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DeWalt Pressure Washer is PressuReady to Tackle Pro Cleaning
This DeWalt Gas Pressure Washer (DXPW3400PR) not merely uses gas capacity to fire off 3400 PSI, but with the PressuReady battery-powered starting system, you begin up without adjusting chokes or yanking recoil ropes. Moreover, the PressuReady system offers other benefits that reduce noise and save well on gas.

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10-Second Summary
Model: DeWalt DXPW3400PRNB-S
3400 PSI
PressuReady battery-powered start-up technology starts pressure washer after trigger squeeze
Shuts down after a couple of seconds of inactivity to lessen noise and save fuel
LED screen shows mode, water flow, and alerts to no fuel and low battery fault codes
Water-resistant battery compartment
Accepts 20V Max and FlexVolt batteries
208cc engine with low oil turn off
AAA aluminum alloy pro axial cam pump with thermal relief
5 quick-connect nozzles
10-inch tires
Welded steel powder-coated frame
Warranty: three years on engine, 2-year pump warranty, 5-year on frame
Price: $579

Are You PressuReady for ALL OF THIS Convenience?
The DeWalt 3400 PSI Pressure Washer includes a lot choosing it, but the key attraction may be the PressuReady system. Think about it as if you would your hybrid car. While gas powers the engine, the PressuReady tech uses DeWalt 20V or FlexVolt batteries to power the ignition system. When you pull the trigger on the wand, the DeWalt 3400 PSI Pressure Washer fires right up.

Plus, after a couple of seconds of inactivity, the pressure washer will shut back off. This does two key things: It reduces noise output and saves on fuel. Then, when you’re all set again, just squeeze the trigger to make contact with cleaning.

The DeWalt 3400 PSI Pressure Washer includes a Smart Control panel with an integral LED screen. This diagnostic screen teaches you the existing mode, water flow, and in addition alerts you with fault codes like no fuel and low battery warnings.

DeWalt Power
This slick PressuReady system wouldn’t be worth a hill of beans if there wasn’t any power behind it. But that is DeWalt’s hill, and they are our beans…or something similar to that…

The DeWalt 3400 PSI Pressure Washer includes a 208cc engine and AAA high-strength aluminum alloy pro axial cam pump. Among the best pressure washers use an identical pump. The engine also features low oil shutdown and thermal relief to keep it from damage because of overheating.

It includes a MorFlex 1/4″ x 25′ H non-marring, flexible, and abrasion-resistant hose. Steel quick-connect nozzles enable you to snap the 5 nozzles into place.

Underneath, 10-inch tires enable you to easily maneuver the pressure washer on uneven jobsite terrain. The wand also features an ergonomic design with a 360° rotating handle.

The DeWalt 3400 PSI Pressure Washer runs on the durable welded steel frame with a powder-coated finish to inhibit corrosion.

Pricing and Availability
The DeWalt 3400 PSI pressure washer with PressuReady technology retails for $579 as a bare tool. It includes a 2-year warrantee on the pump, a 3-year warrantee on the engine, and a 5-year warrantee on t

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