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If you’re buying a single car seat that may meet your entire child’s needs as time passes, it’s more important than ever before that the automobile seat be extremely safe and durable, simple to use and clean, and also have various adjustment options to match a growing child.

If that’s what you are considering in a convertible carseat, you should browse the Graco Milestone. In this review we take an in-depth look, to assist you make the best buying decision.

Who’s the Graco Milestone THE MOST SUITABLE For?
The Graco Milestone is suitable for parents who would like a high-quality, long-lived convertible carseat they can use for a long time to come, without spending a lot of money. Graco designed the Milestone as a far more affordable option to the Graco 4Ever (detailed comparison below), with similar features and longevity, but at less price.

For parents who love the verified safety and quality of Graco child car seats, and want an individual convertible car seat that may comfortably protect a kid for 10 full years, the Graco Milestone is a fantastic option. Better still, among other child car seats with this sort of longevity, it is not as big or heavy, and installation is simple. The Milestone is a wonderful blend of convenience, safety, and value in a convertible carseat.

Advantages and disadvantages of Graco Milestone
Extra extended life, rated for children from 5 – 100 pounds
Superior safety including crash testing, side impact testing, and temperature testing
Harness adjustment is without headaches, with no rethreading
Seat cushion and seat cover could be easily (and independently) removed for cleaning without rethreading
InRight LATCH system installs quickly, with an audible click which means you know it’s secure
Cup holder can switch sides or be removed when extra space is necessary
FAA approved
Difficult to convert between installation modes
Only two rear-facing recline modes, and only four recline levels overall
Summary of Graco Milestone

The Graco Milestone is a convertible carseat with an incredibly extended life. It could fit and protect children from 5 – 100 pounds, or up to 57 inches high, or up to the 10 year life time of the automobile seat. With that huge longevity, it can be the only carseat you need.

Better still, the Graco Milestone has all of the features that both children and parents are trying to find. The 5-point harness has 10 positions to effectively fit an evergrowing child as time passes, but adjustment is indeed fast and simple it could be finished with one hand no rethreading.

The cover and cushions are simple to remove and clean, machine washable without rethreading the harness. And the installation system generally is a snap, with an easy and easy system that provides you an audible click to learn it’s installed correctly. It’s a high-quality carseat, and an excellent value for the longevity.

What exactly are this model’s NHTSA ratings? All child car seats sold in america must meet or exceed strict federal safety and crash test standards, therefore the NHTSA will not rate child car seats for safety. Instead, they give ratings and evaluations for simplicity.

​What is roofed with the Graco Milestone?
The Graco Milestone includes a removable support cushion for infants, and a detachable cup holder.

Graco Milestone Installation
The Graco YouTube channel doesn’t include installation instructions because of this carseat, but YouTuber Kiddicare has made an excellent video showing installation in every three different modes, that you can see here:

Converting between installation modes in the Milestone could be difficult, and requires removing the cover. YouTuber TheNorthernLights has produced a video that especially covers how exactly to convert the automobile seat, that you can see here:

Graco Milestone Manual
The Graco Milestone manual are available here:

​Graco Milestone vs. Graco 4Ever

Many parents are torn between choosing the Graco Milestone or the Graco 4Ever. Both child car seats are long-lived convertibles, both built and backed by the product quality and safety of Graco. Both have a steel-reinforced frame, and also have been put through rigorous crash and impact tests, so they are equally safe. Let’s have a detailed look at both models.

It is also drastically more expensive compared to the Graco Milestone. It is vital to learn that the stage of which a child no more requires a booster seat is contingent on the height, not their weight.

Children desire a booster seat until they are 4’9” or 57 inches tall, and about a decade of age. This ensures that a kid who stays in a high-backed booster until they are 57 inches tall might not exactly desire a backless booster at all. Since both Milestone and the 4Ever are rated for children up to maximum of 57 inches and/or a decade, they are both with the capacity of protecting a kid until they will be ready to transition to a grown-up seat belt.

Despite these similar limitations, the Graco 4Ever could possibly be an improved choice for a heavier child who exceeds the 100 pound weight limit of the Milestone. However, many parents believe that they can still cut costs by purchasing the Milestone for the first years, and later investing in a separate backless booster for a heavier child if necessary.

The Graco 4Ever is unquestionably a nicer carseat. The integrated cup holders do not get in the manner when maneuvering around the automobile seat. The excess recline angle provides greater comfort in rear-facing installations. But could it be worth the excess expense? Many parents don’t believe so, given the similarities between your two models.

The Graco Milestone is an outstanding convertible carseat. It has great safety ratings, is simple to use and install, and includes a long useful life that may transport children safely and comfort for 10 years. It is also an excellent value, with great longevity and comfort at an acceptable price for the product quality.

Although it is difficult to convert between seating modes, in lots of families they’ll only be converting once every couple of years, so it’s an acceptable tradeoff for all your other positive qualities in this carseat.

Graco Milestone (click image for more information)

For most children, the Graco Milestone could be the only car seat they’ll ever need, and it’s really a great investment within their comfort and protection for another decade.

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