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We purchased the Bissell Big Green Machine Professional Carpet Cleaner so our expert reviewer could put it to the test on the dirtiest carpets she may find. Continue reading for our full product review.

Tired of spending money to rent a carpet cleaner or hire professional cleaners every couple of months? You might consider investing in a product just like the Bissell Big Green Machine Carpet Cleaner. Carpet cleaning are extremely useful assuming you have plenty of rugs at home, as they permit you to grab dirt your vacuum might miss and wash the fabric to eliminate odors.

The Big Green Machine is a high-end model that costs a fairly penny, but it is actually a worthwhile investment if you want to clean your rugs regularly. To see if it truly delivered professional-grade results, we put it to the test on the dirtiest carpets we’re able to find. Continue reading to observe how it performed.

Setup: Nothing to it
The Big Green Machine is actually all set right out of your box. It comes pre-assembled, so we didn’t need to worry about screwing anything together-always an advantage. All we had to accomplish was fill it with water and soap, and it had been ready to go.

The Spruce / Camryn Rabideau
Design: Straightforward but oh-so-heavy
This carpet cleaner gave us a good work out as we drove it around our home. It weighs about a hefty 40 pounds, so it’s not easy and simple tool to go. Luckily, you really just need to drag it backwards and forwards in straight paths, which we found to be manageable. However, in the event that you miss an area or have to maneuver it in a few other way, prepare yourself to place some muscle involved with it.

Beyond that, the Big Green Machine includes a fairly straightforward design. It comes with an on/off switch on the trunk of the handle, that you can release for easier pushing and pulling. There’s a trigger on the grip that, when pressed, dispenses soap; we thought it had been in an ideal spot and very simple to use.

We were impressed at the quantity of dirt it pulled out of seemingly clean rugs.

There are two water tanks upon this carpet cleaner-one for fresh water and soap and another for the dirty water. The dirty water tank is along with the clean water tank, and release it, you should swing the handle outrageous. This movement is just a little awkward initially, but after several times, we got the hang of it.

Another plus with this machine is you could put it to use with a number of Bissell cleaning products, according to your needs. It includes 24 ounces of the BISSELL 2X Professional Deep Cleaning Formula that people used during testing, but some of the other options include Pet Stain & Odor, Allergen Cleansing, and Spring Breeze.

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The Spruce / Camryn Rabideau
Performance: Unbeatable
If you’re looking for the most effective, deep-cleaning machine to really get your carpets looking like new again, you certainly want the Bissell Big Green Machine.

This carpet cleaner has extra-large “PowerBrushes” that get deep into fabric. We were impressed at the quantity of dirt it pulled out of seemingly clean rugs-you can observe the grime get sucked up through the tunnel on leading of the applying, which is fairly satisfying. It even were able to remove a lingering wet dog odor, and we didn’t have to refill the clean water tank while cleaning a medium-size rug, unlike with a great many other carpet cleaners.

The only downside with regards to performance is that carpet cleaner doesn’t handle pet hair particularly well.

Further, the Big Green Machine has incredibly powerful suction, so that it pulls almost all water out of your carpets after washing them. We used it on a medium-pile rug, and it only took one hour or so before rug was dry to touch again. With other machines, the drying process may take several hours, which means this is a major bonus inside our book.

The only downside regarding performance is that carpet cleaner doesn’t handle pet hair particularly well-it even says in the manual that pet hair could be left in clumps on the top of your rug. As such, Bissell recommends you vacuum your carpets after washing them, making for another step. That may bother you, or it could not.

In that regard, have a peek at among the better vacuums for pet hair you can purchase.

The Spruce / Camryn Rabideau
Stain Removal: Helps it be look easy
Furthermore to general cleaning, this model claims to eliminate stains from carpets, so naturally, we wished to see if it might handle tough food stains. We smeared some mustard, chocolate, salad dressing, coffee, wine, dirt, and everlasting marker on a vintage rug to observe how well the Big Green Machine would fair.

The Big Green Machine has incredibly powerful suction, so that it pulls almost all water out of your carpets after washing them.

We allow stains dry before attacking them with the Bissell, and after two scrubbing sessions with the included 6-inch “Tough Stain Tool” a lot of the chocolate, salad dressing, coffee, and dirt stains were gone. The mustard and wine left faint shadows, but we think these could possibly be removed with an area treatment. Alternatively, the everlasting marker was faded slightly, but finally still visible.

Our only complaint about the hand tool is that the hose is quite long and incredibly stiff, so that it is a lttle bit unwieldy to work it. However, the 9-foot length will be beneficial if you were utilizing it on carpeted stairs.

Storage: Needs its closet
When you’re done cleaning, you need to empty out the dirty water before you stash the device away. As the dirty water tank is at the top, we found it simple to remove and dump; it splits in two to create wiping out lingering dirt easy, and you might even spray it with a hose in the event that you wanted.

For storage, you’re likely to desire a pretty large space to place this carpet cleaner. The handle does fold right down to take up less room vertically, however the Big Green Machine continues to be, actually, quite big. A very important factor we didn’t like is that there’s no bag or caddy to assist you store the hand tool and hose. We finished up looping them over the handle of the cleaner, but that is a less-than-ideal storage solution, inside our opinion.

Price: Top grade
This carpet cleaner is among the most expensive options with regards to at-home rug cleaners. At around $470, it’s definitely a major investment, but its superior performance helps it be worthwhile, particularly if you regularly pay to have your carpets professionally cleaned.

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Bissell Big Green Machine Professional Carpet Cleaner vs. Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner
Just about the most similar products regarding size and capabilities may be the Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner, which retails for about $275. We also tested the Rug Doctor and discovered that it does an identical job pulling up dirt that’s hidden deep in carpets, nonetheless it doesn’t leave rugs as dry as the Big Green Machine. Plus, the Rug Doctor includes a few awkward features-such as a tiny water tank and ill-planned “Super Boost” spray-that make it just OK to use. If you’re likely to spend anywhere near this much on a carpet cleaner, we’d say splurge and choose the Bissell.

Final Verdict

Worth the splurge!

If you like to keep a strict rug cleaning schedule and also have numerous carpeted surfaces during your home, the Bissell Big Green Machine Professional Carpet Cleaner provides you with top-tier results. However, just make certain you are designed for the heavy

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