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Searching for an inexpensive gaming chair but don’t want to wrap up with a dud? In some recoverable format the GTracing gaming chair appears like a winner, costing significantly less than $200 (at time of writing) and with mostly glowing reviews on Amazon. But how may be the chair really?

In this article, we put the GTracing Gaming chair through most of its paces to observe how it fares beyond the first few days, and whether you’re really saving cash, or maybe wasting it with this gaming chair.

Summary of GTracing Gaming Chairs
GTracing launched their first type of gaming chairs in 2013. Headquartered in Azusa California, the business now produces various gaming related hardware, from gaming desks, keyboards to mice. It really is most well known but also for its type of budget gaming chairs, the Pro Line being the most famous.

There are 3 editions of the Pro Line Gaming chair available. The main one we reviewed is their most popular one in the centre:

HOW EXACTLY WE Tested the GTracing Gaming Chair
I purchased the GTracing gaming chair from Amazon as being a regular consumer would for the review. Like our chair tests, I used the GTracing gaming chair exclusively for 14 days.

GTracing Gaming Chair Specs instantly
Before getting into all of the salacious details, this is a quick go through the specs for the GTracing gaming chair. Remember that some are my very own measurements to supply the most accurate numbers possible:

Chair height from floor to top of seat cushion: 16.9″ to 20.9″
Usable seat width and depth: 15” x 20”
Backrest height: 32.5”
90 – 170 degree lockable backrest recline and tilt
3D armrests that may pivot inwards and out
Two detachable lumbar and neck pillows
Unit weight: 50 pounds
Advertised max weight: 300 lbs
During writing, five colors are for sale to the PU leather upholstery- red, white, black, purple, and blue.

Assembly of the GTracing Gaming Chair
As you can plainly see in the picture above, almost every area of the chair should be assembled, unlike with some gaming chairs we’ve encountered where in fact the seat plate or armrests will come attached already.

Fortunately, as a comparatively lightweight chair at 50 lbs, each little bit of the GTracing puzzle is light enough first person to handle. The complete process took me around 35 minutes.

I did come across one snafu, however, and that was connecting the backrest to the seat (Step three 3 above). The fitting was so tight that I literally tore somewhat of the PU leather using one side of the backrest looking to get it in to the proper position between your two metal plates on the seat. I’m uncertain how prevalent the problem is.

GTracing Chair Size and MARKET
Regardless of the advertised 300 lbs maximum weight limit, the specs of the GTracing chair means it’s really suitable for folks below 6’1″ and significantly less than 230 lbs in my own estimation.

The seat height range on the GTracing falls between 16.9″ to 20.9″ measured from the ground to the very best of the seat cushion:

This will comfortably accommodate your legs if you’re between 5’4″ to 6’1″. If you’re shorter, a footrest will manage the problem, though if you’re much taller, even the tallest setting may still feel too low.

The width of the seat discounting the bolsters measures accurately 15″ wide. With the bolsters that number is 21″.

From an ergonomic standpoint, it’s best that your thighs aren’t pressing against the bolsters when seated, because they can inhibit blood circulation. This leaves around 16″ of sitting area for the body.

I’m average build around 154 lbs, and there’s in regards to a 1″ maximum clearance on both sides of the seat between your edge of the bolsters. Whilst every person’s body form differs, if you’re over 230 lbs, you almost certainly will commence to feel slightly constricted in this seat.

Features and Adjustments
As a budget gaming chair, the GTracing chair does pretty much in terms of ergonomic features:

Backrest tilting and reclining (up to 170 degrees)
Tilt tension control
Tilt could be disabled
Two external pillows that are actually comfortable
3D armrests that pivot inwards and out
My favorite feature should be the high amount of recline. Even better, you can still tilt the backrest even after it’s at 170 degrees, creating a rocking motion that’s nothing short of coma-inducing:

I’ve actually taken a few power naps while as of this angle on the GTracing chair.

The included external pillows also deserve praise for actually being functional. Attached using straps, both are height adjustable; I’m particularly keen on the neck pillow that’s shaped flawlessly to match under my neck, and may be moved along according to my posture.

The armrests on the GTracing chair are 3D, and pivot inwards and out. That is a nice surprise from the chair in this cost range:

How Comfortable COULD IT BE?
It is the perfect time now to speak about comfort most importantly.

With a decent backrest and external pillows down, the key unknown here is the chair padding- precisely how good (or bad) could it be?

Instantly, the padding inside seat looks to be inadequate, of them costing only 3.1″ thick. The good thing however, is it’s surprisingly supportive and a lot more than comfortable for the common build person even after extended hours of sitting in it.

And that’s a very important factor to retain in perspective- the GTracing gaming chair isn’t designed for the big and tall. And predicated on its cost, I’d run if it claimed to be. The chair padding is plenty of for someone like me that weighs 143 lbs. Never of these fourteen days did I wish it had more. However, if you’re 243 lbs, that may be a complete different story.

So may be the GTracing chair comfortable? Yes. Might it be comfortable {for every

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