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Dashcam only adds £50 to cost
Lifetime European map updates and traffic alerts
Wealth of extra driving assistance features
Traffic alerts much less comprehensive as TomTom’s
Interface sometimes crowded
Key Specifications
Review Price: £249.99
5-inch 480×272-pixel capacitive touchscreen
Built-in Full HD dashcam
European maps with lifetime updates
Lifetime digital traffic warnings via built-in DAB radio link
Voice command system
Warning features including lane departure and fatigue
2x MicroSD card slots
Mini USB power adapter
What’s the Garmin DriveAssist 50LMT-D?
The Garmin DriveAssist 50LMT-D is a 5-inch satnav with an integral dashcam. Garmin’s Drive models offer improved features as you progress the range. The essential Drive provides driver-awareness features that earlier units didn’t have, and the DriveSmart adds voice commands, Bluetooth smartphone connectivity, plus live traffic updates. The DriveAssist mostly adds the dashcam to the mix.

Garmin DriveAssist 50LMT-D – Dashcam and Smart Features
The main element differentiating feature with the DriveAssist is its integrated dashboard camera. Unlike the nuviCam, the camera is a lot more subtly built-into the body, nonetheless it can be rotated left and right. That is handy, since you’ll want to angle the satnav screen in your direction, so the camera should be rotated to pay. There’s a setup routine to greatly help with calibration.

The dashcam captures video at Full HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080) or 720p (1,280 x 720). In both cases, footage is recorded at 30 fps. At Full HD resolution, it can so at about 7Mbits/sec, that is a little low because of this frame size and rate, but nonetheless shouldn’t be too susceptible to compression artefacts.

Most satnavs have a MicroSD slot for adding new or custom maps, and can often be never used, however the DriveAssist needs its removable storage for the dashcam. Actually, it has two slots, with one for maps and the other focused on the dashcam.

The latter has a 4GB MicroSD card, which is enough for approximately 76 minutes of footage at Full HD. Following this, the oldest files will be replaced by new ones. There doesn’t seem to be in any manner to disable loop-recording, although you can press a button to save lots of the newest clip preventing it from being recorded over. That is furthermore to its computerized collision detection function.

The dashcam offers some extra features too. THE TRUE Vision system swaps to a camera view with an arrow showing where you will need to go – a sort of augmented reality. However, I didn’t see this activate at all during testing.

A selection of the most recent dashcam widgets are also available, although I’ve seen every one of them elsewhere before. There’s Forward Collision Warning, which operates above 30 miles each hour to supply a notification if you may be approaching the automobile in front prematurely, with three sensitivity levels available. The Lane Departure Warning kicks in above 40 miles each hour, to inform you if you’re drifting across lanes on a motorway.

Go Alert will ping if you’re stationary and the automobile in the front starts moving, to get going too. Essentially the most useful features, however, will be the Automatic Incident Detection and Data Overlay. The former uses the built-in G sensor to determine if a crash has occurred, and the newest video file will be saved; the latter embeds time and location in the video frame, for use as evidence.

Along with the dashcam, new capacities from the lesser members of the Drive range can be found aswell. Driver awareness features include warnings when you drive past near by schools, safety camera alerts, and fatigue warnings when you’ve been driving too much time. There is an outstanding voice command system, too.

Connect your smartphone via Bluetooth, install the Smart Link mobile app, and you could utilize the satnav as a hands-free kit, or setup places on your own phone to send to the DriveAssist. This may also provide weather updates and the choice to set up additional services that are delivered via mobile data, including the capability to view live traffic surveillance camera footage. DriveAssist can be appropriate for Garmin’s backup camera and babyCam.

Garmin DriveAssist 50LMT-D – Mounting, Menu and Maps
The DriveAssist’s mounting is hook departure from other members of the Drive range. The machine is intended to hold down from near to the top of your windscreen, as the camera is located just underneath where in fact the mount connects to the satnav – although you can change the mount the other way round if desired. The quick-release is a plastic plate that spans the complete height of these devices, with a gap in the centre for the camera to poke through.

The energy connection is a normal mini-USB and isn’t integrated straight into the mount, which means this should be disconnected when the satnav is removed from the car. The automobile power plug is captured, too, so a cigarette lighter output is essential. You can’t use a different cable, for the reason that one supplied includes the receiver for th

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