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For over 2 yrs now, the experience junkie in me includes a set routine. Weekly, by enough time Wednesday arrives, I start googling weekend getaways from Mumbai. Why? Because city life sucks. And I desperately need my Vitamin Green and fresh oxygen. And kicks in a proven routine.

Tank up the automobile, look for fluid levels, etc. Tank through to Odomos, mosquitoes will be the real aliens in plain sight in the wilderness. Finish off snacks, outdoor gear, appropriate shoes and accessories.

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My GoPro Hero Camera

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GoPro Hero 5 Session 4K Action Camera (CHDHS-501) - Black (Refurbished)

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Gopro Hero 4 4K Action Camera Camcorder (CHDHX-401) - Black (Pre-Owned)

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Gopro Hero 4 - 4K Action Camera Camcorder - Silver (Refurbished)

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My GoPro HERO5 Camera

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My GoPro HERO5 Camera

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Ram Mount Custom GoPro Hero Adapter

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GoPro HERO7 White Waterproof Action Camera

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I do this frequently that my weekend bag is a everlasting fixture in my own living room. Both, a reminder and a remnant of an excellent weekend. It will always be left half unpacked.

Hero 7 Black permits you to live-stream to Facebook for the first time

The last but the main thing I really do is start my GoPro Hero 5, Karma gimbal, update software, take Sdcard backups, hook it up to the iphone app on a smartphone, check if everything is working and boom!

The GoPro Hero 7

To state I was stoked when the GoPro Hero 7 was announced can be an understatement. The promise of a gimbal-like stabilisation, lacking any extra contraption (Karma is GoPro’s gimbal gadget) to charge or carry, was the single biggest reason that had me hooked. But how good would it not really be?

After using the GoPro Hero 7 for 14 days, I could safely conclude that it’s indeed the very best standalone video camera in your pocket!

Right from the start, who’s a GoPro Hero 7 for?

Everyone has smartphone cameras right? Why buy yet another camera? One which costs Rs 37,000 definitely doesn’t be eligible for a everyday second camera purchase. (GoPro Hero 7 White starts at Rs 19,000 however the Hero 7 Black may be the only 1 offering Hypersmooth stabilisation feature, hence the premium pricing). Black Friday is the best time to buy your expensive stuff and discount on them really good.

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To answer fully the question whether an action camera is for you personally, you’ll have to perform an instant lifestyle audit for yourself.

Do you end up in circumstances or spots of your decision where you feel an unbelievable adrenaline rush? Are you generally in the said situation with both or either hand occupied? (Driving a car and/or using local trains in Mumbai/Delhi during peak hours qualify as an adventure sport with extreme risk).

Hero 7 Black shoots 12 MP pictures and 4K videos at 60 fps

Does your weekend incorporate some water (alcohol doesn’t count), some outdoor landscape or wilderness, some fast modes of transport, and a break from the town? Do you like your smartphone and wouldn’t normally prefer to lose it, break it or harm it knowingly? Do you like taking photographs and videos of outdoor recreation? Would you rather the camera does all of the magic and just offers you a pretty picture to create on social media?

Then, my pal, you can and really should consider an action camera. And since GoPro may be the grand-daddy of the action camera space, it comes strongly suggested. Of course, for those who have a propensity to break your cameras and wouldn’t want to risk spending a bomb on the GoPros, then it is advisable to court cheaper alternatives from companies like SJcam, Noise or other Chinese manufacturers.

What GoPro offers is a lovely ecosystem which has taken years to cultivate. The largest plus can be an incredible community of content creators and adventure seekers, both online and offline. (Avoid the “lifestyle” influencers that are invading this space though). The program experience is superlative, the GoPro iphone app on Android and iPhones acts as a remote trigger for photographs and videos, backs-up all footage and images and has one of the better AI-enabled video editing suite in Quik. To put it simply, no other camera maker has such a seamless integration of hardware and software for his or her cameras.

As being a regular DSLR also requires a lens ecosystem to permit you to extract the very best from it, the GoPro Hero 7 is nothing without its accessories. If you’re going off-road biking, you will need the right accessory to carry the GoPro atop your helmet or stuck to your chest. If you’re going deep-sea diving you desire a special waterproof casing to accommodate the GoPro in it. Based on the sort of adventure sport you are into, there will vary types of accessories. The GoPro branded kinds exude great construction, and on the expensive side. I’ve personally used cheap and disposable Chinese accessories once in a while with my Hero 5 plus they work just fine.

Instagrammers will appreciate the Portrait orientation available these days in photographs and videos


GoPro Hero 7 may be the 7th iteration of the world’s most popular action camera. It will come in three variants: White; Silver and Black. The most notable of the line, feature-rich variant may be the Black. As well as the priciest. It shoots 12 MP pictures and will record video at 4K (up to 60 fps) and FullHD (up to 240 fps) resolution. It shoots in the H.264 codec that will offer you an MP4 video file. In addition, it comes with an HEVC video mode that is a high-efficiency video coding feature which means that the video quality is relatively low.

Just next to the lens of the camera, you get yourself a monochrome display gives you an indication which mode you are shooting in, just how much battery life is remaining, the recording time left on the card.

GP1 is GoPro’s proprietary image processor. Here is the first processor GoPro designed for the Hero 6 after parting ways with chip maker Ambarella. The business claims it really is extracting better performance form GP1 these times because of 2 GB of RAM. The cheaper siblings Silver and White, however, don’t get GP1 and possess non-removable batteries.

I have spent a week or two with the Hero 7 Black model and I am convinced that if you’re a devoted video content creator or maybe casually love shooting videos, there’s no better action camera available around this moment.

The brand new GoPros look like the previous gen Hero 5 and 6, but loyalists will observe that the typical grey colour has been updated to black. The menu interface offers very intuitive. There’s new branding privately of the cam. Almost all of the internals such as a battery, lens {fac

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