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I’ve been considering reviewing this setup for some time: Garmin Alpha 100/TT 15 Mini. I needed to make certain I knew it sufficiently, and that I had a definite view about it.Now that I’m in my own 5th season with it, I believe I’m there. Before I acquired it, I posted some nasty comments about using, er, cheating with these varieties of things. I copped a purist attitude, basically suggesting that by using a GPS collar for your pet was near Internet hunting. I suggested that chukar hunters should keep an eye on their dogs, and if indeed they couldn’t, well, there is something amiss with them, and probably something even worse wrong with their dogs. I have to have been around in a bad mood. My students would say, “When aren’t you in a bad mood?” I’m teaching them about rhetoric, and they’re definitely obtaining the hang of the rhetorical question. Get black Friday Deals and sales.

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Anyway, I was wrong. Before I acquired the Alpha, among the reasons I acquired in a bad mood while hunting was that I usually knew where my dogs were if indeed they weren’t on birds, however when they didn’t check in with me at the standard time interval (about 1-2 minutes), I knew these were pointing somewhere but I had no idea where. Generally, I’d go the incorrect direction and then watch a covey blast by me just out of range and my dogs hot on the tails. As Angus got older, but better still at finding and pointing birds, my hunting stress increased because I felt greedy about maximizing his points. With a dog that good, I felt obliged – yet unable – to be there for each and every one of is own points. That was the tipping point for me personally to consume crow and get the machine.

It wasn’t that hard to create it up, as soon as I figured out where you can wear it my vest (that was harder than determining how it worked), my hunting stress level quickly decreased substantially. Actually, regarding stress, it probably stayed the same, nonetheless it became almost totally positive stress (i.e., excitement). Instead of worrying about where in fact the hell he was, the Alpha explained. I still tried to remain as near him as always, but still took my cues from intensely concentrating on his gait and tail, however when he disappeared, I didn’t need to wonder what direction or what lengths away he was. After getting familiar with this, which took a few hunts, I recall laughing aloud to myself at how fantastic it had been that I possibly could actually benefit from the scenery when Angus wasn’t in my own field of vision. I’d go through the Alpha, and see that he was moving, and continue my merry way.

Until it beeped that he was pointing: game on. Knowing where he (or Peat) was pointing allowed me to pace myself to access him; if he was close, I’d basically run, and if he was far (200+ yards uphill) I’d run just a little slower. Sure, the Alpha takes a number of the mystery out of hunting, nonetheless it improved the economy of energy output, which includes become more vital that you me as I grow older and weaker.

There are various detailed reviews of the top features of the Alpha and TT 15, therefore i won’t enter that an excessive amount of. But I’ll outline how I make make use of it not merely to hunt but also to greatly help me keep my hunting log. It took me some time to determine my process and what settings to improve therefore i could manage the info to my liking, so I’ll proceed through that here; if someone has an improved idea, I’d want to hear it (I spent a good amount of time looking for information on the web, but basically struck out). To accumulate the data I’d like, I take advantage of Garmin’s Basecamp application, and created a straightforward Google Sheets (similar to Excel) form to chart the fundamentals.

Before the Hunt

When we escape the truck, the initial thing I do is start the TT 15 Minis and hook them up to the dogs. I QUICKLY put my vest on, start the Alpha unit, wait a couple of seconds for it on top of that up, and select “New Hunt.” When it asks easily want to set the existing location to “Truck” I select “Yes.” This clears the prior data that I’ve already used in my computer following the last hunt, and helps it be better to see my current track through the hunt (that i never, ever check, but easily were to get lost or want to obtain the dogs it could make it much easier to see on the map screen for the reason that previous hunt(s) wouldn’t be shown).

I QUICKLY scroll down and choose “Trip Computer.” I choose the Menu icon, and choose “Reset” and “Reset Trip Data” and “Clear Current Track.” Doing this restricts the info you transfer from the Alpha to Basecamp compared to that day’s hunt; easily do a couple of hunts in a row when I’m abroad and don’t transfer them to my computer after every hunt, I don’t reset these exact things at the beginning of every hunt, and when I transfer the info I’ll manually separate the hunts, which isn’t difficult.

During the hunt

Once we head from the truck I choose the compass icon on the Alpha to be sure both dogs are registering; you can view thumbnails for three dogs using one screen, or you can transform your display settings to Big Numbers (by selecting the menu icon), which is a lot simpler to start to see the yardage information, but requires you to scroll through multiple dogs, that i find too cumbersome. I must squint to learn the yardage (distance each dog is from me) with small numbers but prefer to see both dogs simultaneously on a single screen.

The directional arrows show each dog in a different color (Peat is green, Angus is purple), and that’s simple to read all the time whether or not you have the big or small numbers selected. Garmin recently added an attribute to the thumbnails that presents the current direction your dog is moving, which is pretty cool. For instance, if Angus is north of me but returning my direction, the purple hand on the big dial will show him to the north, but thumbnail includes a little pointer showing him moving south, and his yardage will be decreasing accordingly. I love this little update since it helps me see patterns in the way the dogs hunt, that may let me anticipate where they could be going and decide if I would like to buzz them another or change the direction I’m moving.

When the dogs stop for a lot more than 5 seconds, the Alpha vibrates and beeps and a note saying “Angus on point” arises. If they stick to point, the dog’s thumbnail shows an icon of a pointing dog (cute), and shows the yardage. Peat stops too much to admire the scenery (or eat cow manure or worse), so he generates a whole lot of false alerts. Angus appears to go constantly enough {i

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