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Premium music company Bose is really no stranger to getting big sound out of compact speakers. The Bose SoundLink Mini II perhaps started the trend, but we’ve had many examples since, like the Bose Home Speaker 500. Never to delve too much in to the past, since we’ve the most recent testament to Bose’s prowess. The Soundbar 500. In the entire scheme of things, the Soundbar 500 which will set you back Rs 59,000 is a substantial upgrade over the Bose Solo 5 TV (Rs 22,050) and sits just underneath the slightly larger Bose Soundbar 700 (Rs 79,000).

There is absolutely no doubt that the Soundbar 500 is compact. It really is 80 cm wide, 10.16 cm deep and 4.44 cm high. To put it simply this may slide under most televisions continued a table and hide in plain sight. The actual fact that it blends in so easily can be due to the subtle LEDs that are put nearby the top left corner that will not distract you at all. All of the connectivity options are on the recessed back panel-this includes HDMI Audio Return Channel (ARC)

Optical sound and the capability to add more surround speakers, for example.

Behind the solid front grille are three front-firing music drivers, and two on either side. To create the Soundbar 500, you must download the Bose Music iphone app (free for Android and iOS) that’s now the company’s single iphone app for all its current generation Alexa enabled smart speakers and soundbars, including that one. The setup process is rather intuitive and straight-forward, and you ought to have this ready to go in near to virtually no time at all. You can configure the smart assistant Alexa, hook this up to your house Wi-Fi network and pair the optional wireless bass module. More on that in a bit.

Once the setup is performed, you may take charge of the wireless remote that the Soundbar 500 ships which. This feels very premium to carry and use. There are minimal buttons upon this, making switching between sources (TV, Bluetooth and music) fairly simple. After that, there may be the volume control, media playback links and the numbered keys (1 to 6) exactly like they can be found on the house Speaker 500 for pre-configuring shortcuts. The setup worked flawlessly when everything was set up for operation-the music for TV and video streaming passed through by a Sony Bravia LED TV via optical audio, and paired with an iPhone XS Max and a Huawei Mate 20 Pro via Bluetooth and registered with the Amazon take into account Alexa capabilities.

Altogether, there are five audio tracks drivers reproducing the sound for you personally. Bose has followed an identical multi-directional deployment since it did in the house Speaker 500, with two of the drivers located on the sides of the soundbar to fire sound in the left and right directions. Open the Netflix iphone app and choose any action movie or TV show-you will be impressed with the fine detailing of every factor of an action sequence, like the clatter of the bullet shells because they fall on to the floor. Switch to a thing that is more in regards to a Broadway-esque feel, and you may hear the mixture of the instruments, the ambient sounds and acoustics in details. It’ll be hard to encounter another soundbar which does sound so well-details, vocals and clarity. Additionally, you will manage to tweak the bass and treble levels on the soundbar in the Bose Music app-to better match your sound preferences and in addition tailor it better for this content you may well be viewing on your own TV at that time. Having said that, you will lose out on the sub-bass rumble and there may be the sense of an over-all insufficient bass depth that might be noticeable with a whole lot of movies and Television shows that you might watch.

For that, Bose gets the optional bass module. It really is called the Bass Module 500 and can be an optional accessory that you could increase your Soundbar 500 for yet another Rs 30000. This pairs together with your soundbar wirelessly, and we pointed out that reconnection when you switch these on is instant. The Bass Module 500 is pretty compact in proportions for a subwoofer, but don’t be deceived by its footprint because this packs some serious bass. Window shaking, neighbour annoying and the ingredient of a healthy movie watching experience.

Now comes the smartness aspect. Amazon’s artificially intelligent smart assistant, Alexa. We don’t often see soundbars include Alexa capabilities, however the Bose Soundbar 500 has that. It is simple to switch to Alexa, in the sense that whatever source could be active in those days, simply say “Hey Alexa” and the LEDs light to indicate an instantaneous switch to the smart speaker mode. From then onwards, you can ask Alexa to accomplish pretty much whatever you may ask of it on another smart speaker-music, news, weather, buy something on Amazon and more. With this type of sound to go with the music you might like to listen to, the knowledge is delightful. However, we did observe that the sound level is quite different when you switch to using Alexa, leaving you scrambling for the remote or screaming “Alexa, decrease the volume”. That is easily fixable with a software update, we’d imagine.

As one may possibly expect, the Bose Soundbar 500 is centered on finesse and sophistication. Be it the look, be it the sound and become it how you go through the Bose Soundbar 500 regularly. Things have already been thought out at length, including the reduced height to create it slide under TVs that don’t have the tallest table stand and the minimalist remote that’s intuitive to use even for somebody who isn’t the most proficient with technology. Yet, quite uncharacteristic of Bose, there are many niggles. The quantity difference when switching from TV to Alexa to Bluetooth for instance-not a huge deal, nevertheless, you just expect someone at Bose to have with all this an intensive once over before signing off. All said and done, this does are expensive of money. And when you have that money to invest, there is absolutely no debate on the sound that the Bose Soundbar 500 is with the capacity of. And that seals the offer, if you are seriously interested in a home theatre

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