulldozer CPU family.

In between the average person CCX modules AMD are employing an interface they’re calling Infinity Fabric. It’s this high-speed interconnect that allows the various elements of the chip, from the cores to the memory to the machine controllers, to communicate and feedback to one another. The Infinity Fabric interconnect is intrinsic to the SenseMI tech AMD also have jammed in to the Zen architecture.

It’s the SenseMI features which allow a Ryzen CPU to dynamically adapt its voltage and frequency on-the-fly as energy and temperature demands require. The Precision Boost and Pure Power features mean the chip can almost quickly push up the frequency and dial down the energy on various areas of the CPU in milliseconds. Whenever a area of the processor isn’t needed it gets gated off and the logic then doesn’t draw any power, that may then be distributed elsewhere.

AMD Ryzen 7 1800X verdict
I didn’t love the Ryzen 7 1800X at launch. It’s high initial price meant it couldn’t be the processor I’d quickly recommend any PC gamer out there buy, yet it’s been tough to argue against what a significant processor it really is. With Ryzen AMD haven’t taken the CPU market by storm, they haven’t ousted Intel and they’re not suddenly likely to become top dog. But what they did though is become competitive and relevant once more.

But with the recent price drops, bringing the 1800X more based on the Coffee Lake i7 8700K, that means it is a more tantalising prospect. It’s got the most notable mainstream Intel chip licked regarding straight CPU performance and it’s incredibly close in terms of gaming speeds too, to the stage where there’s often next to nothing in it.

The actual fact there is a good question concerning whether you should look at Intel or AMD for the next purchase, and that it’s not simply an programmed decision, is huge. Of course it can help AMD have gone so aggressively in to the market with the pricing of their new chips. Undercutting Intel’s high-end range by so much was always likely to be disruptive, nonetheless it was something AMD had to accomplish to get noticed.

It can thoughmean AMD are almost reinforcing the old-school status quo, still occupying the more price-conscious end of the CPU spectrum. Money-no-object you’d choose the Intel platform whether you’re a gamer or a significant content producer. They still have the very best processor technology and motherboard platforms around. But AMD have produced a great-value eight-core processor {for many wh

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