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Fitbit Inspire and Fitbit Inspire HR are two of the business’s most recent fitness bands in India. These activity trackers are slim and swim-proof, and so are supported by Fitbit’s slick companion iphone app that can help you track your fitness. The primary difference between them is that the Inspire HR features continuous heartrate monitoring, even though both are swim-proof, only Inspire HR can track swimming workouts.

Despite their impressive sets of features, the Fitbit Inspire and Inspire HR face competition from a slew of affordable fitness bands offering almost all of the same functionality but are expensive less. However, pricing isn’t everything, and we’ve tested both the services from Fitbit thoroughly to determine if they’re worth buying.

Fitbit Inspire and Inspire HR design
The Fitbit Inspire and Inspire HR are pretty much identical with the only major difference being having less a heartrate sensor on the Inspire. There is merely the main one button on each capsule, which serves as a Home button and enables you to start or end workouts aswell.

The devices have tiny touchscreens that are their finest features. The backlit OLED display on the Inspire and Inspire HR is simple to read whatever the lighting conditions. The color of the fonts on the display will depend on the selection of strap, therefore the purple variant of the Inspire HR, for instance, uses purple text, whereas the black one could have white text.

We found both Fitbit Inspire and the Inspire HR comfortable to wear during the day, except whenever we were sweating or dipped our hands in water. We wore the Fitbit Inspire while showering multiple times and it survived, but we’d to remove it for quite a while afterwards. Once the skin we have and the Fitbit dried, it felt comfortable once more. It had been annoying to want to do this again and again but if you use it a little loose on your own wrist, you can allow Fitbit Inspire dry without really having to take it off.

Besides that issue, the Fitbit Inspire is quite nicely designed and can match almost a myriad of attire for men and women. You can buy extra bands and swap them if you need a different colour.

The Fitbit Inspire and Inspire HR use a proprietary charger, which includes turn into a recurring theme with all Fitbit products. Most Fitbit chargers work only with a couple of of its devices and at this time it’s just baffling that the business struggles to use a typical charger for similar types of devices.

Fitbit Inspire and Inspire HR (above) use proprietary chargers

Fitbit Inspire and Inspire HR performance and battery life
We ran the Fitbit Inspire and Inspire HR through our standard performance test for step tracking first. This involved walking 1,000 steps while counting them manually. The Fitbit Inspire recorded 966 steps in this test. This is obviously on the low side of accuracy as the very best of the merchandise in this range will show a deviation of just one 1 percent (10 steps) at best. The Fitbit Inspire HR, alternatively, logged 1,007 steps whenever we walked 1,000 steps. So far as step tracking goes, both devices performed perfectly.

We also went for a 1-km walk to check the length tracking on the Fitbit Inspire and the Inspire HR. We’d already measured the length of 1km via the odometer of an automobile. The Fitbit Inspire logged the 1-km distance as 1.01 km, as the Fitbit Inspire HR logged it as 0.96km. That is reasonably accurate but it’s to be noted these measurements are not predicated on GPS tracking and you ought to not count on this distance data to track running or cycling workouts.

The Fitbit Inspire and Inspire HR’s programmed workout detection is an extremely useful feature nonetheless it made some false positives for all of us. Both bands were able to accurately log gym workouts whenever we didn’t trigger them manually, and the iphone app showed us that people had exercised for about 80 minutes every time. However, we pointed out that our commutes to and from focus on a motorcycle or in an automobile were consistently getting logged as “bike rides”. This is a little disappointing.

Fitbit Inspire HR (left) and Inspire

The devices don’t possess in-built GPS, plus they count on your smartphone to track outdoor running and cycling workouts. The size and condition of the Fitbit Inspire and Inspire HR capsules might possibly not have allowed for the addition of a GPS chip, but these fitness bands cost Rs. 6,999 and Rs. 8,999 respectively, and at these prices it becomes a lttle bit difficult to forgive having less native GPS. Products including the Amazfit Bip can be found at less price in India and also have in-built GPS.

We did not get yourself a chance to check swim tracking on the Fitbit Inspire HR because we didn’t get access to a swimming pool through the testing period. As we mentioned earlier, the Fitbit Inspire will not support swim tracking. Only the HR variant does. We dunked both devices in water multiple times plus they survived.

As far as the program can be involved, the Fitbit companion iphone app on Android and iOS deserves praise. It’s one of the better designed fitness programs around and its give attention to making data simple to read is commendable. You can customise the way the home screen of the iphone app looks to eliminate data readings you do not need. For example, we don’t care much about sleep tracking data, so we removed it from our home screen.

The Fitbit Inspire and Inspire HR did have the ability to accurately log our sleep though. Once, we woke up in the center of the night time and took some time to fall back asleep, and the info in the iphone app reflected that accurately.

Fitbit Inspire (top) and Inspire HR use slightly different clasps

The Fitbit iphone app also enables you to log water and food intake manually. They are good features to have, but we found ourselves missing the opportunity to set reminders to drink water and log our diet. Perhaps the latter could easily get annoying, but a straightforward reminder to keep normal water and logging it could definitely have already been useful. The software also enables you to change the watch face if you wish to, but we found the default watch face to be just fine.

For the devices themselves, the UI on the Fitbit Inspire and Inspire HR is a lttle bit confusing. You can swipe in four directions and press the button to execute certain actions. However, we repeatedly found ourselves swiping the wrong manner or pressing the button when it wasn’t needed with all the two devices.

You can swipe upwards to gain access to exercise modes, the timer, and the settings. You can swipe towards the proper to open these sections, and begin logging workouts. Swiping downwards reveals data including the steps taken, distance covered, etc. In a good touch, the Fitbit Inspire and Inspire HR let you swipe right or left on the clock showing steps taken, calories burned, date, etc in small text below enough time. Allowing you quickly take a look data without leaving the clock on the house screen.

The application also enables you to pick a different clock face for your Inspire or Inspire HR unless you just like the default one, with a few basic options {to select from

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