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Types of Djembe
​There are 2 main ​categories of djembe:


These are the most frequent – the classic djembe look.

As the name suggests, the shell is hand-made in one piece of wood. The drum skin is​ either synthetic or goat skin and the tuning is performed with rope.

They are often an all natural wood color and sometimes have carvings around the base of the shell.

​Quality wood provides good resonance (sound)
​Tuning ​and changing skins is difficult
​Quality may differ widely​


These ​are ​usually machine-made by brand drum companies such as for example Pearl or Remo.

The​ shell is manufactured using composite materials and ​is molded to particular shapes and sizes.

​The drum is tightened mechanically by using a key​ and your skin is generally synthetic.

​Quality is standardized across a variety of shells and skins
Light, durable
​Easier to play and tune
​Environmentally friendly

What Type MUST I Get?
​Consider what you​ want to utilize the drum for.

If you wish to play the drum in a normal African drum circle setting, you should get yourself a wood djembe. The look​, feel and sound of the drum would ​suit the setting.
​Or, ​for less traditional settings, such as for example playing in a band or informal drum circles, ​​get a fiberglass djembe. They’re ​contemporary, light and simple to tune.
Some drums could be a mixture of both. They could have fiberglass shells and rope tuning.

​Buying A Djembe Online
We recommend you buy​ your djembe online, and from an established dealer. ​Here’s why:

​​​Better choice and affordability ​than your neighborhood music store​
More reliable than Craiglist ​or EBay​.
​Several ​​trustworthy manufacturers and ​​brands online.
All of the sellers we recommend have good track records and ​quality products within their price range.

Make sure owner has good communication, good reviews and a returns policy. Be prepared to pay shipping for returns​.

You get everything you pay for.

​Double-check the drum’s specifications before you get.

W​hat NEVER TO ​Buy
Avoid curio shop djembes. They are the small djembes you could easily fit into a backpack. ​Anything under ​​​​7″ over the face​ is not actually an instrument​, it’s more of an ornament.

They are​ ​cute but ​are just too small to be realistically playable​​. They’ll finish up ​in the trunk of ​your cupboard.

When buying online, ​don’t mistake ​a curio drum for a ​full size drum. It is usually difficult to guage the drums size from an image.

Sneaky Trick Alert
Some naughty sellers will advertise​ these curio drums as a 12″ djembe​ by quoting the height, not the width. The width w​ould be significantly less, ​around 6″.

​Don’t worry, ​none of the drums ​we review is a curio​ drum.

A Curio Shop Djembe

Which MAY BE THE Best ​Brand of Djembe?
Wood djembes

​African made djembes don’t will often have a brand.​ They have already been imported from Africa and result from many small manufacturers.

The key to locating an excellent one is a dependable supplier who has vetted and priced the drums accordingly. A few ​well known sellers ​​are Drumskull and Djembe Direct.

Several brand manufacturers also make wood djembes. These are generally ​machine carved with a lathe and hand-finished. Popular brands are Meinl and Toca.

Fiberglass djembes

There are many well-known producers of top quality fiberglass djembes.

Drum companies such as​ Remo have already been generating them for many years. Additional ​good brands ​are LP, Meinl and X8.

Each brand has cool features, advantages and disadvantages and prices. Locating the best djembe brand is therefore a matter of preference.

​In Conclusion
Choosing the best instrument is approximately knowing the ​features and possibilities and matching them to your requirements. ​Buy from the proper shop and check the merchandise description carefully.

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