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The BenQ RL2455HM will come in at 24-inches of screen estate, a sweet spot for some gamers.

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The RL2455HM may be the latest in some professional gaming monitors created by BenQ. If you follow competitive gaming, you have probably seen their monitors being found in various gaming competitions across the world, especially in Major League Gaming. BenQ have earned a reputation creating displays where every millisecond counts, and the RL2455HM continues this trend being the state monitor of the 2013 Major League Gaming circuit. Although it is advertised as a monitor suitable for RTS games, it actually functions exceptionally well for a number of game genres, including shooters, fighters, and fast-paced action games.

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The BenQ RL2455HM includes a good amount of connectivity options, including 2 HDMI, DVI-D, and VGA (D-Sub) inputs.

As listed in the spec sheet above, the monitor features connectivity for 2 HDMI devices, in addition to a single DVI-D and VGA (D-Sub) port. This will be more than enough in most of console and PC gamers out there, especially due to the fact popular monitors including the ASUS VH236H and VH238H only feature 1 HDMI port. The monitor features 2 speakers for stereo sound, at 2 watts per channel. The speakers won’t blow you away at all, and so are merely there to supply sound. Thankfully, the quantity is loud enough so if you’re likely to lug this monitor around, you don’t need to worry about bringing an external group of speakers (if you don’t want better sound plus some bass).

The BenQ RL2455HM includes a line directly into transmit music from an external source to the monitor, in addition to a headphone jack for all those that are looking to game in privacy.

The stand and materials are incredibly well constructed. I was especially surprised at how easy this monitor was to put together. Simply attach the included the stand by position inserting it in to the provided base, and slide the complete piece in to the back of the monitor, locking it into place. No tools necessary, and it’s extremely quick and efficient. Should anyone ever have to detach the monitor from its base, simply use an instrument to press the “release” button the trunk of the stand, and remove as necessary. The red line on the bottom of the stand includes a nice turn to it, distinguishing it from the plain black look of all monitors. The monitor includes a matte finish on its plastic, apart from the stand, being glossy. Personally, i choose the matte finish since it requires less maintenance and prevents excessive fingerprints on the monitor’s casing. Everything includes a great, solid feel to it.

The stand release button on the BenQ RL2455HM.

The RL2455HM runs on the matte TN panel with a LED backlight, which is rather common for some monitors in this cost range. TN panels are regarded as very fast in terms of response time, and the BenQ exemplifies this by supplying a 1ms GTG (gray-to-gray) response time. It’s a good touch when most TN monitors released currently usually max out at 2ms GTG response time. Response time governs how quickly a pixel can shift from black to white, or in cases like this, gray-to-gray. The power is reduced ghosting, that is a must for competitive gamers. Being truly a native 1080p (1920 x 1080) display, it could appropriately scale 16:9 content (such as for example 720p) without the major issues. The panel includes a dynamic contrast ratio of 12M:1 (million), and a native contrast ratio of 1000:1. The panel operates at a 60hz refresh rate, that can be disappointing to gamers used to 120hz refresh rate from their PC games. However, for all those that game generally on the Ps3 3 and Xbox 360, as well as the newer Playstation 4 and Xbox One, the 60hz refresh rate won’t be considered a deal breaker.

The RL2455HM has some very nice button control. Unlike most monitors that are released nowadays, this monitor doesn’t designate specific buttons to specific menus. This implies you could press the buttons privately to talk about the OSD options, with the menu system appearing on the screen itself. That is ideal for gamers that are in dimly-lit or dark rooms, as possible a pain to determine the proper button to press of all monitors, often leading to learning from your errors. The RL2455HM keeps it simple, letting you access its menus with relative ease. The buttons wthhold the casing’s matte finish and build construction.

The buttons have a good feel to them, and so are really simple to use.

