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Forza Motorsport 7 is a simulation racing game has been around the spotlight since Microsoft announced the Xbox One X. It’s a first-party game for Windows and Xbox One, and among the first to be optimised for the Xbox One X. The overall game promises an authentic driving experience in conjunction with spectacular visuals, both which hardcore racing game fans appreciate. With a wide selection of cars and tracks, Forza Motorsport 7 looks exciting in some recoverable format but does it deliver?

Forza Motorsport 7 has been produced by Turn 10 Studios, which Microsoft established in the past in 2001 to build up the Forza series. In the event that you played the wonderful Forza Horizon 3 and came here longing for more of the same, you should revise your expectations or have a U-turn. Forza Horizon 3 (Review) can be an arcade racing game with little focus on realistic driving and more focus on creating a festival in Australia, making insane jumps off cliffs, and driving on gravity-defying Hot Wheels tracks. Forza Motorsport 7 may be the polar opposite. Here you drive mostly on racing tracks closed to traffic, and the emphasis is heavily on mimicking the driving experience within real-world cars.

This implies that everyday racing game fans might not exactly enjoy Forza Motorsport 7, but hardcore fans are bound to think it’s great. However, we should commend Turn 10 Studios for your time and effort they’ve put into causeing this to be game approachable for everybody. By default the overall game has all assists enabled so that it will do its better to make sure that your vehicle stays on the right track and you can have fun. If you wish, you can disable these assists, that’s if you enjoy manually changing gears, having an excellent control on the car’s steering, and if you believe you can corner an automobile without spinning it off the track. We’re not very skilled at simulation racing games yet we found ourselves having a great time learning how exactly to drive without assists.

The game includes a pretty decent story to truly get you started. You’re a rookie who would like to win the Forza Driver’s Cup but there are no shortcuts to greatness, which means you must begin by winning the lowly Seeker Championship. Each championship or cup has a number of different types of races available and winning these earns you points. Upon reaching a points threshold (2,500 for Seeker Championship), you win the championship and get to another one. You’ll end up knocking over bowling pins with a Limo on a race track for points, driving vintage cars in a four-race cup, and even driving actual trucks on a closed racing circuit.

One issue is that for each and every race, your car’s parts are “homologated” (limited to match your competition) to keep things fair. This will irk hardcore fans as upgrades to your vehicle could get negated prior to the race.

That apart, all of the races and courses available is impressive and the entire driving experience is top-notch. You need to be just a little dead inside if you don’t feel a rush of adrenalin while speeding through an extended curve in a dark tunnel at 180 kmph. The elements effects add another dimension to Forza Motorsport 7 and make every race look beautiful. From sand blowing across tracks to pouring rain, every weather effect adds too much to each race. We recommend that you switch the camera to the driver view for more realism. The controls follow the typical for racing games which means you use RT to accelerate, LT to brake, and A to use the e-brake. The controls are incredibly responsive and we’d no trouble with them whatsoever.

As is clear, there is obviously a lot choosing Forza Motorsport 7. However as may be the case with just about everything linked to Xbox One nowadays, there’s a fairly big catch. First up, be ready for massive downloads. Even when you choose the Xbox One version on disc, you’ll need to download around 50GB to play the overall game as Turn 10 Studios chose never to get a multi-disc install. In the event that you play this on an Xbox One X, there’s another additional 50GB to download as 4K assets are much bigger.

Secondly, grit your teeth for long load times and menu stutters on both Xbox One and Xbox One S. On the Xbox One specifically, you really need to wait a lot prior to starting a race. The “Next Race” button is replaced with “Loading” so that you can have a look at options and other menu options but it’s annoying in the event that you just want to jump right into a race. The PC version of Forza Motorsport 7 has performance issues too, and we hope Turn 10 Studios fixes most of these with a patch.

Finally, the scourge of loot boxes and micro-transactions has infected Forza Motorsport 7 too, which is a major problem. The long loading time we just mentioned is when the narrator very casually reminds you which you have a whole lot of in-game credits to invest, why not spend them on prize crates. That is another name for loot boxes, where you can “win” mods (that add challenges to races for extra credits such as for example racing during the night or in the torrential rain), gear, and even new cars. These prize crates cost up to 600,000 credits and Turn 10 Studios plans to enable you to buy credits for real cash soon. Anyone who’s played free-to-play games on smartphones won’t be surprised by this at all, however the real shocker is that you pay at least Rs. 4,000 in advance to play Forza Motorsport 7. This sort of a gacha style lottery system does not have any place in reduced AAA game.

That’s not the only issue – even those that paid Rs. 6,700 for Forza Motorsport 7 Ultimate Edition aren’t obtaining a good deal. They get more cars, however the “VIP membership” incorporated with allowing you double the credits earned for only 25 races. From then on, it’s likely that you’ll need to pay again for VIP membership.

These monetisation decisions weren’t part of the more everyday Forza Horizon 3, and which makes us believe that Microsoft and Turn 10 Studios consciously thought we would extract every penny out of hardcore racing game fans. They’re definately not the only company to try out this in AAA gaming, nonetheless it is still very sad to see such an excellent racing game being reduced to feeling just like a free-to-play money grab.

If this doesn’t frustrate you up to it bothers us, Forza Motorsport 7 won’t disappoint you. Sadly we just can’t look at night aggressive monetisation tactics found in the overall game. Forza Motorsport 7 is an excellent simulation racing game alone, which could have already been legendary if not for the long loading times and micro-transactions.


Stunning visuals
Weather effects
Driving experience
Wide selection of cars, tracks, gameplay modes

Extremely long loading times on Xbox One
Aggressive monetis

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