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DXRacer durability
3 years ago, I purchased a DXRacer chair. I estimate typically 3-5 nights weekly that I sit in the chair while gaming & working within my desk. Generally, I’ll spend 4 or even more hours working and/or gaming.

After three years of regular use, the chair’s condition continues to be like-new. There are no rips, tears, or scratches in the fabric, and the colour has not faded. I believe it’s also worth noting that my Australian cattle dog will sometimes jump up onto the arm rests for attention, and you may still find no scratches.

The materials used aren’t cheap or flimsy. DXRacer seems to have chosen top quality fabrics and other materials to make sure strength of their chairs which is accurately what you want in virtually any product from any business.

Gaming support: posture and ergonomics
Posture: the position you possess the body while standing or sitting
Ergonomics: associated with or made for efficiency and comfort
How does a DXRacer chair support your gaming posture, and so are DXRacer chairs ergonomically designed?

Seat (the piece you truly sit on)
The cushion of DXRacer seats are firm, yet comfortable. A company cushion means the body will not sink in to the seat, and this aids in preventing slouching or other imbalances in posture.

If your gaming chair had a soft cushion, your pelvis and thighs wouldn’t normally be fully supported. In this example, if your weight had not been evenly distributed, one side of the body would sink further in to the seat-adding excessive strain to your hips, your pelvic bones, your spine, as well as your muscles:

In a few of DXRacer chairs, you will find a raised V-shape in the cushion. This design helps guide your legs and keep your pelvis on the trunk part of the cushion, a tip we discuss at length on our gaming posture page.

The V-shape also makes sitting cross-legged uncomfortable; that is beneficial since sitting cross-legged is poorly balanced and would add strain to your pelvis, lumbar spine, and the muscles of the regions.

Adjustable backrest

The recline feature on these chairs is great. Reclining the backrest decreases compression force on the discs in your lower back. In long term, this will certainly reduce your threat of lower back degeneration and pain.

The backrest set with the same kind of firm cushioning as the seat. The backrest can be a bucket-seat style-certainly a carryover from DXRacer’s former luxury car design-which provides incredible comfort and support.

The bucket-seat design prevents sideways leaning of the trunk-called scoliosis-which may otherwise create abnormal strain on your own trunk muscles, core muscles, and spine.

They are bucket seats for a car-quite similar to DXRacer’s gamer chair design
Unfortunately, to date, the DXRacer chairs usually do not provide adjustable lumbar (lower back) support-a feature that appears to be becoming the industry standard for child car seats.

Instead, the chairs have a lumbar pillow. However, a pillow is a “one size fits all” feature for support. Since everyone’s body differs, this approach isn’t optimal for helping prevent back pain. The gold standard is always to have a company, adjustable lumbar support.

Similarly, the chair includes a neck pillow, but that is a different one size fits all solution. Likewise, the gold standard is always to have a company, adjustable cervical support.

Apart from the less-than-optimal neck pillow, the headrest is slightly recessed in to the chair. This is a proper design since it allows that you can hold your neck within an appropriate position-over your shoulders-when seated.

Our DXRacer review and conclusion
Overall, the DXRacer gaming chairs are perfect. DXRacer is one of the better ergonomic solutions for gamers and streamers, and I am happy with the entire quality of their chairs. At some time, my current chair will finally degrade. And, at these times, I will certainly flick through what’s new at DXRacer.

Esports Healthcare approves and recommends DXRacer for postural and ergonomic support.

I’ve viewed their newer chair designs, even though the adjustable lumbar support is still not yet available (DXRacer, if you’re reading this…), the arm rest designs seem to be to have changed. Hopefully, this change includes better padding.

What chair are you using? Have you got a DXRacer? We’d wish to hear your feedback to supply more reviews and {a

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