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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge plus detailed review
They state that to be the very best you must ape the very best. For a long time, Samsung has blatantly copied features that contain defined the iPhone and tried to boost after them, yet were able to miss the mark using its sub par construction, childish TouchWiz icons and lacklustre overall appeal. Through the years, Samsung’s Galaxy S series have defined themselves as the head to devices for a flagship Android experience. During the past two years, Samsung spent some time working at adding another factor to its flagship line-up – style and that’s what the S6 Edge Plus is. It’s a method statement, a statement that says I am the very best there is and what I really do is better than the others. Samsung doesn’t have to ape the very best anymore. But could it be the very best?

Build and design

Samsung’s flagship devices were notorious to be plasticky and Samsung changed that with the Galaxy S6. And there is no going back. Arriving at the phone involved, the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, these devices includes a design very similar to its sibling, the Galaxy S6 Edge with the largest difference being that the smartphone includes a larger display, which is curved on both sides. You will find a larger battery and more RAM aswell, but that’s all beneath the hood. Thus giving edge-to-edge design a complete new meaning and feeling when holding it.

Contain the device for the very first time and you may feel odd, very odd. Usually smartphones have a set display and a curved back. This increases the ergonomic design of a phone so that it is comfortable to carry and more importantly rendering it simple to lift off a table. Here however, the roles have already been reversed. The display of the smartphone feels curved due to; you guessed it, the curved edges. And the rather stiff flat back of the Edge Plus helps it be uncomfortable to carry and use initially. A good simple task like picking right up the smartphone from a table feels different for the reason that back is indeed flat and the curved glass is indeed slippery that you’ll have to try to pick it up.

Coming to the trunk, the metal body is overlaid with glass and from when you touch it, this is a fingerprint magnet. The trunk also houses the camera and that’s about any of it, clean and elegant. The camera protrudes slightly but that’s ok. Underneath of the smartphone gets the headphones jack accompanied by the speaker and the microUSB port. The most notable gets the nano SIM card slot and the proper gets the power button. The quantity rocker rests on the left and taking into consideration the small footprint of the borders of the smartphone, the buttons though small are simple to find without looking.

Lastly, we have leading of the smartphone. Sure, here we’ve the curved display, but below that rests the main one physical button that is a fingerprint sensor aswell. On either side of the fingerprint scanner we’ve the multitasking and the trunk button.

Overall the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus includes a beautiful design that will surely turn heads but at the price tag on ergonomics.


Boy-o-boy could it be beautiful. The 5.7-inch display includes a 2K resolution. Yes, for a smartphone a 2K resolution is overkill, however the Super AMOLED display looks stunning. I am currently by using a OnePlus One and an iPhone 6 and I can’t get back to those phones. Watching videos, be it YouTube or locally placed videos on these devices is a treat. Even though you can tell the difference between a minimal resolution and high-resolution video, the low-resolution videos still looked good. And by low-resolution videos, After all 720p videos. Even pictures that you click from these devices or the kinds that you view online look awesome. The colours just pop.

The only downside here’s that the edges are more of a distraction than an addition when watching videos. It’s distracting to start to see the black bars on videos curve around the display and much more distracting to start to see the video curve around the display running completely screen.


I haven’t used a Samsung smartphone as my daily driver for years so returning to TouchWiz was like meeting a childhood friend after some time, it’s still familiar but all developed. Everything though familiar is just a little different. It’s matured. Swipe directly on the display and you may see Flipboard integrated which will provide you with a newsfeed. On a Nexus phone, that’s where you’d find Google Now. Sure, Flipboard adds freezes your phone for another, but it’s still something a lot of us use and discover useful.

Coming to all of those other UI, its what you’ve seen on the Galaxy S6 or the S6 Edge. You have the opportunity to run two software simultaneously, utilize the phone in ‘single hand’ mode and more. When you are one that’s used a Samsung phone before, you will feel right in the home.

I am the edge

Arriving at the curves there is absolutely no practical use for this. Not yet anyways. Sure, you can view your notifications pop-up on the curve or you can merely swipe the proper side of the display to talk about your favourite contacts and programs but I can do that by simply installing an authorized iphone app on any Android phone. Exactly like Samsung’s Note devices took some time to define the utility of the S-Pen, we think it’ll be a long time before we are able to justify the utility of the curved display. Yes, swiping to return will be a lot “cooler” and smoother because of the curved display but again, that isn’t a justification.

Beauty and a beast?

Arriving at the performance, the smartphone is a beast. Inside our benchmark tests, these devices performed first class pushing every benchmark to its limit. As a day to day smartphone, these devices works quite nicely too. The decision quality is crisp, typing is a breeze, and multitasking is splendid. Its everything you get if you are by using a device with state of the art hardware. The hardware powering the S6 Edge Plus may be the same that’s powering the S6 Edge with the difference being the bigger screen size on the Edge Plus and 4GB DDR4 RAM (the S6 Edge has 3GB RAM). The EdgePlus also houses a bigger battery.

Shifting to the battery life of the smartphone, inside our continuous video playback test these devices lasted for an impressive 16 hours. We played a 1080p movie on loop keeping the brightness on full and plugging headphones in to the device, keeping the quantity at max aswell. In the GeekBench battery test these devices lasted for just a little over 9 hours. Arriving at everyday use, these devices has enough juice to complete a day and in the event that you aren’t a power hungry user, there will do juice to spill to the next day aswell.

The gaming performance again is excellent. The smartphone ran every game I played onto it. The only downside this is actually the located area of the speaker. I’d inevitably finish up within the speaker with my hand while gaming, and therefore muffling the audio. The speaker {

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