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Our Verdict
So near perfect, but a higher price and iffy battery really allow it down.

Great for media
Super sharp screen
Amazing camera
Battery inadequate
Price too high
Update: The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus are here, with bigger screens, better specs and new features, including the Bixby AI assistant.

But it doesn’t automatically make the Samsung Galaxy S6 a bad choice. If anything, it has gotten better as time passes because of the update to Android Marshmallow. Even Android Nougat is currently being rolled out to it and the telephone may be the cheapest it’s ever been, but don’t hold your breath for Android Oreo.

Original review follows below.

It’s no secret that Samsung had a need to take action big with this phone, to unleash something to avoid the rot that the Galaxy S4 commenced two years earlier.

We just didn’t expect the Samsung Galaxy S6 to be this good.

Yes, you may still find some factors that prevent it from being an ideal phone (that is Samsung in the end, a brand that loves to cram as much in to the phone as it could escape with) but to leap up to now from the plastic-clad nonsense of the Galaxy S5 is an extremely, really impressive feat.

Samsung didn’t take this lightly, beginning almost completely from scratch and replacing key members of its design team to be sure it created a standout phone.

Possibly the S6 is a touch too similar to the remaining competition (it looks stunningly as an iPhone in the bottom) but at least there’s the Galaxy S6 Edge for all those that want an extremely unique-looking device.

The big issues, at least when it released, were its price and battery life: the former in the beginning being wincingly high at that time.

Samsung Galaxy S6 price
Released in April 2015
Launched at $850 (about £640, AU$1113)
Currently costs $400, £370, U$525 SIM-free
It’s dropped a good bit now though, what with the introduction of the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S8, and the 32GB variant is now able to be had for about £370 ($400, AU$899), the 64GB for £539 ($700, around AU$999) as the huge 128GB variant for £599 ($800, around AU$1,149) – however the latter two aren’t simple to find.

The iPhone 6S includes a different pricing structure, for the reason that the 32GB option is £499 ($549, AU$929) and the 128GB model is £599 ($649, AU$1,079), so that it is more expensive in the bottom end, however the same or less for a 128GB model.

Why the comparison? The primary reason is that Samsung was finally needs to charge an increased premium compared to the iPhone, where traditionally the undercut has been among its key selling points in the Apple vs Samsung debate consumers proceed through.

Thankfully, since you can plainly see above, the cost of the S6 has dropped considerably, particularly if you check around, giving it back that edge.

Though it’ll still cost you at least up to the iPhone 6, it’s cheaper compared to the Galaxy S7 and much less compared to the Samsung Galaxy S8.

And there’s a smaller battery up to speed than this past year, which quickly makes me worry when the screen resolution has been bumped up to provide us the sharpest display that you can buy.

But Samsung’s been as of this smartphone game for some time now, so did it justify that high price by cramming in plenty of amazing technology… and make the battery last greater than a day?

Samsung Galaxy S6 design
Samsung’s gone bold on the look of the Galaxy S6, removing the most common plastic covering that festooned previous models and lastly stepping in to the world of metal because of its flagships.

It’s dallied with a far more premium design since the Galaxy Alpha was presented in the center of this past year. But with an increased price and lower spec, that model didn’t really catch on, despite feeling really premium in the hand.

Which means this time Samsung’s gone one step further, adding an all-metal band to a solid glass case and, really, making a phone that couldn’t be much further from the Galaxy S5.

That’s not to state the brand hasn’t kept a few of the design heritage within – in the end, Samsung is a company that’s big on tradition. Leading of the telephone harks back again to the Galaxy S4 days, with a rounded and bland fascia combined with lozenge home button.

The largest shame is that I didn’t reach fully review among the colored variants instead of ‘White Pearl’ you could see above.

The other colors have a jewel-like sheen, reflecting the light in an extravagance way. The white is merely rather boring, and appears like older devices again.

The reason behind sending reviewers the white version first is pretty clear though: this thing is a fingerprint magnet. I understand I’ve said that before about other devices, but it’s never been truer than on the Galaxy S6.

The rear of the telephone will just become marked and smudged within minutes of handling it, so such as a silver car the white chassis on the S6 serves to cover up those ugly blemishes.

In the hand the Galaxy S6 is an extremely nice device to carry, with the 5.1-inch screen taking on the majority of leading. It’s compact yet elegant, with a clear feel of premium quality if you are holding it.

That said, it generally does not feel like the priciest available to buy – whatever reason Samsung is giving for charging this high premium, it isn’t coming through in the look – nonetheless it does feel just like a device which can be mentioned in the same breath as the HTC One M9 and iPhone 6S regarding build quality.

The metal band around the medial side is split by strips of plastic to permit the antenna and other radios to create their connections – and if it looks familiar, well, it’s an extremely similar design compared to that applied to the iPhone 6S.

These strips are needed as metal is quite inefficient at letting phone signal go through, and Samsung isn’t alone in including them. However, with the glass front and rear I was surprised to see them make an appearance.

Combined with fact underneath of the phone, where in fact the speaker and headphone jack live, looks almost identical from what Apple does, this appears to become a risky line Samsung is treading.

The overall layout of the telephone is smartly designed though. The quantity buttons on the left-hand side and the energy button on the proper are correctly positioned, and the house button has been massively upgraded to provide an extremely solid click.

That may not sound important, but it isn’t been the case with previous Galaxy phones so I’m very happy to see Samsung finally intensify.

The back of the telephone yields among the less aesthetically pleasing factors though, with the camera protruding quite drastically from the trunk of the Galaxy S6.

Associated with obvious: to permit for an increased power optical system and you will see in the camera section that was very, quite definitely worth it.

But again, I’m left wondering what Samsung does here. In the desperation for a set phone, the battery capacity is reduced and the camera left protruding, exposing it to possible scratching.

Why not slightly across the rear, make it sit more nicely in the hand and increase the space for a battery? HTC does it to terrific influence on the One series, nonetheless it appears other brands are enthusiastic about a flat phone. Subsequently the S6 doesn’t even rest comfortably on the desk, with just a little wobble when tapping it at the job.

But don’t allow the above cause you to think that is anything other than an excellent phone design. It isn’t up there with the most effective – the HTC One M9’s craftsmanship puts this head and shoulders prior to the Galaxy S6 regarding feel in the hand – but Samsung has finally offered what we have been hankering after for a long time, and it’s really done it well.

Samsung Galaxy S6 display
Samsung has always had brilliant screen technology, as soon as again, that is the case on the Samsung Galaxy S6. The Super AMOLED display offers clear, crisp whites against pure blacks, meaning even dark scenes are proven off perfectly.

The 5.1-inch display now packs more pixels than previously – 1440 x 2560 actually, which matches the Galaxy Note 4 but with an increased PPI of 577 – this means you’re looking at among the sharpest displays available to buy. Though it’s now been beaten by the ludicrous 806ppi Sony Xperia Z5 Premium and recently the Sony Xperia XZ P

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