BenQ has been using a number of different technologies over time within their professional gaming monitors, such as features such as for example Smart Scaling, Black eQualizer, AMA, and Instant Modes. Smart Scaling lets you manipulate how content is displayed on the screen by constraining the image to different sizes and aspect ratios. Black eQualizer essentially controls the black degree of the monitor, enabling you to improve the visibility of dark areas. This feature pays to for gamers that find certain specific areas too dark in a variety of video gaming. The Advanced Motion Accelerator, also referred to as AMA, may be the RL2455HM’s function to regulate panel overdrive (affects response time and ghosting). Finally, the moment Mode is supposed to reduce input lag to nearly-zero when enabled, functioning much like LG’s ‘Thru’ Mode to bypass some processing. The RL2455HM has most of these features present, so if you’re already used for some of BenQ’s other professional gaming monitors, you will see the menu systems practically identical functioning. Of course, the monitor also features the fundamentals, such as for example dynamic contrast, brightness, color temperature, hue, saturation, and other picture controls. By default, input switching is buried through menus if a source is active, nevertheless the RL2455HM lets you assign up to 3 custom keys to take care of different monitor functions. For me, the opportunity to switch inputs quickly is important, therefore i assigned a custom key for this without issue.

The BenQ RL2455HM offers various customization options that affect scaling, colors, responsiveness, and more.

TN panels aren’t accurately known to have the very best viewing angles, as the gamma curve drastically shifts when viewing from different angles. The RL2455HM is advertised to get a 170/160 viewing angle. While everything looks great when looking at the monitor straight on and at eye level, these gamma shift is apparent when viewing from different angles. I can’t fault BenQ because of this, as it’s a drawback of TN panel technology that influences numerous monitors. The 24-inch size is fitted to gamers seeking to play solo, in order long as you retain it at eye level, everything pops and looks great.

The RL2455HM includes various customization options, so for gamers seeking to tweak almost every facet of their picture, you’re in luck. This monitor includes several picture modes, including: Standard, Movie, Photo, sRGB, Eco, RTS 1, RTS 2, and three Gamer profiles. The dissimilarities between all the modes are slight, apart from Eco, since it dims the backlight and over-saturates the colors. Personally, I stuck with the RTS 1 mode, since it may be the factory default and will be customized. It is possible to control the black eQualizer, color temperature, hue, and saturation in this mode aswell. Some modes such as for example sRGB prevent you from making several picture adjustments, as sRGB is normally the “out from the box” mode to resemble D65. The colour temperature controls let you individually tweak RGB values to your liking, that is a useful feature if you’re seeking to calibrate the display with a colorimeter.

The black eQualizer pays to when trying to improve the detail in dark scenes without directly impacting the white degree of the monitor. It can this by adjusting the gamma curve for dark gray, offering greater detail in darker tones. Using the test images from Lagom, I took a few pictures to showcase the difference between black eQualizer set to 0 ({s

BenQ 24 Inch IPS Monitor | 1080P | Proprietary Eye-Care Tech | Ultra-Slim Bezel | Adaptive Brightness for Image Quality | Speakers | GW2480

 in stock
35 new from $119.99
3 used from $110.39
Free shipping
as of June 25, 2022 11:40 pm


  • 24 inch full HD 1080P IPS panel: 23. 8” full HD IPS widescreen with 1920x1080 resolution, 250 nits of brightness, built-in speakers
  • Wide viewing angle: 178° wide viewing angle for clarity from any viewing angle
  • Edge to edge slim bezel design: Ultra-slim bezel for virtually seamless multi-panel configurations for extended view, space-saving base, elegant design for home office
  • Patented Eye-Care for extended use: Proprietary brightness Intelligence Adaptive technology adjusts brightness for comfortable viewing, low blue light and zero-flicker technology prevent headaches and eye strain. This eye tech delivers optimized images that are easy on your eyes.
  • Integrated cable management system: neatly hides cables inside monitor stand; VESA wall mount: 100 x 100 (millimeter)

BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P 24 Inch 144Hz Gaming Monitor | 1080P 1ms | Black eQualizer & Color Vibrance for Competitive Edge

 in stock
19 new from $199.00
7 used from $164.90
Free shipping
as of June 25, 2022 11:40 pm


