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Overall, the Zip finished in the low half of the pack, however the top products cost almost four times as much. The Zip tied with the Misfit Shine 2 and the Garmin Vivofit 3 in the entire scores, with the Misfit also being truly a clip-on tracker and the Vivofit 3 being truly a basic wristband tracker. The Misfit lacks a screen and is inferior compared to the Zip regarding fitness tracking ability, nonetheless it does have hook edge over the Zip at motivating you to determine healthy habits. The Vivofit 3 also offers an advantage over the Zip at motivating you to get right up and go, but we liked the ergonomics and display of the Zip more and found the Zip much easier to use. Get all black friday & Cyber Monday sales and deals this year.

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The Fitbit Zip.

Performance Comparison
To choose which wearable is worth an award, we bought all of the best products available and tested them side-by-side. We divided our tests among five weighted rating metrics, with the results of the Zip elaborated on in the next sections.

The Zip is excellent at tracking steps, but lacks other fitness tracking capabilities.

Fitness Impact
We viewed the accuracy of every tracker at counting steps, tracking cycling and other workouts, and calculating the flights of stairs climbed because of this metric, which will probably be worth the greatest part of the entire score at 30%. The Fitbit Zip performed reasonably well, earning a 5 out of 10 because of its performance.

We began looking at the accuracy of the step counter on the Zip, finding it to be just about the most accurate of the many trackers that people have tested. Over two trials of a mile-long walk, the Zip only had a discrepancy from the real manual count by an individual part of the first and two in the next.

However, the performance of the product plummeted whenever we looked at its capability to track various activities, such as for example cycling. This tracker is actually limited to tallying your steps and that’s about any of it, having no other trackable activities. This tracker also will not calculate the amount of flights of stairs climbed during the day.

While this product doesn’t have much choosing it besides excellent step tracking with regards to fitness impact, it can enable you to make use of Fitbit’s excellent network.

You can contend with your friends or family in a variety of fitness challenges or you can take part in non-competitive challenges called “Adventures” that take you on virtual trips to various sights around the world. We found the Fitbit online ecosystem to be the very best of the bunch, much preferring it compared to that of the Garmin, Polar, or the TomTom models.

The more steps you walk the larger the smile you earn!

Health Impact
Because of this metric, worth 25% of the entire score, we viewed how effective each tracker could possibly be at aiding you in establishing healthier habits. We viewed the accuracy of the heartrate tracker – if there is one – and the sleep tracker, if the tracker could help you in maintaining a diet, and if there have been any other techniques the tracker employed to inspire you to maintain a wholesome lifestyle. The Zip was somewhat of a disappointment in this metric, earning a 3 out of 10 because of its paltry performance. The next chart shows how this comes even close to all of those other bunch.

The Fitbit Zip lacks a heartrate sensor, immediately putting it at a disadvantage in this metric. However, it can have a great group of features to track your progress while you are on a diet. The Zip does an acceptable job of estimating your RMR, or Resting METABOLIC PROCESS and the Fitbit software permits you to scan the barcodes of varied foodstuffs to track your calorie consumption.

The Fitbit application enables you to scan the barcode of food to automatically log the calories consumed.

The Fitbit Zip doesn’t offer much in the form of motivation to truly get you up and moving when you have been sedentary for too much time. However, how big is the smile on the Zip’s screen is proportional to the quantity of activity you have done every day. Unfortunately, the Zip lacks both a silent noisy alarms and the capability to track your sleep.

The Zip’s small size and clip on design helps it be perfect for many who don’t want to wear something on the wrist and keep things low key.

Ease of Use
Moving on to another metric, worth 20% of the full total score, we viewed the quantity of effort it took to put up each wearable, its battery life, and the intuitiveness of the app, and its degree of water resistance and how well it synced your fitness data together with your cellular phone. The Zip did quite nicely, meriting an 8 out of 10 because of its stellar performance and comparing favorably with all of those other pack, as displayed below.

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