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Nobody really likes mopping dirty floors within their right mindset, it’s just something we need to do. And with a new-age affordable mop like Bissell Spinwave 2039A available, mopping floors becomes less of a chore.

Bissell Spinwave is especially made to scrub the toughest dirt and stains off sensitive surfaces e.g tile floor, sealed hardwood floor, linoleum, porcelain, travertine, and vinyl flooring. Scrubbing these kind of floors with regular mops can strip them of their sheen and glamor.

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as of May 16, 2022 3:58 pm
as of May 16, 2022 3:58 pm
as of May 16, 2022 3:58 pm
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This advanced mop uses two soft rotating microfiber pads which technically cannot leave any ugly scratch marks on your own floor, regardless of how intensely you scrub it. Moreover, it eliminates the necessity for lugging around much bucket all around the house.

It can a decent job in my own apartment which includes tile floors and two master bedrooms and a dog. Right now, I understand the product well enough to determine its strengths and shortcomings. THEREFORE I decided to execute a thorough overview of Bissell 2039A to assist you make a good choice, if you’re in doubt whether this mop will probably be worth your time.

Before we explore the nitty-gritty of these devices, let’s take a glance at its key features.

Bissell SpinWave Review: Product Highlights
28 ounces tank can contain warm water (not hotter than 140 degree F/ 60 degree C). Tank could be attached and detached easily.
On-demand cleaning solution spray button. Enables you to control how much spray that goes onto the ground.
Two buffing microfiber pads and two scrubbing pads for proficiently mopping moderately dirty floors.
Weighs 11 pounds and includes a 22 feet long electric cord.
Cleaning surface is approximately 14 inches.
Includes two 8 ounces multi-surface formula that keeps your hard floor in pristine condition and eliminates the stubborn stains and spills without rigorous scrubbing.
AN IN DEPTH Look at Bissell Spinwave 2039A: Features and Performance Analysis
Not absolutely all electric mops are manufactured equal. I’ve tried several brands before and do not require truly delivered what they promised. A number of them only moved the dirt around rather than total elimination, as the others gave me terrible back pain. What’s the idea of investing in a power mop if I want to do all the powerful scrubbing with my very own hands, getting down on my knees?

Why is Bissell 2039A a welcome change is its rotating disc and seamless maneuvering.

Its powered cleaning pads employ a simple and straightforward mechanism. You spray the ground and roll the mop over it until it absorbs all of the liquid (and the dirt along with it). That way, it doesn’t smear dirty water around while scrubbing, that is a huge problem with almost every other spinning mops.

Still uncertain if this is actually the product you are searching for? Fair enough.

Let me offer you some more details to assist you understand the merchandise better.

Two Different Power Cleaning Pads
Upon unboxing, you will see two types of cleaning pads in the package, a couple of soft-touch pads for laminate wood floors and two scouring pads for scrubbing the sticky crud off various kinds of surfaces. You must attach these pads to these devices using the velcros in the bottom.

These cleaning pads always work in pairs and their rotation minimizes any risk of strain on your own wrist, arm, and shoulder. It gets the work done without passing one area again and again. So there’s that.

One thing to notice here is you need to align the pads properly, otherwise the device could vibrate or feel type of wobbly. Nonetheless, attaching and removing the pads is straightforward after the first several attempts.

The scouring pads execute a decent job of moping away grease and dirt off my kitchen floor. If you don’t are working with old and tough stuck-on dirt, you don’t need to get down on your own knees and scrub the ground manually anymore.

The buffing pads, alternatively, are more intended for polishing laminate wood, vinyl, marble, porcelain, and tile flooring. It really is ideal for regular cleaning and making laminate and hardwood floor shine without wax. It’s best suited for picking right up mild dirt, debris, hair and pet dander. Don’t expect it to tackle stuck-on mess, though.

The microfiber pads are machine washable. Personally, i prefer rinsing it in my own DIY vinegar and baking soda solution rather than detergent. It creates them go longer. I’d also recommend you get extra pads which are often available and don’t cost much either.

Removable Tank
Its easily detachable 28-ounce solution chamber is another fantastic little bit of utility. The tank is plainly marked for small and large cleaning jobs. This means you don’t need to guess just how many solution is going in the tank for this kind of mess you are coping with.

Instead of steamy warm water, you should pour hot water to keep the longevity of the tank material. For both deep and regular cleaning, I love to mix plain tap water with the multi-surface cleaning solution supplied by the manufacturer.

Yes, you can put other store-bought or homemade cleaning solutions in the tank. But make an effort to avoid using vinegar as it could decay the tank material and void the warrantee too, in line with the user manual. Browse the manual carefully before filling the tank together with your choice of cleaner.

