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As a pediatric physical therapist I am constantly being asked about different devices. What’s best for children? Exactly what will help them develop, achieve gross motor milestones, connect to peers, and so forth? We therapists make an effort to keep up with services out there, reading through to the literature and, if necessary, checking out the equipment on our very own before making tips and suggestions.

One such device is named the Bumbo Seat.

“Bumbo”, since it is affectionately called, is a one-piece seat that’s made completely of a minimal density foam. Since you can plainly see, it includes a deep seat with a higher back and sides, plus there are openings for the legs aswell a front support and a safety buckle.

Babies count on different developmental positions to market activation and control of their various muscles, from head control to trunk control to regulate of the extremities. Children employ the time first on the back, then on tummy, in sitting, and in standing to get stability and confidence with their physical being so as to allow them to accomplish stability, then mobility, and gradual independence.

If you actually observe a kid seated in the Bumbo, there is absolutely no active control being achieved. The kid is passively positioned constantly in place and locked in. There is absolutely no room to build trunk control or pelvic stability for the reason that Bumbo is fixing the kid and so not allowing any muscle activation or joint movement that occurs. The child is actually wedged in to the deep seat along with his or her legs held at an increased angle then your pelvis. There is absolutely no natural weightbearing occurring.

The child has both of your hands and legs free, so they don’t receive proprioceptive input to the joints and muscles. Babies count on developmental positions (such as for example pushing through to their tummy or sitting while propping themselves with their arms) to permit for weight bearing over the joints, which gives that proprioceptive input. The usage of sensory input from the world all around us, be it proprioceptive (body awareness through muscles and joints), tactile (sense of touch) or vestibular (sense of movement) helps create the sensory integration babies require to make sense of their bodies and the world around them. By positioning babies within an unnatural posture without usage of the sensory input they might need for development, we are actually performing a disservice and interfering with a crucial and natural progression of development.

The Bumbo is a seemingly convenient option for parents, but could it be really beneficial to your son or daughter? Why do we wish our kids to be sitting upright before they are prepared? How can they connect to the surroundings around them, persons or places if they’re locked in a single position, strapped right into a chair without stimulation?

Development aside, Bumbo seats have verified to be dangerous. Babies may climb out and fall, tip over, and even tumble from raised surfaces, triggering serious injury. Warning labels don’t necessarily prevent unsafe use.

Physical development aside, the Bumbo seat has been verified to be unsafe. The first Bumbo seat recall occurred in 2007, of practically one million Bumbos created from 2003 to 2007, after reports of at least 17 infants falling out in clumps of the Bumbo and suffering skull fractures. In August 2012, another recall occurred of practically 4 million Bumbo seats after reports of 95 babies falling out in clumps of the seat and at least 19 infants suffering skull fractu

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