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What’s the Garmin VIRB 360?
The Garmin VIRB 360 is a spherical 360-degree action camera that may record video in 5.7K resolution at 30fps. In addition, it boasts four built-in microphones for capturing spatial audio.

The VIRB 360’s dual sensors are 1/2.3-inch backside-illuminated CMOS, each supporting a lens supplying a 201.8-degree field of view. Together the lenses capture an overlap of your surroundings, providing a spherical view.

Videos and images are stitched in-camera (at up to 4K resolution), meaning you can share them quickly from the camera via its companion app, or you can edit them within the iphone app to include effects or make tweaks ahead of sharing.

As the Garmin VIRB 360 doubles as an action camera, 4K Spherical Stabilization helps maintain footage smooth and stable, while externally a waterproof design gives you to take the VIRB off-road.

Still images clock in at 15 megapixels, and there are three image modes: single capture, burst shooting and time lapse.

For video you can pick from full motion video via one or both lenses, slow motion or time lapse. You can even livestream video to YouTube and Facebook with a smartphone or tablet.

The Garmin VIRB 360 offers three different lens modes. A 360 mode creates pre-stitched video in 4K resolution using both lenses. Front or Rear Only activates only 1 lens and captures video at 1080p resolution in 16:9 format.

Finally, a RAW mode will permit the Garmin VIRB 360 to record 200-degree video from each lens, that you can then stitch using Garmin’s software, supplying a combined resolution of 5.7K.

The VIRB 360 also permits you to improve the stitching distance when subjects are near or far. If shooting in a broad open area, or distant objects are your point of interest, then opt for the Far setting. Other things, choose Near, which sets a stitching distance around 16 feet.

And for the reason that VIRB 360 is part of this Garmin ecosystem it has built-in GPS that delivers users with customisable G-Metrix data overlays in a 360-degree augmented reality setting.

With Garmin’s G-Metrix data you can record things such as for example speed, altitude, RPM, grade, elevation, hang time, jump distance, GPS, pace, lap count, vertical speed and distance, rotations and more.

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Build & Handling
The Garmin VIRB 360 is a good device, which is evident as soon as you take it from the box. It has a robust build with a metal body and plastic doors and switches. It just feels tough. In fact it is.

The controls are pretty simple. Along with the VIRB 360 can be an LCD via that you navigate the camera’s menus, so when recording it displays your settings, battery life and just how much recording time you have gone.

Below the LCD are three buttons that serve multiple purposes. The first, on the left, with a < icon, serves as both your Power button and a left scrolling arrow for navigating the menus.

At the heart is a button with a camera icon. That is your OK button, that you use to activate a setting. Also you can use it from the house screen to have a photo, or hold it right down to activate the self-timer.

The 3rd button, on the proper, indicated by a > icon, can be utilised to carefully turn the VIRB 360’s WiFi on or off by holding it down. In addition, it serves as the right arrow for scrolling through the menus.

Privately of the VIRB 360 is a sizable switch with a red stripe down the center. That is a video recording switch. Simply move it forward to commence recording, and back again to stop.

I was just a little unsure relating to this recording switch. I used the iphone app mostly to shoot with the VIRB 360. The recording switch, though, will be better served as a button in a next iteration of the VIRB 360; I came across myself jostling the camera somewhat to slide it backwards and forwards whenever I used it.

On the far side of the VIRB 360 is door behind which you’ll find the micro-USB charging port and microSD card slot. On underneath of the VIRB 360 may be the battery compartment.

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May be the Garmin VIRB 360 waterproof?
The camera’s doors are very rigid, and you understand they are closed by switches that click into place. So when the battery and side doors are both closed, the Garmin VIRB 360 is waterproof right down to depths of 10m.

Garmin VIRB App
Similar to the 360Fly 4K, among the great points about the Garmin VIRB 360 for me personally may be the simplicity of its app. That’s never to advise it’s basic in its capabilities. Quite the contrary.

But Garmin has paid so much focus on detail that everything just works since it should. Every nuance of fabricating 360 content has been considered beforehand and planned for.

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Garmin includes a reputation for quality and makes what’s most likely the best action camera available to buy not named Hero, therefore i was expecting good stuff. And I wasn’t disappointed.

As the VIRB 360 is probably the only 360 cameras with voice activation (before GoPro Fusion came around), I needed to first observe how well this feature performed.

Voice Activation
Among the drawbacks of shooting with 360 cameras is that you typically are either seen looking at your phone or holding some invisible object in your photographs and videos. Voice activation of the camera permits you to totally immerse yourself for the reason that immersive scene you’re trying to fully capture.

I took the Garmin VIRB 360 to a busy farmer’s market at the heart of Bath, England. It’s a bustling market packed with persons and sounds, and I was curious if the VIRB 360 could choose my voice between the calls from stall holders and general cacophony.

It did, and unfailingly. Then i tested it moving several feet away, and it still worked perfectly. Having the capacity to take the VIRB 360 ‘off lead’, as they say, opens up {a complete

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