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The Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7 headphones are great hi-fi headphones that sound so excellent they are able to ruin other headphones for you personally. If clarity and detail are what you’re looking for you then can’t fail, just don’t pair them with a smartphone for optimum results and be aware that they can butcher low bit rate tracks.

Looking for headphones with the fun of consumer-grade products however the sound signature of studio-grade equipment? It can be somewhat of an odd mix-up, however the Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7 walks the fine line between your two quite admirably, not simply regarding sound quality, but looks aswell.

But is this jack of most trades also a master of none? That’s what we’ll be looking at in this review, furthermore to who these headphones are actually intended for.

Sound Signature
Normally, we leave the sound stuff for last, however in this case, it’s vital to know precisely what we’re working with here. Hybrid headphones like these won’t fulfill the needs of men and women firmly planted in either corner of the consumer-to-studio spectrum, where accurately is their appeal then?

For starters, let’s consider the sound signature. ATH-MSR7’s sound signature is really as flat as a pancake. That is normally a characteristic of studio headphones, however the folk at Audio-Technica cleverly bestowed larger mass appeal to it by incorporating one sound aspect that’s very consumer-friendly: the equal-loudness contour.

It sounds more difficult than it truly is, but basically what it can is make the harder to listen to frequencies louder in order that there’s a steady loudness over the spectrum. Together, the flat signature and equal-loudness contour lead to a significant unique sound that resembles that of studio headphones while still packing a punch in frequencies that could otherwise be quieter.

We can see the following, these headphones aren’t particularly useful for mixing music where you’ll want frequencies to resonate at their natural degrees of loudness.

Sound Quality
With professional use out of their intended purpose, let’s observe how these headphones fare in relation to pure sound quality over the board and what they may offer to users that the V-shaped sound signature normally within consumer headphones cannot.

The bass may be the biggest point of contention here. Bass-heavy genres are as popular as ever and having the capacity to feel your music in your chest could make or break your decision to get certain headphones. At least that’s just how things stand in the West. However, the problem is totally different in Japan, with the bass not being practically as emphasized even in modern music.

Audio-Technica geared the ATH-MSR7 model more towards their house country than the remaining world. But don’t think for another that makes these headphones unfit for western music. Don’t think about the bass as cranked down, think about it as ‘normal’. It may well not have the sheer capacity to meet a bass head’s needs, however the degree of control and detail on the bass is phenomenal; it will be won’t leave you wanting in less bass-focused genres.

Up to the bass may sound underwhelming if you’re used to the V-signature, the mids may sound overly elevated and extended initially. If you’re not really a bass head and you’ve never experienced flat signature mids before, which isn’t at all uncommon, then you’ll maintain for a significant treat. The vocals, specifically, will sound amazing.

And then there will be the highs. The highs are nothing short of astonishing. They’re so detailed that it could become a bad thing. Namely, the higher level of detail will reveal even the most minute recording mistake. Furthermore, they are able to prove problematic when hearing poorly compressed files with low source bit rates.

So as the headphones are top-notch, an individual experience can and can suffer if you’re not in the habit of using lossless music formats. Additionally, the sound quality will change based on everything you plug them into. It’s not that the sound quality will be particularly bad when working with your smartphone, nonetheless it will be exponentially better when connected to a digital audio tracks player.

The Design
Before we even get right down to the materials and the rest, let’s take the time to understand how phenomenally these headphones look. For headphones that only can be found in two color options, black and gunmetal grey, they sure hit the nail on the top with both.

The same design philosophy was followed for the looks for the sound, with the headphones walking the fine line between flashy and minimalistic. There’s enough detail to create them distinguishable however, not so much to be attention-grabby.

The Build
The ATH-MSR7 headphones are high-end headphones. So when it involves high-end, form is merely as important as function. In the end, nobody really wants to spend a lot of money on headphones that sound amazing but that they’d be ashamed to wear in public areas. But it has led some manufacturers in to the trap of neglecting sound with regard to style. Fortunately, no corners were cut when making the ATH-MSR7. It trades in the all-plastic design of all models for a large amount of aluminum, giving it a really high-end appear and feel.

No expenses were spared on comfort either, with the earcups sporting a fairly thick layer of foam padding. It could feel stiff initially, especially because of the clamping force of the headphones, but this is merely before foam adapts to the contours of your ears. From then on,

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