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Of course, there are a few factors of realism that don’t necessarily enhance the game for the better.

Career mode now carries a ‘brand exposure’ expectation from your own club’s board, so if you’ve taken charge at Manchester United, presumably you’ll be asked to secure the official breadsticks partner for Estonia and winning the Premier League title. Sometimes it’d be nice to forget that side of football.

The most noticeable change, though, may be the addition of interactive transfer negotiations, where you sit back with the opposition coach and thrash out a deal through RPG-style dialogue trees, before doing the same with the player and his agent.

This is a welcome addition if you’ve ever wished FIFA could possibly be a little similar to Skyrim – although with Wayne Rooney only recently time for Everton for the twilight of his career, you may want to look elsewhere to sign an orc – but we are able to view it getting tiresome quite quickly. At least you can skip through the cutscenes and just get right down to business.

These meetings also give a good chance to inspect player and manager likenesses close up, although it’s only during matches when players are in a nutshell sleeves that you’ll reach see a precise recreation of someone like Nicolas Otamendi’s A to Z of rubbish tattoos (hardback on shelves with time for Christmas).

Animations attended on a step, though, and it’s simple to get lost watching endless slow-mo replays of your targets. Fewer limbs seem to be to merge with torsos, and just how players tangle in the air because they rise for a header lends the overall game a genuine sense of physicality, which isn’t always delivered believably through the rather odd ‘hold the left trigger to be strong now’ mechanism that was added a few FIFAs ago. It still often just appears to make players obtain feet muddled. Besides, do humans actually just turn strength on / off like this? Pro Evo’s more organic and natural approach to by using a player’s power appears more natural to us.

Generally, movement can be somewhat skatey, particularly without the ball, and defenders still insist upon utilizing their feet to pass the ball back again to the goalkeeper when their head would make a lot more sense.

Perhaps that’s to find the best, since when the ball is within their hands they can be infuriatingly slow to obtain the ball out to your back line. Those looping throws that hang in the air just long enough for the opposition to intercept remain all too common.

As the ball breaks to the ref from a corner and you rage at him for not controlling it, you’ll also realise that EA still hasn’t fixed that thing that sometimes makes him wear a shirt that’s almost indistinguishable in one of the teams on the pitch.

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