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The Skinny
The Chicco Cortina Together tandem stroller can be an inline style stroller that’s hard to push and turn, heavy and awkward to lift and comes with an interesting division of features between seats. This Chicco offers dual cup holders to leading passenger with none for the next seat. It has disappointingly small canopies that wont protect your child from the factors or an urgent storm. While we often find Chicco products give you a little something extra for a budget-friendly price, this program has a more expensive than strollers that performed better inside our tests. With plastic wheels, dual front wheel design and two-wheel suspension, the Cortina Together couldn’t endure the competition and isn’t a stroller we recommend.

Our Analysis and TEST OUTCOMES
Chicco (kee-ko) may be the greatest juvenile brand in every of Europe. The business is portion of the lifestyle company, the Artsana Group. Chicco gear includes items used for strolling, eating, medical supplies, and child car seats. Chicco was started by Enrico Catelli plus they currently sell gear in over 120 countries. Their lineup includes products for children from birth to preschool.

Performance Comparison
Ease of Use
The Chicco Cortina Together isn’t easy enough to use to become a real competitor.

Step one in the folding of the Chicco Cortina is to squeeze the handle to unlock to the frame so that it can fold.

Fold and Unfold
The Cortina is rather simple to fold, however the front seat canopy gets in the manner and there is absolutely no good place for this. The fold requires one hand with 3-4 steps. The stroller self-stands, auto-locks and is average when compared to competition. It is advisable to bend to the bottom to fold, or you should use two hands to squeeze the halves together. The ultimate product is large and type of unwieldy. The unfold is simpler and can be achieved with one hand, and has 5 steps without bending very far. The unfold lock on the handlebar is simple to use, nonetheless it gets in the form of pushing.

The Cortina Together has single action brakes that are fairly simple to set in comparison to similar style brakes.

The brakes are single action and average for simple setting and releasing. They are sandal or barefoot friendly.

The storage bin on the Cortina is much easier to access than many others in the group.

The storage bin isn’t as easy as the side-by-side strollers, nonetheless it beats almost all of the tandem competition. The bin is large and includes a maximum allowance of 10 lbs. It usually is accessed from the trunk or front, with a zippered portion in the trunk. We could actually fit our extra-large diaper bag inside, nonetheless it is a hardcore squeeze and we couldn’t obtain it past the bar over the middle. It really is hard to gain access to the bin according to seat configuration. If you plan to have a large amount of supplies or want to transport items you get, this bin likely won’t fit the bill. It also includes a parent console with two cup holders and a covered storage tray.

The front seat comes with an armbar or dual cup holders. With all this is untrue on the trunk seat we think children will fight over the “better” seat. The cup holders caused all our test items, but it’s disappointing that leading gets two cup holders and the trunk gets nothing.

The cup holders on the Cortina are fairly shallow and we experienced items falling from the holders during testing.

Cup holders located on top of the handlebar behind the baby’s head pose a potential safety risk if indeed they allow items to fallout. The cup holders on the Cortina are 2.25 inches deep, which is relatively shallow. Items regularly fell out of your holder and in to the rear seat during testing. Had a baby been sitting in the seat, a potential injury may have happened, so we consider the chance for these holders to be high.

The sunshades on the Cortina are as disappointing as almost all of the tandem inline strollers. The shades are both small and neither one covers a lot of baby. While both will rotate, they can not block leading and the top as well making them nearly useless. The fabric is thin and looks wrinkled regardless of what. They both offer ventilation and small mesh and vinyl peek-a-boo windows. The windows are impossible to look out of and we aren’t sure why they are mesh and vinyl. However, the shades are so small you do not really need them.

The harness on the Cortina is hard to put up compared to a lot of the competition.

There can be an adjustable 5-point harness on each seat. Putting the harness on isn’t as easy as taking it off, in fact it is a rethread operation, which is inherently more challenging than non-rethread options, nonetheless it is very simple to modify the height of the band. The band have two positions and the crotch strap isn’t adjustable. The buckle requires that the upper and lower straps be linked before inserting in to the buckle, therefore you will require two hands. Unbuckling requires one hand and the straps spring from the buckle.

Reclining the seats in the Cortina is not hard and can be achieved with one hand.

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