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Over 4,500 customers give this metal bunkbed five stars because of its reasonable price and simple assembly. Actually, many reviewers say they put it together alone, including one mother who says, “No pieces were missing and the instructions were simple to understand.” It took her a couple of hours, but it was worthwhile: “I really like that there surely is a guard rail going completely around the most notable bunk, therefore i don’t need to worry about my little guy ever falling.” A large number of other reviewers describe this bed as “safe” as a result of that guard rail and “sturdy” design, including one parent who used to possess a different bunkbed on her behalf sons but says that one is way better designed: “It’s compact and space saving, and value for the purchase price is definite. Sturdy rather than squeaky when the top-bunk occupant tosses and turns,” discussing her “wild” son. And it’s not simply parents and kids who attest to this bed: Many teenagers, and even several full-grown adults, say they sleep comfortably in it. “Bought for my dorm room and amazed,” starts one college or university student who weighs 235 pounds and in the beginning thought this can be a “little unstable” but was very happy to find that “this unit is incredibly sturdy, despite having my weight onto it.” As students on a budget, this can be the “best value for your money.”

Nearly 200 reviewers describe this solid-wood, twin-over-twin bunkbed as “sturdy,” including person who has had it for just two years and says it’s the same price and as simple to assemble as Ikea furniture but “far better quality. I have a look at rubberwood before purchasing this bed. It really is lighter and more robust than pine. The bed looks beautiful and is quite sturdy,” they conclude. Another customer, who doesn’t usually write product critiques but was “impressed” by this bed’s quality and “great value,” agrees that the bed was “not so difficult to construct” and that the wood is “solid, and there is absolutely no play at all when performing the ‘shake test.’” At only over $200, many customers say these were at first skeptical relating to this bunk bed’s cheap point but attended to think that the merchandise is “insanely high quality for the purchase price,” as you parent of four (who owns two sets of the bed) puts it. After two moves, and many years useful by kids who “utilize them like monkeys on a trampoline,” she adds that the beds are “still going strong. So, so worth the purchase price.”

Many purchasers recommend that metal bunk-bed set is wonderful for teenagers (and tweens) because it’s very strong and durable: “Ours are being used by a 12- and 13-year-old. There’s plenty of exhausted (and sometimes, exasperated) ‘flopping’ down on the bed that occurs and they’ve organized up to now.” One parent writes, “I purchased the bunk beds 2 yrs ago for my teenage sons, who were 13 and 14 at that time. 2 yrs later, it’s still just as strong as the first day.” Another happy customer says they bought this bunkbed because “I needed something my kids could grow into. I was buying a trendy bed that [would] last greater than a year and I came across it! My youngest (12) loves the most notable bunk and my oldest (14) hasn’t complained yet about underneath (and he complains about everything).”

Although many bunkbeds include twin-over-twin beds (or at least beds of the same size), reviewers appreciate that solid-wood select from Dorel Living is designed with a twin-over-full bed, so that it is the right choice for children of different ages and sizes to talk about. “Amazing for my 3- and 5-year-old girls,” says one parent, who adds that although her daughters “aren’t gentle on the beds” and so are “constantly playing on them and jumping,” both beds have organized well over the span of a year. “Very, very sturdy. Ideal for multiple kids,” writes another reviewer, who got this bunkbed for his nephews and agrees that it’s well constructed. “Also you can split them up once you have the area for both beds,” he adds. A great many other customers appreciate these beds are convertible – from a bunkbed to two separate beds – and therefore they are able to “grow with the youngsters,” as you parent puts it, adding, “The bed is sturdy, feeling top quality, and was an excellent price. My cats love the very best bunk aswell!”

Unlike most twin-over-twin bunkbeds, reviewers concur that this full-over-full bunkbed is a far more suitable size for teens and adults. Although customers say that underneath bunk is an improved size for someone shorter, one reviewer says anyone under five-foot-six will be able to sit up in it comfortably, like his teenage daughter who “managed to get a cave with an LED-light rope tacked up for light and ambience.” Another adult, who bought this bed for his lake cabin, where he hosts over 20 persons through the Fourth of July, says he and his wife “slept on [the] top bunk and it had been very stable. Our combined weight is between 340 to 350 pounds, and these worked great. Even at the reduced ceiling height, we’re able to sit up on the very best bunk.” A large number of customers still say this is a kid-approved bunkbed, especially since as kids grow, this full-size bunkbed is still “usable for a long time to come. The most notable bunk may be the perfect height – not too much while still allowing a lot of room to sit through to underneath bunk,” says one parent who calls it the “best bunkbed in the marketplace!”

Families with three (or even more) children say that bed is a significant “space saver,” as you foster parent puts it. “Now I’ve three beds in the area of 1, and my children still have room to play.” Another parent of three says buying this bunkbed was a “no-brainer. The bed is strong and will not move at all,” she says, adding that it arrived promptly and was simple to construct while following a instructions. Over 50 other five-star reviewers say that bed was simple to construct, and many more point out that in addition, it easily converts into single beds. One parent of three says it really is “easy to disassemble” the beds as kids grow, even though moving, adding that on her behalf 7-, 4-, and 1.5-year-old, that is both “short enough to create me feel relaxed” but “tall enough for the youngsters to believe it’s cool!”

This lofted bunk bed’s underneath desk space includes several storage shelves, which reviewers of most ages say differentiates it from other bunk-bed-desk combos available. One customer who’s moving into a self-described “overpriced closet-size room in Brooklyn” says this bed has helped her “maximize my usage of space” and money, because it “saved me from needing to buy a bookshelf and desk.” Another five-star reviewer, whose 11-year-old daughter uses and loves this bunk-bed-desk, says “having storage on her behalf book collection is the best thing! She actually is actually doing her homework now, which rocks !!” In terms of this product’s other features – namely, the lofted bed and desk – a large number of reviewers concur that they are better designed, and sturdier, than other models available to buy. One parent, who transitioned each of his daughters to the bunk bed given that they “need a pl

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