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An excellent golf bag does many considerations for a golfer but, ultimately, it must do a very important factor well, and that’s to create our time at the course easier.

The very best golf bags create a safe and protective haven for our valuable clubs and personal items. With lined pockets for our wallets and gadgets and a good amount of room for storage to keep a jacket or umbrella handy, an excellent golf bag is similar to a Swiss army knife that gives many means of helping us while we play.

Listed below are 18 reviews of well known golf bags in the marketplace that will undoubtedly help to make your daily life simpler when you hit the links and let you focus on shaving strokes from your own handicap!

What we loved relating to this TaylorMade model is how intricate and strong the construction is for a cart bag at a mid-tier price.

The business has used several types of material to produce a bag with a wide selection of features from assorted zippered pockets to a two handle top that means it is simple to lift and place onto the bag well of a cart.

When there is something to notice in the negative department because of this TaylorMade bag, it really is that it serves one function and that’s as a cart-only bag.

If you are seeking to occasionally walk the course, then this bag may cause you more grief than joy. With only 1 strap to carry the strain, you’ll spend almost all of your time and effort trying to balance the bag as you walk.

This bag does have a rain hood that aids in preventing moisture from getting inside bag throughout a rainstorm.

Another feature we enjoyed was both valuable pockets that are lined in velour to keep our possessions scratch free and secure.

An excellent option for the mid-handicapper seeking to leave their carry bag behind, the TaylorMade Select Cart Bag gives terrific features at a realistic price.

Questions & Answers
What are the main element includes a great golf bag must have?
There are numerous features a great golf bag has that delivers exceptional protection for your clubs and a lot of storage for all your necessities on the course.

The first feature is durability. Every golf bag should be long-lasting and withstand the punishment a visit to the course can place after a bag.

Another area to give attention to when investing in a golf bag may be the appearance of the bag. Does it look cheap? Will be the colors mismatched? Golf bags that look nice instill confidence in the golfer. It could appear superficial, nonetheless it is true.

Weight and storage are two characteristics that go hand-in-hand when looking for the right bag for you personally. The more room a bag has, the heavier it’ll be on the course in the event that you fill those pockets with items. Knowing the weight of a bag is essential if you anticipate using the bag for walking the course.

Finally, the bag should be in a position to protect your clubs as well as your valuables. Everyone the game of golf takes their cellphone or other electronics to the course. Most bags have individual protection pockets that hold those valuables safely. Also, notice the way the bag protects your clubs through padding and full-length dividers that keep clubs by themselves.

What’s a golf bag ideal size & weight?
When picking out an ideal bag for your game always element in just how much the bag weighs. In case you are searching for a cart bag, then obviously you value weight a little significantly less than someone looking for a stand bag.

Cart bags, when loaded down with clubs, balls, and other accessories, can weigh around 30-40 pounds. That’s not accurately something conducive to walking the course, which explains why it really is called a cart bag.

For walking, you’ll want a stand bag, and the ones models are designed with a fat loss in mind right from the start. Without anything in the bag, a stand bag can weigh significantly less than two pounds. This small weight figure is excatly why stand bags are also so appealing to golfers who’ll never walk the course for the reason that insufficient weight makes the stand bag simple to carry from car to cart.

What are the several types of golf bag and which should I choose?
There are four types of bags designed for golfers, but only two bags stick out as viable options for some amateurs.

The first bag is a tiny bag with only room for a small number of clubs and even less storage. This bag is actually a Sunday bag because decades ago clubs were closed on Sundays; therefore there have been no caddies, so players had to transport their own bag.

So, a tiny bag designed for easy carrying was invented for all those Sundays. The problem with Sunday bags is that they can’t carry your entire clubs and almost no of your necessities.

That brings us to both viable options. The foremost is the stand bag which is light and has two foldable legs that pop out when underneath of the bag makes contact with the bottom. Your clubs are often accessible, making the stand bag well suited for walking golfers.

The next option may be the cart bag. These bags are more prominent, bulkier and will store more of your balls, rain gear and even, an umbrella. Cart bags are designed to ride in a cart; therefore they haven’t any foldable legs attached or attachments that may make walking convenient.

Another version of the cart bag may be the tour bag, made especially for professional golfers. These bags are designed for maximum storage and so are incredibly expensive and cumbersome.

Should I get a stand or a cart bag?
Whenever choosing between a stand or cart bag, there are various regions of difference to consider.

For stand bags, finding the one that is durable with high-quality legs is crucial. Most stand bag legs built from carbon fiber are light and also have terrific strength.

Also, know that stand bags will be lighter and less rigid than cart bags; therefore they are able to potentially breakdown easier. Keeping the stand bag clean and properly placed will ensure that your bag lasts for quite some time.

Cart bags are unique for the reason that they desire a destination to stand when storing. If you wish to keep your cart bag healthy for the long term, then locate a safe place in your garage or club for the bag to stand tall naturally.

The primary difference between a cart and stand bags may be the weight. Cart bags are noticeably heavier than their stand bag counterparts.

Another benefit for having a cart bag may be the extra padding around the bag. If you are looking for cart bags, consider how does the padding line the opening for the clubs? After a period, that padding will wear out as your clubs rub against it during play. This area is most probably where your bag shows deterioration, so focus on that section when investing in a c

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