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It’s hard to overstate just how much better Destiny 2 is becoming within the last year. The Forsaken expansion and small, more frequent updates that followed added variety in activities that meant you could earn rewards while playing your selected content, in addition to a large amount of new, weird lore to dig through, and secrets to discover. It isn’t a stretch to state Destiny as a franchise was the very best it’s ever experienced the next year of Destiny 2.

The brand new Shadowkeep expansion builds on those foundations in only about every way. While time for the moon is a fairly good amount of time in and of itself–the expansion leans hard on the spooky locale, that was part of Destiny 1 but refreshed and enlarged for Destiny 2–it’s small improvements to what sort of game works that are actually the standout. Shadowkeep’s content offerings aren’t quite as sprawling, varied, or engaging as what we saw in Forsaken, however the expansion builds on the recent tweaks in Destiny 2 to help make the moment-to-moment gameplay even stronger.

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Forsaken made some effort to determine Destiny 2 as a casino game that’s constantly evolving. Rather than dropping a number of big content updates with little happening between them, Destiny 2’s second year became a drip-feed of new items that helped keep carefully the game compelling, generally, month after month. Bungie has said this process is how it really wants to handle the game in the years ahead, and Shadowkeep represents a major part of that direction. Which means elements of the expansion feels somewhat truncated–it teases more to come, but leaves a few of Shadowkeep somewhat unsatisfying.

Destiny 2 story campaigns will always be an impression lackluster–they usually pack cool individual missions, nonetheless they more often than not end quickly and rarely total a lot more than chasing down some big enemy and putting them in the bottom. Shadowkeep’s main story can be on the short side, overall in a 4 or 5 dedicated hours (and less once you start leveling alternate characters who take advantage of the high-level gear you’ve already procured). It is also evidently the first part of a much bigger tale, the one that Bungie says will play out over the complete year. As such, it presents something of an unsatisfying journey; it is the first few steps, instead of a complete arc, and you could possibly be a little surprised if it is suddenly over.

Shadowkeep sees the return of a Destiny 1 character, Eris Morn, who was simply central to two previous expansions: The Dark Below and The Taken King. Here, Eris has learned that the death-worshipping faction, the Hive, has learned something on the moon that’s conjuring up phantoms of past foes and allies, returning deadly facsimiles of these to life. In ways, it’s a major reunion tour of the Destiny of old. Eris is back, you go back to the D1 located area of the moon, which we haven’t observed in 2 yrs, and you fight slightly watered-down versions of big criminals you’ve previously defeated, such as for example Dark Below raid boss Crota and Destiny 2 vanilla boss Ghaul. It’s something of an amped-up nostalgia trip that is clearly a good time, particularly if there is a long history with the Destiny franchise–but we’re waiting to attain the long-term endgame content which will wrap up many of these story threads.

It really is cool, however, to hold from the moon, especially because its spooky factor has truly gone up. Lunar tunnels are filled up with frightening screams of hidden terrors, there are a lot of tough enemies to dispatch, and the complete place carries an air of haunted mystery. It appears we’ve only scratched the top of what’s hidden on the moon up to now. Destiny reaches its best if it is packed with secrets for the city to uncover, and the overall game has recently provided a few big, baffling mysteries that contain required everyone to band together to work through.

Though it ends a touch too quickly, the story campaign has some exciting occasions as Guardians band together to attack and infiltrate the brand new Scarlet Keep location and find out what the Hive is up to. All of those other expansion’s new content is engaging aswell. Nightmare Hunts are just about mini-Strikes, making them quick and palatable boss fights that assist you to grab new gear. A fresh undertake Nightfall Strikes, the tougher versions of Destiny 2’s three-player Strike activities, are enticing because of a ramping difficulty system that provides you challenges at a range of Power levels. Exploring the moon includes a lot to provide as well–though most of the location comprises of old areas, they’re deep and maze-like, and every trip to their depths feels deliciously dangerous.

There is also the Garden of Salvation raid, which became available a couple of days after launch, to provide Destiny 2’s highest-level players something to desire to finishing. Destiny raids tend to be the very best, most inventive content the overall game provides, and Garden of Salvation continues the tradition of including strange and fun mechanics that push your limits of skill and team coordination. It’s among the shorter raids with only four encounters, but includes big, exciting pieces, such as a chase through a field exploding with enemy fire and a Gambit-like boss battle that will require teams to put into multiple groups to assemble items and reduce the chances of team-wiping attacks. Garden of Salvation isn’t quite the equal of the massive Forsaken raid, Last Wish, but it’s a highlight of Shadowkeep for several.

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