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Soundbars began simple. Their mission was to supply the very best sound possible from an individual speaker in order that folks could overlook the hassles of wiring and just enjoy their TV and music. Even though that’s still true of some soundbar models, the industry has been rapidly shifting back again to more speakers and less simplicity.

The $800 Bose Soundbar 700 is in a few ways a go back to the initial soundbar concept, but hiding beneath its elegant exterior are some thoroughly modern features.

Is it the proper audio tracks companion for your media room? Let’s take a look.

Simon Cohen / Digital Trends
If you’re likely to need to look at a soundbar every once in awhile, it must be the Bose Soundbar 700.

I maintain that soundbars must do their utmost to disappear from sight. In the end, if you wanted a speaker to be the highlight of your TV room, you’d spend money on the biggest types you could see.

But let’s be real: Short of concealing a soundbar within a wall – which would defeat both its sound together with its simplicity – you’re likely to view it. Therefore, if you’re likely to need to look at a soundbar every once in awhile, it ought to be the Bose Soundbar 700.

Using its elegant lines, correctly smooth glass top, and amazingly short and shallow stature, the Soundbar 700 is among those rare bits of technology that can improve your decor rather than detracting from it. Obtainable in black or white, you can choose whether it blends seamlessly in to the background or makes a statement. Aesthetically speaking, it’s a significant speaker.

At 38.5 inches wide and only 2.25 inches high, it really is narrow and short enough to match between your legs of nearly every TV that’s at least 50 inches and slide right under it. If you would like to wall-mount it, an optional (and remarkably affordable) $40 bracket is available.

You won’t discover a single physical button anywhere on the Soundbar 700. The glass top includes a single touch-sensitive area nearby the front left corner for muting the built-in mic, but I advise using it sparingly – as stunning as the glass is, it’s also a fingerprint magnet. Positive thing Bose carries a microfiber cleaning cloth.

The only flat note within an otherwise spectacular design may be the included universal remote, a bulky, rubberized brick that doesn’t match the Soundbar 700’s elegant, minimalist lines. More on that later.

Simon Cohen / Digital Trends
Although it’s a soundbar, the Soundbar 700 can be an able wireless smart speaker. As such, the setup process is guided by Bose’s Music App (free for iOS and Android). It’s tempting to assume that almost everyone includes a phone or tablet that can be utilised to perform the Music app, but if you are actually among the few who don’t have one, or you’re thinking about purchasing the Soundbar 700 for a relative or friend who doesn’t have one, it could not be a good choice.

Still, so long as you do have a compatible device, establishing the speaker is straightforward because of the intuitive Bose app, which walks you through the procedure with easy-to-understand steps and a lot of helpful feedback.

Part of this setup involves tuning the Soundbar 700 to your room’s acoustics using the included Adaptiq microphone, a wired plastic headband that you wear just like a set of headphones. All you have to to accomplish is choose your five favorite spots for watching TV and the iphone app does the others. It’s much less elegant a remedy as Sonos’ TruePlay system, which uses the microphone on an iOS device to attain the same result, nonetheless it has the benefit for being appropriate for all smart devices.

You’ll also be quickly guided through the procedure of adding your house theater devices to the universal remote, and choosing between Alexa and Google Assistant if you wish to take good thing about the speaker’s voice control abilities, that i strongly suggest you do.

The Soundbar 700 could be linked to your TV via HDMI ARC or an optical cable. As the speaker is bound to Dolby Digital and DTS audio tracks signals, there’s no reap the benefits of a sound quality perspective to choosing one over the other. However, the universal remote could be more effective if you are using HDMI ARC since it can send some commands to linked devices via the CEC protocol (a means of delivering commands over HDMI).

Still, so long as all your devices could be manipulated over infrared (IR), I believe an optical connection makes more sense. Why quit a treasured HDMI port on your own TV – especially as the Soundbar 700 doesn’t have any HDMI inputs to pay for that loss?

Also nestled in with the HDMI ARC and optical ports behind the bar are Ethernet (as a far more robust substitute for Wi-Fi) and many dedicated ports for the Adaptiq mic, a wired bass module (subwoofer), an optional IR repeater, and one for “data,” (we’re still not totally sure what that one does).

You can put it to use as a Bluetooth source for a couple of wireless headphones for private listening – it works flawlessly.

Unfortunately, the port for wiring a subwoofer is a proprietary Bose port, so there’s no chance to make make use of it with a sub from another company. Stranger still, despite the fact that it’s possible to hook up a Bose wired subwoofer to the Soundbar 700, both of the subwoofers that Bose sells (the $400 Bass Module 500 and the

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