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No-frills GPS device that gives well within its limited remit and could appeal to beginners and weight weenies alike
Buy if, You’re pleased with an ultra-minimal GPS device

Pros: Tiny and light, fulfils its basic functionality well

Cons: Limited on-ride data display, auto pause niggles

In the event that you liked the no-frills approach of Garmin’s Edge 25, you’ll maintain for a delicacy with the Edge 20. It strips almost anything down to the smallest amount you will need – great if if you’re a tad technophobic, are enthusiastic about weight or just don’t value having various metrics offered by a moment’s glance.

Knowing that, let’s begin by mentioning what the Edge 20 doesn’t do. Much like the Edge 25 there is absolutely no power data, but going a step further there’s also no cadence, heartrate or live tracking – to put it simply, there is absolutely no ANT+ or Bluetooth for external sensors. Though with a device as basic as this it’s strange to see segments supported, providing you feedback for segment start and end points.

As the lightest unit in the Edge range, the 20 weighed in at a feathery 24g on our scales (without mount). The dimensions and resolution are identical to the Edge 25. The mounting system, using its quarter-turn lock, remains familiar for anybody already committed to the Garmin ecosystem.

What won’t be so familiar may be the new proprietary cable for the Edge 20 and the Edge 25. The cable connection snaps in firmly and holds securely, but my preference would see the utilization of a micro USB connection like the Edge 520 and 1000. Presumably that is omitted as a result of size of these devices, but with a great many other gizmos also charged via micro USB, it’s yet another cable waiting to be forgotten next time I go away.

The auto pause kicked in a touch too often during cyclocross training rides in dense woodland

Usability-wise we encountered a few issues. First, you have to make certain you’re pleased with your two pages of data fields because once you start your ride, there’s no heading back in to the system options to improve them. This also reaches changing settings such as for example auto scroll and auto lap.

Second, the auto pause kicked in a touch too often during a handful of cyclocross training rides in fairly dense woodland (a thing that GLONASS is supposed to greatly help with) – so much in order that I had to save lots of the existing ride, turn auto pause off, restart the Garmin from scratch and faff around post-ride merging two .FIT files in order never to spam my hordes of Strava followers with split up rides.

Reuben Bakker-Dyos / Immediate Media

Textured buttons work very well for grip but a difficult click on press could have been recommended over the soft press for greater feedback

Okay, so that it wasn’t actually that a lot of a headache in retrospect. But as auto pause is effective for road cycling (you understand, for all people cafe stops) however, not so much for cyclocross and perhaps cross-country mountain biking by proxy, it’s a setting you’ll need to remember to change in the event that you switch between disciplines.

Using its ultra basic features set, the Edge 20 could appeal to both ends of the cycling spectrum. For more everyday users end it’ll suffice for recording the absolutely most elementary data possible with only breadcrumb routing available. But its size and weight could appeal to competition scrutinising every last gram – such as for example cross-country mountain bik

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