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HP has experimented quite a bit with its Omen group of laptops which year is no different. As the usual slew of generational upgrades continue being present, the brand new Omen 15 is really a significant different device compared to what has come prior to it. May be the new Omen just a gimmick or could it be really a machine worth your attention? We’ve answers in the paragraphs below.

HP Omen 15 2020 Specification
The review unit HP distributed to us had the next configuration:

Processor: Intel Core i7-10750H (6 cores, 12 threads)
RAM: 16GB DDR4 @ 3200MHz
Storage: Samsung 1TB NVMe
GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650Ti
Display: Full HD IPS display with 144Hz refresh rate

Clearly, HP has cooked up a fairly inclusive configuration here, with the GTX 1650Ti being the only outlier. If we were to disregard the GPU for another and browse the remaining specs, you’d think you were looking at a mainstream gaming notebook computer and expect to browse the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660Ti listed on the box, if no RTX 2060. Regardless, we got cracking with this suite of tests to judge precisely how this setup handles gaming, imaginative workloads not to mention, benchmarks.

HP Omen 15 2020 Gaming Performance
We thrilled our standard suite of games for benchmarking the HP Omen 15’s hardware and there have been definitely some very interesting findings. We tested all our usual gaming titles at 1920×1080 resolution, using each game’s built-in, default High and Medium graphic settings. For sake of clarity, High means the graphic setting one less than the best, Medium being the main one below that. Games like Metro Exodus and Doom Eternal offer even higher graphic tiers, but also for the same of simplicity, we are treating High and Medium as the baseline here.

As possible plainly see from the chart above, most games stay well below the 100 fps mark, not necessarily having the capacity to take full good thing about the 144Hz panel. However, most games do run well above the 60 fps mark, meaning having that fast refresh rate panel is unquestionably likely to improve your gaming experience. What’s fascinating is that the Omen 15 using its Nvidia GeForce 1650Ti outperforms the Asus ROG Zephyrus G GA502 (Review) which housed the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660Ti, as reviewed by us this past year.

HP Omen 15 2020 Creative Performance
For the creators out there, we’ve got render times from both Adobe Lightroom Classic and Premiere Pro. We are employing 500 RAW files from a Nikon D850 and exporting them into JPG files in batches of 50,100 and 500. During this time period, we note enough time taken for the device to complete the duty along with recording the thermals and CPU core states to see when there is any throttling happening. For video creators, we export a typical 4K timeline packed with a good amount of effects, transitions and LUTs into 4K H.264 files. Our export files have a duration of five minutes and 20 minutes as soon as again, we record all relevant data points around the pieces and thermals.

Here, we noticed some interesting behavior. Through the 20 minute 4K video export, we remember that the CPU never hits its advertised 5GHz boost on single core, or the 4.8GHz Intel Turbo Boost Max Frequency. While there is still thermal headroom of these operations, the energy draw appears to advise that the CPU was hitting the 45W TDP, especially during gaming. Premiere will shift render load between your CPU and GPU rather aggressively, protecting against a strain on either of these components. Regardless, the Omen 15 completes the render tasks assigned to it at a surprisingly fast pace, as noted inside our chart below.

HP Omen 15 2020 Benchmark Performance
The HP Omen 15 2020 powered by the Intel Core i7-10750H and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650Ti does admirably well on the 3DMark and PCMark suite of tests. Unigine’s Heaven, Valley Superposition benchmarks also start to see the machine score notably good scores, in particular when we put it in context of older machines in the basic level gaming segment. You can view this year’s Omen 15’s benchmarks below.

HP Omen 15 2020 Thermal Performance
Possibly the single biggest change to the brand new Omen 15 notebook computer may be the thermals. HP is traditionally known for devoid of the very best thermal solutions in its laptops, however the Omen definitely changes that narrative. Our testing was conducted in 24-28 degree ambient temperature rather than once did the HP Omen 15 feel just like it might double up as a toaster. Shockingly, the keyboard remains cool throughout its entire length and breadth, unlike almost every other gaming laptops whose keyboard island could possibly be used to warm-up food from your own fridge. The WASD keys recorded a temperature of 38-degrees, as the center of the keyboard was at 44-degrees. The latest part is actually the speaker grill which hit 50+ degrees. Finally, the vents at the trunk were recorded to be exhausting air as hot as 60-degrees. All readings were taking during our game-testing which will last 6-8 hours at a time. The base continues to be too hot to set up your lap, however the fact that all of those other machine doesn’t perhaps you have reaching for an ice pack is obviously as delight. Further earning the Omen 15 commendation may be the fact that people conducted all our testing with the fan profile set to Auto in the Omen Command Center. Typically, we need to manually set fan curves to control thermals, however the command center does it alone and does it well.

While the software could possibly be all well and good, there are two design choices that definitely help the Omen 15 keep its cool. The foremost is the large perforations on underneath lid that help both fans suck in air with only a small amount obstruction as possible. The next is actually the fin stack that runs completely from the left to the proper. Normally, you’ll have a tiny fin stack mounted on the heat pipes so as to dissipate heat. This fin structure is normally just a few inches long and is located on either side of the laptop’s heat pipes. HP has instead chosen to perform this fin all along the distance of the trunk, effectively increasing heat dissipation area significantly. For this reason the Omen 15 has the capacity to run quieter and cooler.

As we are able to see from all of this performance testing, the Omen does pack good hardware to create short work of all light to moderately heavy gaming and may definitely undertake full-fledged 4K video projects.

HP Omen 15 2020 Display Performance
The HP Omen 15 2020 review unit we received includes a 1080p IPS panel with a refresh rate of 144Hz, created by LG. The panel supports 8-bit colour per channel, enabling accurate and wholesome sRGB coverage. The panel can be pretty bright, registering 310 lux of brightness in the guts, however, the corners were a bit dimmer. While this might seem to be a problem theoretically, in practice, you merely don’t notice this slight shift in brightness whether you’re gaming or watching an extremely dark film. The matte coating on the display handles reflections effectively and if you’re buying a machine to use frequently while on the run, the Omen 15’s dis

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