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If you’re looking for an inexpensive gaming monitor that won’t break your bank yet works correctly fine despite having a budget-friendly PC rig, the ASUS VG245H will probably be worth checking out.

It provides a 75Hz refresh rate, a 1ms response time speed, and AMD FreeSync technology for smooth, fast-paced gameplay.

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Moreover, it’s got additional gaming features and a cool design with full ergonomic support.

Image Quality
The image quality of the ASUS VG245H monitor is decent, but also for the same sum of money, you can get an IPS display with an increase of vibrant colors and wider viewing angles.

However, the TN panel of the ASUS VG245H offers you a reply time speed of only 1ms, which other panels such as for example IPS and VA lack.

In a nutshell, you are sacrificing color quality (IPS) and contrast ratio (VA) along with viewing angles for the response time speed performance.

Could it be a worthy trade-off?

Well, in the event that you mostly play competitive and fast-paced games, a faster response time will better manage ghosting and trailing artifacts of fast-moving objects.

For better visuals and display quality, you should get yourself a monitor with an IPS or VA panel instead.

As the 1ms response time speed effectively eliminates motion blur, the ASUS VG245H input lag of only 10ms ensures responsive gameplay without delay in the middle of your actions and the effect on the screen.

As well as the 75Hz refresh rate, you get a tiny but noticeable boost in motion clarity instead of the typical 60Hz displays.

With TN panels, the 170/160-degree viewing angles cause the image to shift in color and contrast when you’re looking at the screen from skewed angles.

So long as you’re sitting directly before the screen, though, you won’t be afflicted by the viewing angles. Besides, you can always tilt or swivel the screen according to your situation.

The ASUS VG245H 24″ monitor supports 16.7 million colors with true 8-bit depth, but also for the perfect image quality, calibration is preferred.

ASUS VG245H Calibration
To find the best gaming experience and also the overall image quality, we recommend the next ASUS VG245H settings.

Utilize the Racing preset as it’s closest to the perfect adjustments. Disable the next features: Blue Light Filter, SmartView, VividPixel, and Eco Mode.

As the mentioned features lower the standard of the picture without giving much in exchange, it is possible to keep TraceFree feature below 60 mark, since it decreases ghosting and motion blurring efficiently.

Now, change the next settings accordingly:

Brightness: 30 – 35

Contrast: 70

Sharpness: 50

Color Temperature: User Mode (Red: 100, Green: 91, Blue: 92)

For our particular model, we found these settings to work best, if you might need to fine-tune them yourself a lttle bit as each monitor unit reaches least slightly different. Also you can search for the ASUS VG245H ICC profiles online.

AMD FreeSync technology enables you to synchronize the refresh rate of the monitor to the frame rate of your AMD FreeSync-compatible graphics card or your Xbox One’s GPU.

In turn, you get yourself a steady FPS (FPS) rate without screen tearing, stuttering, or extra input lag within the dynamic refresh rate range, which in cases like this amounts to 40-75Hz/FPS.

Furthermore, the ASUS VG245H FreeSync monitor offers additional game-enhancing features.

Firstly, the ASUS GamePlus feature contains customizable crosshair overlays and an on-screen timer you could put on the screen to improve your precision and timing in video gaming.

Next, ASUS GameVisual provides pre-calibrated picture presets for specific scenarios, including Scenery, Racing, Cinema, RTS/RPG, FPS, and sRGB.

Design & Connectivity
The ASUS VG245H 75Hz gaming monitor boasts versatile ergonomics with up to 130mm of height adjustment, 90° pivot, 90° swivel, 100 x 100 VESA mount, and -5, 33° tilt. In addition, it includes a matte anti-glare screen coating.

Connector ports include two HDMI 1.4 ports, VGA, an music line-out port for headphones, and an audio tracks line-in port for the 2x2W built-in speakers.

Both HDMI ports let you have a PC and a gaming console simultaneously connected, so when you intend to switch, simply change the input source in the OSD menu; No reconnecting o

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