  • Lightning-fast 144 Hz refresh rate performance for a smooth PC gaming experience over DisplayPort or DVI-D
  • ATTENTION: HDMI only outputs 60Hz max; NOT COMPATIBLE with PS5 / XBox Series X/5 @ 120Hz; Please check out the XL2411K for full 120Hz compatibility
  • 1ms Response Time (GTG) to eliminate ghosting and lag, providing the optimal gaming experience. Dimensions (HxWxD mm)‎- 559 (Hightest) / 429 (Lowest) x 570 x 219; Dimensions with wall mount (HxWxD mm) (w/o Base)‎- 347x570x59.97
  • Exclusive Color Vibrance and Black eQualizer technology to enhance visual clarity and customized color settings, giving players the advantage on the battlefield
  • Multiple connectivity options featuring DisplayPort, Dual-Link DVI-D to reach 144Hz, HDMI and Headphone/Microphone Jack input

BenQ 24 Inch 1080P Monitor | 75 Hz for Gaming | Proprietary Eye-Care Tech |Adaptive Brightness for Image Quality | GL2480,Black

$120.73  in stock
22 new from $120.73
9 used from $90.00
Free shipping
as of June 25, 2022 11:40 pm


  • 1ms response time for lightning fast gaming performance and ZeroFlicker technology for minimized eye strain and improved eye comfort during long hours of work or gaming
  • Low Blue Light Technology filters out harmful blue light, effectively diminishing eye fatigue and irritation. Display Area (mm) 531.3x298.8
  • ZeroFlicker technology virtually eliminates flicker at all brightness levels for minimized eye strain and improved eye comfort during long hours of use. Power Consumption (on mode.)- 25W. Power Consumption (based on Energy Star) - 17.48W
  • Full HD 1080p 16:9; Dimensions with Wall Mount (HxWxD mm w/o base) 565 x 333 x 54‎. OS Compatibility- Windows 7,Windows 8,Windows 8.1
  • 16mm slim bezel display, high-gloss frame and base, and carbon fiber-patterned back – ideal for work or home use, 3 year warranty

Sceptre IPS 24” Gaming Monitor 165Hz 144Hz Full HD (1920 x 1080) FreeSync Eye Care FPS RTS DisplayPort HDMI Build-in Speakers, Machine Black 2020 (E248B-FPT168)

$199.97  in stock
13 new from $199.97
Free shipping
as of June 25, 2022 11:40 pm


  • up to 165Hz Refresh Rate: Pushing beyond the standard 144Hz, 165Hz gives gamers an edge in visibility as frames transition instantly, leaving behind no blurred images.
  • IPS Panel: The IPS (In-Plane Switching) panel cannot be beat when it comes to consistently delivering top color performance and sharp visibility from multiple viewing angles.
  • AMD FreeSync: With FreeSync, gamers now enjoy smooth video and seamless on the spot movement through their fast paced games. FreeSync is an AMD technology that nearly eliminates tearing and stuttering due to differences between a graphics card's frame rate and a monitor's refresh rate.
  • Edgeless Design: Edgeless Design completely immerses you in all the captivating action and wondrous scenery that 1080P resolution and 165Hz refresh rate have to offer.
  • Multiple Digital Ports: While three HDMI ports each deliver an impressive 144Hz refresh rate, one DisplayPort produces a stunning 165Hz refresh rate, all in FHD resolution.

BenQ ZOWIE RL2755T 27 inch 1080p Gaming Monitor | 1ms 75Hz | Black Equalizer & Color Vibrance for Competitive Edge

 out of stock
as of June 25, 2022 11:40 pm


  • 27" 1920 x 1080 (1080p) Full HD Display supporting up to 75 Hz (configure through GPU settings).
  • 1ms Response Time (GTG) to eliminate ghosting and lag, providing you the optimal console gaming experience. Dimensions with wall mount (HxWxD) (w/o Base)- 14.8 x 25.1 x 2.3 inches‎
  • Exclusive Color Vibrance and Black eQualizer technology to enhance color representation and visual clarity, giving you the advantage on the battlefield.
  • Optimized display presets for RTS, FPS, and Fighting Game modes, along with Smart Scaling/Display Mode to create custom screen sizes, giving users a complete customized viewing experience.
  • Flicker free technology with a special bezel frame to minimize visual distractions and reduce eye strain, increasing your comfort for intensive gaming sessions.

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