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Exceeding the physical features, this thing looks damn sleek, it looks really modern, contemporary, it’s all black, very JimsReviewRoom style. You‘ve got your front fabric grill, very premium built, no compromise, no speakers exposure where they are often smudged. Rotating to the trunk, we’ve hard plastic on the trunk with a silicone rubberized textured band going completely around, so when you grab it, you do feel this grippy texture. I really do wish it had been continued completely across the back aswell to keep that premium feel, we don’t get that.

But exceeding the buttons really quickly here, if you’re looking at it straight on, you have your Bluetooth pairing button on the left, Harman Kardon plus feature, but I did so test this and make an effort to hook up it with my JBL Pulse 3 and Xtreme, however you couldn’t encourage them to pair together and play in stereo mode. You can now use another Harman Kardon product which has the Harman Kardon hook up Plus feature and also have them play simultaneously, or hook up up to 100+ speakers and also have those all play concurrently for those who have a bunch around you.

Now, shifting here with the buttons, we’ve sound down, music up, and the telephone call button, and on the right, we’ve the on/off feature. This speaker is approximately four . 5 pounds, it can come with a tiny built-in handle, This speaker is intended to become a more stationary, stay-at-home device, but as a result of the handle, it can make carrying it a bit easier. If you want to bring this to a friends house, if you want to take it downstairs, it’s not a major deal, in all honesty, no unique of carrying around the Sony XB40 or JBL Xtreme we’ve here in any office.

Overall, the Onyx 4 is portable, though it can have somewhat of weight. The legs on the Onyx aren’t removable, I did so think they were initially as a result of circular indentation, but they’re only there to keep carefully the speaker upright. Finally, on the trunk, you will find a flexible passive radiator, it can move pretty much, and looks awesome once you have music going.

Rotating completely to underneath, you have a micro-USB for service, a 3.5mm port for physical connections, and a power port which connects to the supplied wall adapter – this will not charge by micro-USB 2.0.

Now, battery life is claimed to depend on 8 hours, a noticable difference over the Onyx 3 which only claimed up to five hours, but did I get eight hours upon this one. I tested this like all my other Bluetooth speakers at 50 percent volume and I did so this many times here, I’m making your way around 6 hours and 20 minutes typically. Not near the claimed 8 hours, but again to the prior generations it still does well, when compared to earlier mentioned JBL and Sony, it can like crap. But again, that is meant to become more of an at-home stationary speaker.

So besides that, missing features I’m noticing on here, NFC, there’s no near field communication for easy pairing, it’s not waterproof, water-resistant, it’s not drop-resistant. We don’t have battery indicators, that i implore every Bluetooth speaker to have, every manufacturer to implement, there is absolutely no voice prompts therefore i don’t know when it’s in pairing mode. We do have capacities with Siri and Google Assistant, by holding down the telephone Button when it’s been set through the HK app. But besides that, that’s about it when it comes to features.

Lastly, Bluetooth 4.2 is featured upon this speaker. I did try this with my iPhone X and my Samsung S8+, and we could actually get 83 linear feet, walking through the hallway and getting the signal proceed through a couple walls – an excellent result overall.

Jumping directly into this, for small and medium-sized room, this thing will surely get loud for all those particular areas. For large-sized rooms or open areas, the Onyx handles them properly fine. Now among the big reasons why you’ll purchase this over the JBL Xtreme, Sony XB40, or almost every other rivals just like the Bose Soundlink Revolve Plus or the UE Megablast, the Onyx Studio 4 beats them both in the bass department. It thumps harder, it hits deeper, and it resonates deeper. And as a result of that, more immersion is put into the music, I was head nodding a bit more, it is merely stunning – easily can describe audio tracks in those terms, with regards to the bass response. That is a bass-focused, bass-heavy speaker. Now with that said, being heavily bass-focused isn’t necessarily a bad thing – if you do value that, that’s great. I’ve noticed the bass is quite clean for my own experience, it’s not muddy, and it doesn’t distort the mid range.

A very important factor about the mid-range I have to clarify, when compared to competitors, especially JBL and Sony, those two are more forward and bright when it comes to vocal performance and almost all of the instruments, their mid-ranges are a lot more in the forefront when you’re listening. With the Onyx Studio 4, it’s definitely not recessed, again it’s not muddy as a result of the bass, it’s just more of a neutral frequency. The speaker isn’t forward, it’s not bright, you won’t hear the vocalist stick out too much; but with that said, it’s not really a bad speaker at all – it’s actually still a phenomenal speaker. If you do value greater detail and quality in the mid-range, you do prefer hearing audio tracks vocal work, other alternatives just like the Sony Xb40 or JBL Xtreme certainly are a little less bassy but are more mid-range focused.

High notes – never ear ringing, never ear tinging, I wish there is a bit more detail, a bit more resolution on the high-end for cymbal crashes and snares. For something similar to rock music, the Onyx Studio 4 does good, but again, you do lose that crispness on the top, that’s what you’re missing upon this one. Pretty good, but I thought Sony and JBL were bass speakers, but that one goes just a little deeper in the large speaker category.

Overall, audio-wise, correctly fine. Regarding video, I did so try this on the iPhone X, and unfortunately, we didn’t have the audio tracks sync. When you’re watching videos upon this speaker with the iPhone, Netflix and YouTube, people’s mouths are moving differently from when you hear the audio. On both my Pixel and Galaxy S8+, I didn’t have an excessive amount of an issue, it had been far better, much moire in=-sync, but there continues to be a micro-fraction delay here when I’m watching either Netflix or YouTube, so just keep that at heart – for video, I’d probably pass up onto it, but you will have significantly more luck on Android.

So besides that, that’s about it because of this review. Comment listed below what you guys look at this speaker. We may execute a giveaway upon this speaker considering how cheap they are

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