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If you’re buying a fast and fairly easy-to-use cutter, it’s likely that that the Cricut Explore Air 2 features prominently on your own wishlist. However, before you even commit an individual penny to the purchase of the machine, it makes sense to learn something or two about any of it. That’s precisely what another few lines are about – reviewing every tiny detail of the cardstock, iron-on, vinyl, and leather cutter.

Product Overview
Instantly, the Explore Air 2 may well not seem to be like anything worth paying close focus on. It’s minimalistic and quite relaxed.

A closer consider it, however, reveals a different story altogether. This miniature cutter leads just how in the house craft cutting market.

For instance, the device is made to cut at a speed that’s almost 2X what its predecessors delivered. As such, the Explore Air 2 offers you 2 modes – the standard use mode and the fast mode.

You simply have to switch to the fast mode when you should make every second count. For example, you can make make use of it when you’re under great pressure because of client deadlines etc.

Another awesome feature of the Explore Air 2 is that it includes a huge library of images. This comprises over 3,000 easy-to-use projects used at any time.

So, if you’re short of time and need to get some awesome ready-made designs, you won’t have to purchase them since they’re designed for free with the purchase of the device.

Another awesome addition that you’ll find upon this device is its compatibility with smart devices. Indeed, the machine works with with tablets, smartphones and, PCs. As a designer, which means more freedom to create designs and print them on-the-go.

So, you can as an example design something on your own phone on the way home and click print once you go back home. That’s the amount of versatility you have to save every minute accessible to you.

Likewise, rather than sitting in the subway wondering when the trip should come to a finish, you can simply start your tablet and continue from where you left. Likewise, you don’t need to spend your time at Starbucks looking forward to your buddy showing up! Simply start your personal computer and get busy putting some finishing touches on your own design in order to print it once you go back home.

A Closer Look at What THIS PRODUCT Is Capable Of

  1. Customized Cards
    This unit includes great pens which can be attached and used to create custom-made handwritten cards. That’s as well as the freedom to decide on a lot more than 370 fonts that are given. Once you’ve loaded your selected font, all you’ll should do is relax watching the cutter write its way through your material of preference.
  2. Access A large number of Printable Patterns
    Once you understand this machine, you’ll have the ability to access a lot more than 500,000 printable images. Yup, you read that right! And that’s alongside near 1,000 printable patterns. And the very best part is you could always upload your own patterns and images for printing. So, basically, everything you get with the Explore Air 2 is unmatched printing power and design flexibility. It doesn’t matter your degree of experience in design, there’s always something that can be done with the Air 2.
  3. Wide selection of Materials
    Whether you’re taking into consideration the extremely thin materials such as for example vellum or the thick and resilient kinds like leather, this machine has all of the technology had a need to make great cuts. Actually, it includes a handy, built-in Smart Set dial that you only need to adapt to attain different settings. The dial carries a set of materials you could cut therefore you’d should just pick the best mode at your convenience. To top everything up, the machine includes usage of Design Space which permits you to achieve better still material selection settings.
  4. Scoring Stylus
    This is the helpful tool you should perfect your skills. For example, you can make make use of it to create acetate pinwheels, boxes, 3D paper crafts, envelopes, etc. We genuinely feel that this machine does a stellar job at creating perfect fold lines.
  5. Capability to Cut Intricate Details
    You need to use this cutter to create intricate details with great accuracy. Actually, you can handle things like lace stationery designs, snowflake designs, and even spider webs. So, so far as pristine detailing goes, the Explore Air 2 should be your first port of call.

The Machine’s Cutting Width
Cricut machines have a concern with cutting width. Actually, that’s why we’d only recommend the Explore Air 2 for light duty commercial use or home use.

The device itself measures 12 inches wide and 14 inches long. The truth is, you conclude with 11.5-inch by 23.5-inch. Clearly, that’s not the major cutting width available.

Fortunately, it could get several crafting jobs done. Indeed, that is so far the very best size we’ve run into among the desktop machines.

That said, it’s vital that you remember that the machine’s cutting width may further reduce according to the function going for. For instance, if you are using the “Print Then Cut” function for your uploaded designs, the printing capacity varies in one browser to another.

For example, you’d get 5.5-inch by 8-inch on Google Chrome and 6-inch by 8.5-inch on Safari, WEB BROWSER and Firefox.

That’s instead of when you get some designs from the Cricut Image Library. So, always understand that full-width printing isn’t designed for uplo

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