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Our Verdict
Among our all-time favorite gaming headsets, the Kingston HyperX Cloud II does a superb job of correctly balancing performance and price. This headset is incredibly comfortable to wear – even for exceptionally extended gaming sessions – and offers and transmits clear sound. It’s not an excessive amount of a headache to use and will be a great fit for some gamers – especially the ones that are a lttle bit on the more budget-conscious side and ready to have a slight hit in audio tracks quality to save some money.

Performance Comparison
To see which headsets are truly the very best you will get, we viewed tons of the latest models of, then selected the 11 most promising individuals to get and test side-by-side. We compared how comfortable it really is to wear each one, how music and voice sounded through each one, and how convenient each gaming headset it to use. We weighted each one of these rating metrics proportional with their overall importance, using the performance of the Cloud II in each band of tests to assign it a standard score which range from 0-100.

The Cloud II was just about the most comfortable headsets we tested.

Accounting for 40% of the full total score for every of the headsets, our group of Comfort tests are by far the main with regards to ranking each one of these products. The Cloud II is probably the preferred headsets that people have tested, earning it an 8 out of 10 because of its outstanding performance over the board inside our comfort tests.

Almost every single among our comfort testers was a lot more than pleased to wear this couple of headsets for long periods of time – usually 10+ hours. Only an individual tester missed them comfortable enough to wear for your day, but nonetheless was fine wearing them for 3-4 hours.

The Cloud II has multiple notches to get that perfect adjustment.

The padding on the headband is covered with the leatherette and securely holds the headset set up, without the unnecessary pressure. The ear cups use a semi-soft padding material that increases the overall comfort of the Cloud II. You will find a decent amount of space for larger ears, with the ear cups measuring about 1.5″ wide and just a little over 2.5″ tall. On top of that, this headset includes two sets of ear cups – one covered in leatherette and one covered in velour, letting you match the Cloud II to your individual preferences and make sure they are even more comfortable.

We also particularly liked that there is a tiny foam pad within the speaker bowl of each ear cup, making them a lot more comfortable. The Cloud II is approximately average regarding weight, just shy of 11 ounces and none of our testers found it to be noticeably heavy.

The Cloud II was a solid contender for having great audio.

The Cloud II delivered another strong showing inside our audio tracks quality tests, earning a 7 out of 10 because of its solid performance, putting it in the upper part of the entire group. This group of tests take into account 30% of the full total score for each and every headset.

This headset is decently sensible when hearing music, with hook focus on the bass and treble tones. This gives an extremely immersive experience when gaming, but vocals and voices can on occasion get yourself a little lost with the slightly subdued mid-range.

Our testers found it about average to recognize the positioning of in-game sounds with all the Cloud II, misidentifying the positioning of a shooter or someone walking a small number of times. However, this headset did prosper with position when given a dedicated binaural recording inside our benchmarking tests.

For our other benchmarking tests, the Cloud II delivered a split performance, doing perfectly in the driver matching test but only mediocre in the bass quality test. The frequency stayed centered completely the spectrum, but there is some parasitic buzz when the bass was played at the max. This headset also does an excellent job with voice quality, making voices sound accurate and exceptionally clear and simple to understand. The Cloud II also does a decent job of blocking out external noise, roughly halving the quantity of vocals or white noise.

To arrive loud and clear!

Next, we shifted to evaluating the standard of the microphone on each headset, which constitutes 20% of the full total score for each and every product. The Cloud II continued the trend, delivering another excellent performance and again finishing in the upper the main group.

This style of gaming headset does an excellent job of capturing voice and so that it is sound as realistic as possible. The conversation results in crystal-clear without buzz at all. The only slight issue we found is that the voice sounds just a little echoey – almost just like you were speaking in a sizable room, such as a garage. It is not overly sibilant on repeated “S” sounds and doesn’t overemphasize “T” or “P” sounds.

The Cloud II is fantastic at picking right up our voice, but also others in the same room.

The Cloud II’s microphone does a decent job of filtering out external noises, with gamers on the other end of the line failing woefully to notice if we were owning a fan or playing vocals on low, but could definitely hear if we were eating or television set or music was playing at moderate to high volumes.

The in-line controls of the Cloud II.

Ease of Use
For the ultimate 10% of the full total score, we viewed how easy it really is to really use and setup the Cloud II. It finished out our tests with a decent showing, earning it a 6 out of 10.

This headset has inline controls and we did appreciate that you may change both microphone volume and the headset volume, in addition to mute the microphone.

As the Cloud II couldn’t claim the entire top score, it really is still among our absolute favorites with regards to the products. It did well over the board, delivering an excellent performance at a straight better price. Although some other products have slightly better sound quality, they are along with a significant upsurge in price, making the Cloud II an ideal choice if you need the most bang for the buck.

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