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Sometimes life gets just a little hectic, and for most of us, coffee is what keeps is chugging along. So obviously, you should be able to count on your coffeemaker never to leave you high and dry. There are a few brands out there that obtain it and dedicate their progressive energies to making long-lasting machines backed by excellent warranties and customer support. Once such brand is BUNN.

Got BUNN, Hon’?
Let’s get started this adventure with a small amount of history about the brand we are reviewing. BUNN started over 170 years back with a guy named Jacob Bunn and his supermarket. That little store grew in to the Bun Capitol Wholesale Grocery Company, and finally George R. Bunn had a stoke of genius.

In the late 1950s, he founded the beverage equipment division that could eventually end up being the Bunn-O-Matic Corporation. Since that time, BUNN has stayed a trusted, family-owned manufacturer this is the go to for most homes and businesses.

Best Bunn Coffee Makers
Given that you’ve met the Bunns behind BUNN, let’s enter the nitty-gritty of things. We’ve gone ahead and divided this buying guide into three sections based from model lines released by BUNN. So we’ve the Velocity brewers, Speed brewers, and Other category.

For every section we’ll let you know about the machines we like, and for the existing line we’ll speak about the kinds that didn’t make the cut.

Velocity Brew Family
So, you start with the Velocity line, we’ll be looking at the BUNN GRB, BUNN BX, BUNN BT, and BUNN NHS models. This line is technically the “older” line and is no more featured on the company’s website; however, they’re still sold new through Amazon and several persons still get them.

You’re about to understand why that is:

Common Features
All 4 models plus their high-altitude variants (where applicable) have a 50 ounce brew capacity and so are customizable between 8 and 10 cups. The brew itself happens in about three minutes, which is impressively fast for a drip brewer.

The inner water reservoir is stainless and heats to 200ºF. Addititionally there is no “on” button, the brew simply commences when you shut the lid after adding water. Lastly, most of these machines have a 3 year warranty.

Because the brew is indeed fast, there is absolutely no auto-pause like a great many other drip brewers if you wish a cup since it is brewing. Addititionally there is no auto-off feature, and that means you need to manually switch off the heat plate.

BUNN NHS Velocity Brew

The initial Pour O’ Matic GRB base model measures 14.8″ Hx 7.1″Wx 13.8″D and weighs about 8 pounds. That means it is, like a lot of the other models you see here just a little on the tall side.

The carafe is glass and heat plate is porcelain coated. For the lid, it’s the standard flip-up style that you find of all drip brewers.

BUNN BT Velocity Brew 10 Cups

On Sale

The BT model comes as the thermal carafe version of the BX/GRB. However, they don’t really look all that similar. Apart from being double-walled and vacuum insulated, BT thermal carafe is more angular than its counterparts. This carafe keeps coffee warm for 2 hours and doesn’t need a hot plate.

Also, it could brew at the least 4 cups and no more than 10. It really is dishwasher sage aswell. Overall, if you like the Velocity line to the Speed line, that is a nice option to the Platinum Speed Brew, which we’ll cover later. The show head isn’t quite nearly as good, however the coffee is acceptable and the purchase price is better.

BUNN MC MyCafe Single-Serve

Lastly, we have just about the most popular BUNN types of all time. And, for most people, this model still holds the most notable spot even following the introduction of the Speed Brew line. It’s dimensions differ an excellent bit from the other models, measuring 13.7″ H x 9.1″ W x 11.6″ D.

This machine has all of the great features of the bottom models with a few welcome extras. It includes a large, flat-bottom filter and funnel design that can help you progress extraction form your grounds. Additionally, it includes a convenient swivel lid instead of the most common flip-up one.

There’s also a vacation switch that you could turn on/off if you won’t be using the device for a while to save lots of. power. You’ll have to wait a lttle bit longer for the water to heat up when you next utilize it.

Due to the unique condition and the speed of the brew, you should use BUNN filters instead of a third-party brand to get the very best results.

Things to Consider
Carafe Type
The majority of BUNN’s coffee makers are glass carafes, with only 1 from each line having a thermal carafe.

Now, this isn’t a brilliant big deal in the event that you only brew just as much as you play on drinking within the next 30 minutes roughly. However, thermal carafes are better overall for larger carafe sizes because they keep coffee hot for longer (about 2 hours) without it getting burnt or spoiling. Hot plates add heat back to your brew, affecting the taste after an extended period of time.

This isn’t to state you should completely dismiss the BUNN glass carafe models. Actually, the hot plates on these machines are porcelain coated, which aids in preventing or at least delay a number of the unwanted effects of other hot plates.

One of the primary drawbacks of some otherwise great drip brewers is that they take forever to brew. Now, some machines have a car brew pause function which allows you to drink some coffee when you wait. However, this creates uneven flavor as the first few cups are much more robust compared to the later ones.

With BUNN Coffee makers, you don’t need to worry about this. A lot of the machines can brew a complete carafe in under five minutes (usually around 3) but even the slowest one only takes 10. So if you’re worried about you coffeemaker not having the ability to match your morning routine, you can trust BUNN to have your back.

Brew Capacity
As you’re investing in a new drip brewer you will need to take into consideration just how many coffee drinkers you may want to supply at any moment.The common serving of coffee is approximately 8 ounces, so take into account that “cups” the measurement doesn’t indicate actual serving cups.

As far as your alternatives in the BUNN lineup, there aren’t many.

Almost all BUNN’s brewers have a 10 cup maximum (50 ounces), which is roughly enough to fill about 6 regular mugs. That’s plenty for some people’s serving needs. And if your 4-5 guests want multiple cups, just be sure to put water in the device the moment you’re done serving the first round so that it has time to heat up.

So far as what your other options are in this category, the largest most hot brewers will go is approximately 12 cups, if you can find the casual oddball that brews more. These sizes aren’t really necessary if you don’t frequently host a whole lot of folks or are brewing for a family group of multi-cup coffee drinkers.

On the other end of things, the minimum for BUNN machines (except the MyCafe) is 4 cups or 20 ounces. That’s enough to fill your average Travel Mug, that is a pretty suitable size for many people.

If you’re considering a machine that may go smaller easily, then browse the MyCafe. In the event that you {de

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