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If you’re looking for both a fresh gaming keyboard and a fresh gaming mouse, in this guide, we’ve reviewed seven of the greatest gaming keyboard and mouse combos.

For anybody trying to upgrade their gaming setup, but who will work with a somewhat limited budget, one option you have if you desire a new keyboard and mouse, is to have them as a combo deal.

There are actually several gaming keyboard and mouse combo deals out there and, in this guide, we’re likely to check out seven of the greatest options currently out there. A number of the mouse/keyboard combo options out there may be had at under $40. More costly options could be had, too, plus they include a selection of higher-end features, like mechanicle keyboards and/or RGB lighting.

So, if you want both a fresh keyboard and a fresh mouse for your gaming setup, a combo offering could possibly be the best route so that you can take. And, if this is the case, among the options the following should work for your budget and needs.

A Quick Consider the Best Keyboard & Mouse Combos
For an instant look at well known picks to find the best keyboard and mouse combos, the table below showcases out top pick overall, our runner-up pick, well known combo which includes a mechanical keyboard, and our pick to get the best value combo.

Best Keyboard/Mouse Combo:
Corsair Gaming K55
The very best overall keyboard and mouse blend for gaming will likely be this pair from Corsair. This backlit keyboard featured three different color zones and 10 lighting modes that let you set your keyboard lighting properly to fit your personality, your game or your environment. In addition, it contains a whole lot of tools which can be useful for gaming such as for example six macro keys that you may program for major actions in game and full multimedia control which allows you to adapt your audio tracks settings, volume and more, all without interrupting your game.

As well as the full spectral range of features that the keyboard and mouse combo offers additionally it is incredibly responsive and intuitive. You won’t need to worry about keyboard or mouse lag because each button triggers the response the millisecond that you hit it. The mouse features 6000 dots-per-inch on the optical sensor with advanced tracking you could get, and the keyboard and the mouse are both contoured properly to supply an ergonomic gaming experience. There are rubber grips to keep carefully the mouse secure in the hands, and the keyboard provides quick access and intuitive placement that will help game better.

They are plug-and-play devices that’ll be ready to go seconds after inserting them into an open USB port, plus they are among the top gaming keyboard mouse combo options available to buy.

Runner-Up Combo:
ASUS Cerberus
The runner-up is this ASUS Cerberus gaming keyboard and mouse that has two different lighting zones; one for the standard keyboard keys and one for the arrow keys and other keyboard keys that you utilize to game with. Additionally you get far more macro options with this keyboard. There are 12 different macro keys that you could program. Among the only things that’s lacking about this blend is that the W-A-S-D keys don’t have their own lighting zone. Those will be the keys frequently used for movement in PC gaming, and it might be nice if indeed they were lit up separately so you might easily see them in low light conditions.

However, this combo has a good amount of features to create up for that. For instance, it features an interior metal plate that means it is stronger. With cheap keyboard, you can accidentally push them off the desk and you may have to substitute your keyboard. But that won’t happen with this gaming keyboard, since it is reinforced by a steel frame inside. Furthermore, this keyboard is protected against spillage. It includes a splash-proof design that incorporates drain holes a long way away from the essential elements of the keyboard so liquids exit quickly without abandoning residue that may cause your gaming keyboard to avoid working.

Combo w/Mechanical Keyboard:
This is a good keyboard and mouse combination, in fact it is our choice to get the best gaming keyboard/mouse combo that is included with a mechanical keyboard. This keyboard isn’t split into zones, nonetheless it does feature multicolored lights on each key in order that you can simply view it at night. Each key is lit by green, purple, red, blue, white, or yellow lights in order that the label turns up clearly. This is a fast response keyboard that’s properly for professional play, and it includes a selection of extra buttons that already are programmed to shortcut your mostly used internet actions.

This keyboard and mouse combo also have a multimedia function key and other shortcut keys that make certain that you can complete tasks quickly. For instance, you need to use the multimedia keys to regulate your playlist, including muting, volume change, skipping songs and playing, pausing and stopping. Then there are shortcut keys for accessing your email, checking a browser window, likely to my computer to find files or opening your calculator for an instant solution to a math problem.

That is a sharp-looking plug-and-play keyboard with a gaming mouse which has each of the buttons you will need for programming in-game shortcuts. Ultiamtely, it really is responsive, cool-looking, and versatile, in fact it is our choice for the combo that is included with a mechanical

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