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The Harman Kardon Aura Studio 2 is a Bluetooth speaker with a distinctive design that appears like an inverted subwoofer. It really is essentially a speaker and subwoofer combined which offers 360 omni-directional sound dispersion. The Studio 2 features ambient lighting which gives an aesthetically appealing white light glow from the guts turbine with an animated ring of center LEDs. The speaker also features proprietary stereo-widening DSP technology which really helps to deliver fully optimized audio tracks performance. The speaker itself comes with six high-midrange transducers and a dedicated subwoofer that gives deep gorgeous lows and tight bass performance. In addition, it includes wireless dual sound feature which allows you to link two Aura Studio 2 speakers together to make a much wider sound-field. When you are buying a uniquely designed Bluetooth speaker which will make for an excellent conversation piece at home, the Harman Kardon Aura Studio 2 is a superb choice.

THE PROFESSIONALS. The Harman Kardon Aura Studio 2 is a uniquely designed speaker with very beautiful glass shaped cone design and an integral subwoofer. This is a true masterpiece regarding design.

The Cons. The highs and timbre ranges sound more mellow in comparison with other Bluetooth speakers with dedicated tweeters

Sound Performance
We were surprised at how good the HK Aura Studio 2 sounded – the bass from the Aura Studio 2 goes suprisingly low and has a good amount of depth. The bass is unlike any bass we’ve heard before – it hits tight and punchy and adds a good amount of depth and complexity to the music. The low-end frequency ranges hit much harder than you’ll expect and adds a whole lot of layers to the music performance. Vocal performances sound excellent on the HK Aura Studio 2 and the treble ranges are crisp and nicely defined. That said, we did find that the bigger frequency ranges on the Studio 2 sounded more mellow in comparison with the Harman Kardon Onyx speaker. Instrumental music sounded decent with good focus on detail, although the speaker will not really grab the subtle notes in the music as the speaker is more bass-orientated. Bass-heavy music genres such as for example electronic dance music performed exceptionally well on the Aura Studio 2 with excellent deep lows – you really can feel the depth of the bass from the Aura Studio 2 and it fills up your room with powerful sound. You can even crank up the quantity on the Aura Studio 2 speakers and it’ll not distort, although the treble ranges can commence to buzz at the best volume levels.

In conditions of design, the HK Aura 2 is a clear winner. It includes a beautiful coned-shaped like design and the tinted glass looks excellent. The subwoofer is found in the guts of the speaker and there’s a center subwoofer hole which pumps out deep bass directly from the acoustic drivers. The look is aesthetically beautiful and makes for an excellent conversational piece at home. We also liked the LED lights on the Aura 2 gives it a good aesthetically pleasing appearance. The wireless Bluetooth connectivity on the Aura 2 works wonders and we didn’t experience any clipping noise or dips in sound quality while streaming music from our mobile device. We also liked the wireless dual sound feature that allows you to hook up two Aura 2 speakers together to make a much wider soundstage – it’s suitable for outdoor spaces and large living spaces. The Aura 2 speaker looks really stylish and blends in nicely with modern home interior décor – this is a medium-sized speaker that will not take up much space and is simple to place around the house including on bookshelves or desktops.

The Verdict?
The Harman Kardon Aura 2 is powerful Bluetooth speaker with the capacity of pumping out beautiful lows and incredibly deep bass performance. The sound quality from the Aura 2 is quite crisp, with nice midranges and incredibly tight lows that add a lot of depth and complexity to the sound. When you are searching for a bass-heavy Bluetooth speaker, the Aura 2 will surely not disappoint. Bass-heavy music genres such as for example electronic dance music hits hard and include very tight and bass – the bass will not muddy in to the midrange frequencies and stays where it ought to be as bass. It hits tight and goes suprisingly low – you may also feel the bass while hearing the Aura 2 speaker at 70% volume. We also liked the actual fact that the speaker will not distort at high volume levels, although the bigger frequency treble ranges does learn to roll off at higher volumes. The speaker includes a really stylish design with ambient lighting that provides it an extremely unique appearance. It blends in nicely with modern home interior décor and produces an excellent conversation piece in the living room or dining area. Overall, it’s definitely a speaker you should get if you value its unique modern design and sleek glass appearance – with great sound qua

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