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Back 2016, we lauded the Bose SoundSport Wireless, and today there’s a more recent, shinier kid around: the Bose SoundSport Free. Though it doesn’t perfect the real wireless experience, the SoundSport Free meets most athletes’ audio tracks demands including water-resistance and a secure fit. If you don’t mind the comically large housings, these earbuds certainly are a great addition to the Bose ecosystem.

Editor’s note: this Bose SoundSport Free review was updated on September 22, 2020, to include information about the upcoming Bose QuietComfort Earbuds and the Bose Sport Earbuds.

Who are Bose’s true wireless workout earbuds for?
Athletes will love the IPX4-rated build of the bulky true wireless earbuds. Despite their large size, though, Bose’s StayHear+ ear tips effectively secure the buds to the outer ear. You’re much more likely to get vertigo from trying to shake these out than experiencing an unintended ejection.
Users with USB-C-only inputs will view the SoundSport Free as a good option to a dongle headset while as these buds supply the benefit for Bluetooth mobility. Regardless of the insufficient high-quality Bluetooth codec support, the earbuds relay clear audio tracks making them usable in and beyond the gym.
What’s the Bose SoundSport Free like?

The charging case has an extra 10 hours of battery life to the Bose SoundSport Free true wireless earbuds.

Upon opening the SoundSport Free, it’s apparent a sizable portion of your cash is funneled back to Bose’s packaging design department. Inside, is a tubular charging case, a microUSB charging cable, two alternative pairs of StayHear+ ear tips, and the SoundSport Free earbuds. Maybe the persons at Bose have abnormally large ears, or possibly they obtain kicks from making their customers look ridiculous. Whatever it might be, these look goofy and jut from the ear.

Looking beyond the bulbous build, the SoundSport Free buds give a very stable fit, as a result of StayHear+ ear tips. The wing tips are grippy, flexible, and comfortable. Ambient noise easily permeates the seal, but that’s more of a “pro” with workout earbuds, making them safer than something similar to the RHA MA750 Wireless. In this manner, users can run outside with these but still hear traffic and other pedestrians.

The SoundSport Free housing is bigger than the SoundSport Wireless housing, that was already large to get started with.

Though they’re made of plastic, the Bose SoundSport Free are durable. An IPX4-certification and high-grade materials imply that these can withstand most workouts, save for aquatics. The included charging case is sturdy, too. It offers two additional full-charges to the earbuds, which isn’t ideal for its size-to-battery ratio.

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Connection strength is okay

Bose’s SoundSport Free charging case uses two internal LED indicators, which light when the earbuds are inserted.

Although connection isn’t quite as dicey as a casino game of Yahtzee, there’s a good amount of room for improvement. Let’s focus on the nice. The SoundSport Free certainly are a breeze to pair, plus they reconnect instantaneously. The issue lies in maintaining a well balanced connection. Like other true wireless earbuds, connecting is a linear, instead of simultaneous, process. Whatever you should know is that the left earbud loses connection several times every hour, and because they don’t support aptX, Android users are bound to see audio-visual lag. iPhone users, however, reap the benefits of AAC Bluetooth codec support, providing high-quality wireless streaming.

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The Bose Connect iphone app supports the company’s Bluetooth products and includes a peculiar substitute for nickname your device. Apart from its Zoey Deschanel-like quirkiness, the software provides useful features like “find my ‘buds.” A warning prompts users to eliminate the earbuds before playing the ascending beep, so that it is simple to locate when they’re lost in the same or an adjoining room. It’s not absolutely all good, though: the iphone app tends to crash. I had to uninstall it once or twice and {desire

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