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Bose Quietcomfort 35 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones Ii With Google Assistant

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Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones II - Black

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Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones II - Silver

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Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones II - Rose Gold

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Bose QC35 QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones II - Silver

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“Man is naturally a social animal”, said Aristotle, and that remains as true as ever. We text, tweet and message the other person – plus some even employ smart assistants such as for example Amazon Echo or Google Home to greatly help streamline their communication.

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However now we are speaking with our speakers, our watches and our phones, it seems sensible that we will be able to speak to our headphones aswell. That’s the thinking behind Bose’s QuietComfort 35 IIs, the updated version of the QuietComfort 35s that arrived in 2016.

These new headphones have a dedicated button to activate Google Assistant, that may, at your behest, play music, answer trivia questions and read for you your smartphone notifications.

Add that to the QC35 IIs’ great audio tracks quality and noise-cancelling capabilities, and you have a couple of cans with very widespread appeal.


Mainly within Android smartphones, Assistant is Google’s exact carbon copy of Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa.

Once create through Bose’s Connect software – or, for Apple users, the Bose iphone app coupled with Google’s Assistant iphone app for iOS – the QuietComfort 35 IIs will chime whenever your phone gets a fresh notification or automatically read aloud upcoming calendar events.

Get a text or other online message, and press the button on the left housing to have Google Assistant read it out. After that it gives you the choice to reply making use of your voice. It’s a helpful addition, especially through the winter season: it’s easier to react to texts or make calls at the push of a button than it really is to fish your phone out of your pocket, remove your gloves and bash out a hasty message with frozen fingers.

There are a few limitations, however. When you may use these headphones to regulate and play your music, you’ll have to use Spotify to ensure that Google Assistant to work.

It’s currently struggling to access your offline media or link with other services such as for example Tidal or Deezer (and if you’re on iOS, we found it struggling to stream music using the Assistant at all).

If you’re linked to both a notebook computer and a smartphone (the QuietComfort 35 IIs be capable of hook up to two devices simultaneously), we find that activating the Google Assistant to learn a notification on our phone also begins iTunes on our MacBook.

For some reason, in addition, it refuses to read aloud your contacts’ surnames, if you have multiple persons of the same name in your address book, you’ll need to figure out who your message is from.

We suppose Android users are certain to get more out of the functionality than Apple users, though. The synergy between these headphones and Android just appears slicker than with an iPhone.

In the event that you aren’t bothered about the smarts, you can program the button to cycle through the headphones’ three noise-cancelling levels instead (‘low’, ‘high’ or ‘off’).

Just like the original QuietComfort 35s, the amount of noise-cancellation from these cans is impressive.

Bose is definitely at the forefront of silencing frequent rumbles or hums, and that remains the same here – the microphones outside and inside the headphones effectively eliminating any irritating background chatter.

If we’ve one complaint, it’s that the noise-cancellation is actually a little more intelligent, for instance just as Sony’s WH-1000XM3 headphones disable noise-cancellation when you possess your hand over among the housings.

B&W’s PX headphones pause your music when you lift the earpad up, letting you have an instant conversation. We’d liked to have observed similar features in these headphones.

Battery life is a claimed 20 hours with a radio connection, or 40 hours of just noise-cancellation if you’re using the 3.5mm cable that will come in the box. Charge the headphones by using a micro-USB cable and you get a supplementary 2.5 hours of juice in only 15 minutes.


The QuietComfort 35 IIs have an excellent handling on any music you send their way. We commence with The Beatles’ ALLOW IT Be, linked to a MacBook Pro, and these headphones impressively have the ability to dig up details you will possibly not otherwise hear.

Paul McCartney keeps irregular timing when accumulating to the chorus, singing lines just a little later than you’d expect. When he does, the QuietComfort 35 IIs grab the barely audible sounds of the faint movements of his lips easily.

Playing Teenagers by My Chemical Romance, these headphones pay great focus on the midrange. There’s no denying the scornful assonance in Gerard Way’s lyrics and th

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