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Portable speakers certainly are a smart way to bring the party anywhere, nonetheless they often forgo sound quality for portability. That’s false with the Bose SoundLink Micro; practically two years following its releaes, this waterproof speaker remains among our favorites. It even comes with an elastic strap that may loop around your bike or bag during a patio adventure day.

Editor’s note: this review was updated on March 17, 2020, to handle FAQ questions regarding hands-free calling.

Who’s may be the SoundLink Micro for?

The Micro may easily hook onto a backpack and project sound throughout a hike or maybe stay there throughout a commute.

Hikers can latch this speaker to a backpack strap. It’s just asking to be studied on your own next big adventure, whether it’s up the alps or through the marsh. The IPX7 recognition ensures that listeners don’t need to be concerned about impending downpours; well, at least not for the speaker’s sake.
Bikers. You may well be in a position to ride your bike without handlebars, however the Bose SoundLink Micro could make good make use of those same bars by looping onto them. If you’re not just one for playing music via speaker in public areas, you can always attach it to your bike for transport if a bag is too full.
Students. From dorm parties to apartment parties, there’s bound to be always a time and a location that requires music. The Micro hardly occupies room in a bag and will even be worn externally of 1. Also, despite its size, the Micro actually gets quite loud, certainly enough to fill a school dorm.
What’s the Bose SoundLink Micro like?
The SoundLink Micro comes in black, midnight blue, and orange. A soft-touch rubberized finish, identical to the SoundLink Color II, helps it be simple to grip while protecting it from the surroundings, namely water.

The Micro is versatile, portable, and durable enough to maintain with practically every pace of life.

Not only may be the Micro speaker impervious to spills, nonetheless it may also endure full submersion for 30 minutes because of its IPX7 rating. Unlike the UE Roll 2, the Micro doesn’t float, not a little. However when it can emerge from the depths, drying is quick because of the rubber exterior. Like the majority of humans, I love singing in the shower and the SoundLink Micro does not have any trouble playing music as skin-scalding water pours down. I’ve been using this regularly for practically 2 yrs now, and the speaker has organized to soap splashes, drops, and everything among.

IPX7 qualification permits the SoundLink Micro to be fully submerged for a maximum depth of 1m for 30 minutes.

For the curious, the speaker continues to play music while submerged. To be honest, however, the music quality is drowned out to state the least. Simply for kicks, I tried to use Google Assistant although it was submerged and couldn’t obtain it to work. When from the water, the Micro’s microphone effectively registers voices for the respective va.

Sure, water-proofing is fantastic and proper implementation is impressive, however the Bose SoundLink Micro can be a generally durable speaker. The silicone strap? Yeah, it’s tear-resistant. Try as you might, that strap knows resilience. Additionally, the external silicone rubber material-though not officially shock-proof-minimizes the vulnerabilities of the speaker and stands up to drops quite nicely.

On the trunk of the SoundLink Micro is a tear-resistant strap which can be hooked onto practically anything.

What’s more, the SoundLink Micro can enter speakerphone mode which lets a user take calls while her phone is in another room. Mic quality, well, it’s fine. People said that I sounded echo-y, nevertheless they could hear me sufficiently. That’s what counts in a mobile speaker just like the Micro.

It may be lightweight but there isn’t an auxiliary port found
That’s right, listeners with a death grip on the 3.5mm aux cable won’t maintain love with the Bluetooth-only SoundLink Micro. Although official Bluetooth codecs aren’t explained in the bundled paperwork that Bose provides, there are noticeable latency problems with the SoundLink Micro.

The Bose SoundLink Micro fits right in whether you’re hosting a tiny apartment gathering or outdoor camping after an extended hike.

Audio lags behind video with a one-second delay. The same applies to commands, like skipping tracks. This isn’t a deal breaker but could be annoying at times, specially when you don’t know if it’s simply a latency issue or if Google Assistant didn’t hear you.

The Bose Connect app
It has improved before few years, so that it is a lot more stable than when I primarily mentioned it through the overview of the SoundLink Color II or SoundSport Free. As the capability to update a device’s firmware via the iphone app can be an invaluable feature for product longevity. Once it’s stable the opportunity to control speaker volume and alternate between/pair to devices is excellent.

Battery life

Charging the SoundLink Micro takes from 3-4 hours via micro-USB.

That is disappointing. The speaker is listed at 6 hours of playback time, but with volume at 50 percent, listeners will be lucky to get five hours of enjoyment. According to Bose, a 1A power source will need 4 hours to complete a complete charge cycle while a 1.5A source will need nearer to 3 hours. That ratio of charge time to playback time-not great. On the other hand, users can simultaneously play music while charging if in the home or utilizing a lightweight power pack. Granted, this isn’t ideal but it’s a good substitute for have. Naturally, doing this can make the already time-consuming charging process that a lot longer.

In the event you buy this over the SoundLink Color II?

Dual-opposing, passive radiators are housed inside Bose SoundLink Color II speaker. This minimizes surface vibrations while maximizing volume output.

Yes, there are a good amount of reasons to go with this micro speaker over the bigger alternative. The SoundLink Micro is not even half the size of the colour II and half the weight at 10.2 ounces. If travel is your primary concern, the SoundLink Micro will probably be the better pick. Not merely does it take up less space, nonetheless it can be hooked onto just about anything, really. As you may predict, the Bose-branded SoundLink Micro and Color II share practically each of the same features. Both can hook up to an Amazon Echo Dot and both have the ability to access virtual assistants like Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri. Both feature multipoint connectivity, allowing for each and every speaker to simultaneously hook up to two devices via Bluetooth multipoint. The primary difference, regarding featu

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