Multi-surface Cleaning Solution
The mop includes two 8 ounce bottles of Bissell multi-surface cleaning solution which, in all honesty, is not the very best hard floor cleaner available in the market. However, for sensitive surfaces, it works superior to the harsh detergent-based cleaning products sold on the market. If you need deep cleaning, here’s an expert tip: vacuum the ground before mopping, when possible.

Design and Functionality
The reduced height of the cleaning head and the pivoting handle make reaching tight spaces e.g area beneath the furniture easily. Weighing around 11 pounds, this mop is obviously not lightweight. But regardless of the bulky stature, it really is incredibly simple to maneuver as almost all of its weight rests on to the floor.

After the motor is on and the ground is sprayed with a liquid cleaning solution, these devices glides smoothly over the top. The motor is exceptionally quiet that is a huge plus since I’ve a dog and a new baby in my house.

It has only two buttons to fiddle with, one on / off switch and a spray button. Before spraying the ground with the soap, ensure that your floor is sealed. Otherwise, the cleaning substance can slowly damage the ground or dull its shine.

Overall Performance
You should have full control over the quantity of solution you are spraying as the device beeps each and every time the cleaner is dispensed. However, here’s a caveat- you will need to constantly pivot the handle forward and backward to spray the liquid.

It dispenses the cleaner only at a specific angle, something you may struggle with initially. I figured out that problem occurs mostly by using any cleaner apart from the plain water+Bissell cleaner solution. Not really a deal-breaker, just something to bear in mind before using the mop.

With everything set up, you should be in a position to effortlessly clean 5 small rooms each day with this. However, to be very honest, I find this mop more suited to cleaning small stains and polishing than eliminating stubborn stains.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Bissell Spinwave 2039A
Very simple to lug around the ground.

Pivoting handle helps it be simple to touch up hard-to-access areas.

The tank pops in and out in a jiffy.

Exceptionally proficient at polishing laminate floors.

Wide cleaning path reduces the mopping time.

Easy to put together and fuss-free operation.

The handle should be pivoted at a particular angle to push the cleaning solution out from the pump. This may take some used to.

Not made for cleaning old and tough stains.

No programmed cord wrap function.

Worthy Alternative: Bissell 2315A SpinWave Cordless
While Bissell 2039A offers everything you’ll ever dependence on day-to-day cleaning, it will always be nicer to have several option around. THEREFORE I did some digging around and discovered that Bissell 2315A SpinWave will be a great choice if you wish a cordless mop and money isn’t a problem.

Once fully charged, it offers a runtime of around 20 minutes which is enough for cleaning one or two rooms. It also comes with an LED indicator light to assist you monitor the battery level. EASILY need to compare the performance with 2039A, there isn’t a striking difference between your two.

Both devices pack enough punch to create daily mopping a breeze, even for folks with some sort of physical limitation. If you want to go cordless and so are okay with spending a few extra bucks, you can choose Bissell 2315A. However, it can’t match the flexibleness, versatility proposed by the corded 2039A. But by the end of your day, it’s your call.

FAQS about Bissell SpinWave 2039A
May be the mop heavy to push?
Answer: No, despite being on the heavier side, the rotating mechanism of the discs helps it be incredibly simple to maneuver in the required direction.

Can you get beneath the furniture with this unit?
Answer: The reduced height of the cleaning heads makes enables you to effortlessly clean beneath the furniture.

How long does it try mop a 10×10 feet area?
Answer: According to the sort of mess you are coping with, it could take five minutes more or less.

What’s the difference between SpinWave and CrossWave?
Answer: The CrossWave is a vacuum+mop while 2039A SpinWave only has mopping function. As the former is very able to deep cleaning hard floor, it doesn’t polish the ground, unlike SpinWave.

Is it possible to find replacement pads for 2039A?
Answer: Yes, replacement pads are incredibly easily available.

Final Verdict: Is Bissell SpinWave 2039A WORTHWHILE?
If you wish an easy-to-operate corded mop that does an excellent job of polishing and mopping away small stains from hard floor, Bissell SpinWave 2039A is obviously worth a look. Its rotating scouring and buffing pads are a lot more functional than regular wet pads. It doesn’t affect the shine or smoothness of the cleaning surface and gets the simplest working mechanism you can think about.

Hey all, and welcome to my vacuum blog! Here you will see the latest product critiques, the very best home organization tips, clever cleaning hacks, therefore much more. In the event that you stick around, I believe you will see the answers to the questions you’ve been looking for.

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Charles Phil Bissell, He's Involved in Volvo

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