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Top points for style and specification, but uncompetitive sound is its undoing

Loud, expansive sound
Vast streaming features
Good software user experience
Sound lacks subtlety and crispness
Falls short dynamically
Bass lacks absolute depth
Bose’s latest soundbar offering, the SoundTouch range, is similar to the Build-A-Bear concept.

Choose your basic product first, then accessorise away to your heart’s desire.

In this instance, you can include Bose’s Acoustimass 300 wireless subwoofer (£600) and Virtually Invisible 300 wireless surround speakers (from £250) for a far more compelling surround audio system that’s still smaller sized than most traditional speaker packages. Get black Friday & Cyber Monday Offers and deals right here.

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Wireless multi-room set-ups are incredibly much on the menu too.


Multi-room audio: all you need to know

Of course, the single bar route includes a space-saving benefit over multi-speakers, and due to that, the SoundTouch 300 does an excellent job of spreading sound around an area independent of any assistance.

Having Bluetooth built-in puts it on a par with nearly all soundbars over the price spectrum, and the convenience brought by NFC is a sure-fire bonus.

But less typical of the soundbar marketplace is its capability to stream music from famous brands Spotify, Deezer and Amazon Music, directly via the Bose SoundTouch app.

You need an web connection – through wi-fi or, preferably for greater stability, an ethernet cable – to get right up and running right through the app.

This becomes your portal to gain access to internet radio, music on your own server and local files.

The remote, which is often programmed to regulate other sources too, continues to be the go-to for playback controls, but also for streaming, the application is probably the most user-friendly experience we’ve come across.

Presets offering shortcuts for specific songs, albums or artists are valuable inclusions, and we like this Spotify is built in to the application itself which means you aren’t redirected to the streaming service.

Best music streaming services 2019

Bose knows that making a soundbar doesn’t just mean moulding a typical wireless speaker right into a condition that’d fit under your telly, and has included soundbar-specific technology to greatly help hone its capacity within a home cinema environment.

It uses the company’s PhaseGuide array technology, introduced in the brand’s first ever soundbar, which was created to separate channels of a soundtrack and push it out wider compared to the physical size of the bar.

The objective of Bose’s QuietPort technology is to make sure distortion-free deep bass at any volume, and the ADAPTiQ calibration feature helps it optimise the sound for your unique living room environment.

The process is easy; placed on the headpiece, plug it in to the dedicated 3.5mm jack and follow the spoken instructions, which sends test tones to five spots around your listening position.

There’s another 3.5mm jack to hardwire the optional subwoofer, however your main method of connecting to a TV or projector is via the unit’s optical or HDMI inputs.

Heading down the HDMI route won’t limit your viewing options to standard Blu-ray, as the HDMI Audio Return Channel (ARC) output, that you’d hook up your telly, works with with 4K pass-through.


The Bose design team’s motto may be ‘soundbars ought to be seen rather than heard’.

The SoundTouch 300 will probably sink in to the visual space in the bottom of your TV because of its black, sleek and discreet look. And because of its reasonably flat, 6cm-tall stature, it shouldn’t obstruct any screen it’s before.

The perforated wrap-around metal grille and glass top rightfully distinguishes it from the plastic builds reduce the price band, even though physically it’s an excellent spread across a 50in telly width-wise, there’s no question it gets the breadth of sound to be utilized with a bigger one.


Which is precisely the thing you need when experiencing Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Blu-ray on a 65in Samsung UE65KS9500.

We hook up it up via HDMI and hit play on our Cambridge Audio CXU Blu-ray player, and immediately find that the Bose does not have any issue pushing the soundtrack beyond each corner of the screen.

While ships hardly feel as if they’re flying overhead, there’s an excellent sense of these entering, travelling across and exiting a soundfield that’s big, expansive and well integrated.

We can’t resist whacking the quantity up for the legendary Star Wars theme, and the SoundTouch 300 doesn’t dampen the occasion.

It’s with the capacity of volume that’ll have your neighbours knocking at the entranceway very quickly. However, because of the presentation having {a lot of|a good

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