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It’s what most of us start the day off with, and it’s a favorite lunchtime staple, too, nevertheless, you can’t nail an excellent little bit of toast – or bagel or crumpet, for example – with out a good toaster. For something so simple, it’s surprising just how many machines fail, particularly with unevenly toasted bread.

With such an amazing array out there, it is not necessarily simple to ascertain which is right for you personally. Which explains why we made a decision to undertake the important task of reviewing the very best models around – and also a few novelty kinds thrown in. We consulted with authorities and tested the most famous toasters around (with various kinds bread) so as to see what’s best for your kitchen.

Our research led us to summarize that, overall, a high toaster will retail for somewhere within £60 and £120 (during testing we found many deals, so look out); anything cheaper will feel less robust and durable, and frequently doesn’t toast evenly. While there are always a couple of additional functions that may prove convenient – defrost, reheat and bagel settings, for instance – by far the main requirements were regular and even toasting, simplicity, and control.

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All of the toasters we tried have wide slots, if you are buying a bagel toaster or just like thickly sliced bread, they should work fine.

Here’s our pick of the greatest toasters available to buy, you start with our favourite.

  1. Dualit Classic 2-slice toaster
    Why we enjoy it: A classic design, ultimate control, and as durable as a tank.

£93.29, Amazon

Picture the scene: Britain is reeling in the aftermath of WWII, London is, in places, a bombed-out shell, and we’re massively with debt. One entrepreneurial soul, Max Gort-Barten, knows accurately what this country must reunite on its feet: good, no-nonsense, heavy-duty toasters. From his home in south London, he sets about inventing exactly what will eventually become among the trendiest bits of kitchen equipment around. And among the absolute best, too.

(Incidentally, Gort-Barten was German – as were most of the best engineers of that time period – though he fought for the British army and, evidently, made an enormous contribution to your post-war effort.)

Today, Dualit toasters are recognised as “symbolic of kitchen porn”: durable, simple, and boasting a classic sexy-yet-industrial style that’s barely changed in 70 years. They’re all handcrafted at the business’s factory in West Sussex, and the name of whoever assembled this toaster is etched into the bottom. With a Dualit, you’re buying right into a story in addition to a quality toaster

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