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Bose is among the best-known lifestyle audio tracks brands in the united states, and far like Apple, its products usually look fantastic and are expensive. Recently, the business added some Bluetooth speakers to its SoundLink series. The SoundLink Revolve and SoundLink Revolve+ feature 360-degree sound and so are IPX4 rated for water resistance.

Today, we’ll be testing the Bose SoundLink Revolve, which may be the smaller of both. This speaker retails at Rs. 19,900, which is a lot more than twice the cost of similarly featured rivals including the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom. Without doubt you’re paying a hefty premium for the brand, but let’s see if Bose has were able to deliver sound that’s sufficient to justify this aswell.

Bose SoundLink Revolve design and features
The Revolve is crafted out of aluminium, and it looks and feels very pretty. It’s about how big is a tiny canister, with a tapering top. The look is quite simplistic, and the Lux Gray and Triple Black colour options are designed to blend in together with your interior decor. The speaker has soft rubber at the very top and bottom to soak up shock in the event you drop it. In the bottom of the speaker, we’ve a one-piece, circular rubber foot to keep it steady. Bose has provided a typical tripod mount aswell, for more overall flexibility in placement. Additionally, there are four contact points here which can be utilised with an optional charging cradle that retails for Rs. 2,900.

Around the low back, we’ve a Micro-USB port for charging and a 3.5mm auxiliary input for wired music sources. Returning up to the control pad, we’ve buttons for power, volume, Bluetooth and auxiliary selection, and a multi-function button for controlling media playback. The SoundLink Revolve also offers an NFC pad under the Bose logo, and a microphone for voice calls. There’s a battery icon which lights up when the speaker is charging, and corresponding LEDs light for Bluetooth or auxiliary status, according to which connection is active. The Revolve may also become a USB speaker when linked to a PC or Mac.

As usual, Bose doesn’t provide much in term of technical information about the drivers used, nonetheless it does detail its design. In the center of the chamber, we’ve a downward-firing full-range driver with an omnidirectional deflector just underneath it, which helps spread sound everywhere. Additionally, there are two passive radiators for better low-frequency output.

The Revolve is IPX4 certified this means it could handle a light rain shower or splashes of water but isn’t designed to be submerged for long periods of time. Bose promises a radio selection of up to 30 feet and battery life as high as 12 hours. At 660g, the Revolve has some heft to it but continues to be quite lightweight because of its small size. In the box, you get yourself a USB cable and a power adapter.

Bose SoundLink Revolve performance and battery life
The very first time you power on the SoundLink Revolve, you will be prompted to create the language for the voice prompts. These prompts are of help when you need to check on the battery status or switch between functions. They are able to also read aloud the name of these devices you’re linked to and the name or number of whoever is calling you. The Revolve can hook up to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously and will remember up to eight previously linked ones. A long-press of the multi-function button calls up Siri or Google Voice, on an iOS or Android device respectively. However, unlike Google Home as well as the upcoming HomePod, you can’t trigger the voice assistant together with your voice, as you should utilize the button. This is effective, even when the telephone is locked (for both Android and iOS). It isn’t a terribly useful feature since you should have your phone in your area when hearing music anyways.

Hearing the SoundLink Revolve, the initial thing that strikes you is how warm it sounds. It generally does not take much effort because of this speaker to create crisp highs and good degrees of bass, which shines through even at moderate volume levels. The mid-range is handled decently however the bass tends of overshadowing it quickly once you start climbing the quantity scale. High volumes cause the bass to drown out the mids completely. The bass is increased even more if you place the Revolve against a wall or on to the floor. However, the Revolve produces room-filling sound and never have to max out the quantity.

When by using a paired iOS device, increasing the quantity from the device improves the speaker’s internal volume level in step. whereas for Android, once you max out your device’s volume, you can still utilize the buttons on the Revolve to go louder.

For testing sound quality, we used a Samsung Galaxy S8+ (Review) and an iPad mini (2nd Gen) as our primary source devices. Music files included FLAC music files and music streamed from Apple Music. Focus tracks included Billie Jean by Michael Jackson, Farmer’s Daughter by Crystal Bowersox, and Strangers by AOBeats and Annabel Jones.

With Billie Jean, the Revolve faithfully reproduced the low-end kick with an excellent sub-bass. Treble was also detailed and soundstaging was very good. However, it didn’t really why don’t we take good thing about high-resolution audio, as we missed any audible difference between a FLAC file and streaming. Actually, we had to boost the quantity when playing our 24-bit Billie Jean test track, whereas the same song sounded much louder at the same volume level when streamed online.

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